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Friday, May 24, 2013

Inebriation results from oxygen deprivation to the brain 05 24 2013

Inebriation results from oxygen deprivation to the brain 05 24 2013

Inebriation results from oxygen deprivation to the brain.  Theoretically we could give you the same effect by giving you a belt that constricted around your neck and then after a certain time delay let the constriction lose.  You could even use periodic daily treatments over a period of time right.

Don't do it because you will kill yourself.  But what is my point?

1. My point is that there is very little difference in the act.
2. My point is that they are both self destructive.
3. My point is who in there right mind would want to be near anyone who would willingly deprive their own brains of oxygen either via alcohol or other means?  That person poses a danger to both themselves and you!
That is if you believe that oxygen deprivation to your brain is abstractly the same as putting a rope around your neck.

I wouldn't want someone like that living in my neighborhood or having the right to adopt children either.

Next what will they tell us?  That oxygen deprivation to the brain has numerous health effects!

One of the arguments that broke Prohibition was that people could not speak easy.  We have the internet today and free speech.  If you can't speak easy maybe it is because no one would like you if they really knew what you believed in?

The arguments for Prohibition was that alcohol caused workplace accidents and hence lost productivity.  Funny thing is that no one wants to work today and there aren't any jobs either.  So Prohibitionists were right!

What difference does it make to someone who deprives their own brain of oxygen if they can live off the thoughts of a human soul that doesn't?  Hence the end of Prohibition brought forth a new religion in the United States.  One whereby people are bombarded with the mental voices of the satanic in an effort to medicate them and turn off their thinking!

There was a time delay of agreement before Prohibition went into effect of 7 years.  In other words states could look around their communities for a period of 7 years before agreeing to Prohibition.  After 7 years of seeing the devastating effects of Alcohol 48 States ratified the 18th amendment.

They speak easy on the television today, but it is never anything that I want to listen to or care to hear.

If there were a second Prohibition would you have to kill everyone that violated it in order for it to be effective?

Temperance Organizations were groups of Prohibitionists and there were a great many of them at the time of Prohibition.

I would like to live in a community that is free from the satanically minded.  Where can I go?

Oddly enough both North and South Carolina voted against the repeal of Prohibition.  And South Carolina was involved in Eugenics, meaning sterilization.  So there might be two different factions with different intents with regard to the Eugenics movement.

A large majority in Pennsylvania and Ohio voted for the repeal.  Prohibitionists were right about the Steel state after all~ mostly a ghost town today?  Ohio often known today as a satanic state?

Utah the Mormon state is the one that helped break Prohibition.  So much for any real impact of Mormon teachings.  The Character (Nephi?) in the Book of Mormon looks at what he calls his seed and laments about how they all went wrong!

The same loophole in Prohibition is present today.  ~ It could be consumed in prescribed by a Doctor!  That is how Marijuana gained a foothold to legalization.  I would make the counterargument that the majority of things prescribed by Doctors keep those of Rev-anent status alive when the natural course would be that they died and did not influence the rest of us with false beliefs or beliefs that are not even their own.  Honest to God if you got rid of the drugs that keep addicts and form addicts alive you would see a great health movement of responsibility take hold in this country.  And what could be the justification for eliminated the prescription of all those pills?  That there are over 100 of those foreign chemicals in the umbilical cord of a baby born today.  And babies are born autistic because of folds in the placenta.  I already told you how that happens in my article Pine Tar.

Another part of the puzzle that broke Prohibition was that it could be used for Religious purposes.  Hence the Catholic Church again and the commissioned painting of the last supper with Jesus pushing a bottle of wine at us.  Also it was not illegal to consume it.  It should be illegal to consume it too because of the subtle birth defects that it causes.

So if indeed the basis of your religion is that you live off of another's human soul you should indeed come forth and be proud of it today; because you are indeed the greater majority.

I liked to drink alcohol, but if I ever had a child that did not have his own soul because of the alcohol that I drank I would not be able to live with that guilt.  So that is why I am telling you what happens and how it happens; so that you don't find yourself in that awful fate.

What is the greatest joke today is that Politicians are never seen talking when they are drinking!  Why?  Because it betrays every lie of the public image that they created in order to get elected!!!!  You Jews want to create a profitable reality TV show?  Just become Republicans and film them with secret cameras about what they believe and say.  We saw a similar type of journalism destroy Mitt Romney.  It would be the greatest breath of fresh air the country had in while.  But would you ever be able to sell that footage to a media company?  Which leads me to the question.  Is there a religion today whose primary belief is and has always been that you do not need to develop your own soul just live off of someone else's?

I asked my Jewish friend what his religion believed in when we were boys. What did he say to me? With a serious look he said,  "What if you could only be one other person other than yourself in life." I knew what he meant and I respect the rights of those who are that way because it would not appear to be by their own choosing.  Best friend that I ever had.

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