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Friday, May 3, 2013

Procula's Implication 05 03 2013

Procula's Implication 05 03 2013

Procula's implication regarding Jesus Christ a Jew was.

That she and Jesus Christ were of the same mind!

How did she make this implication?  By her condemnation of him to death with the statement, "He gave me a terrible dream!"

It implies you were of the same mind as him.  I might think that Jesus Christ would have been offended by that statement!  Procula did not have the ability to express herself and articulate an argument like Jesus Christ did!

So if Procula was indeed of the same mind as Jesus Christ, a Jew, what was indeed her motivation for killing him?  She did indeed give the final word on him!  It is the hidden Satanic implication in the history of the world.  That she was a Party to his mind and no longer wanted to be!

And good God indeed there are people like Jesus Christ today who suffer for the exact same reason that he did.

Is there even proof that Jesus knew that Procula even existed?  What am I getting at?  It is the same satanic explanatory principal that comes up in the Bible again when a group of young people rebel and get in trouble with the law and come to a man in his house and ask for help.  What does he say to them?  "You who have said to have done all these things in my name and yet I never even knew you?"  They implied they were part of his mind and thinking.  But the metaphor in the story is that he was always behind the door and did not interact with the outside world?

So the mob of Romans put him on the cross and they all delighted in giving him a crown of thorns?  I suppose he gave all the offspring of that Procula a terrible dream too?  What is more likely?  They did not know how to raise their children to have a human soul and were indeed parasitic to the mind of Jesus Christ as a matter of necessity?

Isn't that the worst crime in the history of the world?  To be the nonthinking part of someone else's mind and have them killed because of the horror of your own personal reality?

What is the equivalent false belief of?  It is just the same as the bully who claims to be one step ahead of you all your life because it knows to wait for you at the end of your block on your way to school!

So Procula say's that and what happens next?  A cadre of wine bottle hags lines the street as he drags his cross to his death because they make the same claim to his intelligence????

Can you see who would have the motivation to perpetrate schizophrenia as a legitimate illness requiring life long medicine that prevents one from using their own higher thought capacity? Can you see how they have had over 2000 years to perfect both the horror and the lie?

So you never really had a father is the religion of the United States today?

A better title for this article might be Procula's Agenda.  And in the future crimes might be categorized to be of PA (Procula's Agenda)  "Was there a PA on that one?"  One Police Detective will say to the other.

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