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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Santa’s Evil Toyshop 05 26 2013

Santa’s Evil Toyshop 05 26 2013
How many toy’s, cups, consumer products made in China contained lead?  Far too many!!!  Even one might be considered an act of war in my opinion.  But what do we know about the Chinese?  Three Kings from the orient knew when Jesus Christ a true Jew would be born.  The United States might be considered the country that best personified the beliefs of freedom and equality that Jesus Christ did.
What did a miserable nun tell our grade in Catholic School?  She said somewhere on the other side of the earth someone is doing the EXACT SAME THING THAT YOU ARE DOING.  (Off topic but relevant to yesterdays diatribe. What did they tell me at First Analysis Corporation where I worked in Chicago in 1991~ “We want someone EXACTLY LIKE YOU!”)
But if three men from the Orient knew when Jesus Christ would be born do they also know when your American child who had its own soul would be born and they made a toy with lead in the plastic just for him?
“I will make a toy that will make your child mentally retarded-oops I mean autistic.”  Are we to believe that China mixes ingredients to plastics without oversight as to what is in them.  And how did China gain its modern manufacturing expertise?  It was from Americans or those who were educated in America!  No other country in the world had our manufacturing capability or sector!  None!  And what do we know about China?  Hong Kong the black smoke heart of it was controlled by Great Britain up to a point in recent history.  The English hated the Americans just like they did they Irish!  Why? It has to do with the communist mind being prevalent throughout both Asia and Europe.  And I will define the communist mind as one that cannot think for itself for some bad reason.  I could say it was seeded from Rome to England by the Offspring of lead wine drinking Romans.  But what the Bible is telling us also is that your Orientals all had that dependent communist mind!  The Chinese have dark hair and so do the Romans!  The English have it too and the same Chinese facial features.  But more importantly you have to realize that Paul who we are told was a proponent of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Religion only after killing all of Jesus Christ’s followers in Israel was Oriental!  So indeed that strain is through Europe too.  Someone once told me that all the mongoloid race has the gene of Attila the Hun because he raped more women in the history of the world than anyone else.  But there was also some Korean that had over 700 wives too.  Talk about the dangers of inbreeding?
Extra Trait versus lake of normal human being trait?  Which is more likely that a human being possess an extra trait or that many human beings lost a normal genetic trait of the human being for some bad reason?
Movie Review “The Grapes of Wrath” In the movie the Grapes of Wrath the author (if you will) compares two different types of women living in America by contrasting them.  One had the most beautiful, innocent and warm hearted soul.  The other was more of the offspring of socialites and her personality exuded misery to those around her.  Just cold and unloving and didn’t matter who she was laying under?  The movie was set in a time like if not the Great Depression and what was the moral of the cause of the financial crisis?  One of those young women was American and I would argue that the other was not!
Back to bashing the English.  No-one ever did it better than Benjamin Hill.  His name had to be a metaphor create by God.  Benjamin being the stereotypical name for a Jew. And Hill being a metaphor for the way that England slopes and indeed that is what the name means Angled Land.  That is why the Romans never made it to Ireland.  Because they complained about walking up the angled land?
But what race of people is Benny Hill portraying?  Those are revenant English that are chasing him around in his underwear.  And if you look at him in his underwear you might say that he was un-endowed?  (You might say the same thing about Batman too.)  But for some reason there was a lot more there than meets the eye right?  There was something in them shorts that all them angry women coveted wasn’t there!!!  It has to do with the origin of the true human soul!  And not only did the women covet it but there were always a few bald headed old geezers in that PACK chasing after him too!  Benjamin Hill had a Royal Whee?  But Benjamin Hill also made a great satire of women bending over in front of him! (I wrote about this too in my novel “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper”)
I won’t go into it too much here.  But if you lack a human soul you need to have it seeded?  Or if you deprive yourself from having a human soul you need to have it reseeded?  It kind of reminds me of how the homo’s came to Lots door for his son’s.  (So much for Barrack Obama as a leader.) The story of Lot also illustrates the point of Lots Seed being wasted on the ground.  Seed meaning human soul in sperm. 
I want to write a story about how I watched a 3 year old English girl use adult tactics of seduction on a young man at a family type gathering.  Petting and fondling him and then using the clincher line, “I want to take you home with me…in my bed.”
Okay so it was all very innocent child behavior.  And I am making far too much about it.  And she was very cute and smart and adorable. (See now I sound like the bad guy.)  But it bordered on something odd and unusual to me.  I have seen this behavior before myself; little Jewish girls taking off their clothes right in front of me and their parents with big smiles on their faces.  The expression being, “Here I am!”
But what is my point? It has to do with entrapping someone to commit a lesser crime?  I only mention this because there was a kid in my High School class that was arrested for child pornography.  And I think it is the sickest thing ever.  But what if a young man knows enough to leave little girls alone but not enough to get that image of them crawling all over him from the family gathering out of his mind? 
So what would ever be the motive to entrap someone like this?  You and I would both stand back and make the judgment he viewed it and is guilty.  And it is a true judgment.   But what if something more was going on here in terms of motive.  What could that motive be?  What if that young man had a human soul and there were a race of people that learned from that human soul all his life and wanted to somehow graduate from it?  It is like being in the mafia isn’t it? ~the only way out is death.  But in this case it means death of the human soul in some form doesn’t it?  Would that be destruction of self esteem, would it therefore be a negation of all one learned up to and just before graduating college?  Would it mean that guilty person would need to take a pill to deal with the guilt?  That is exactly how the Satanic raise and educate their children!  My mother the valedictorian of her high school class in Iowa had her drink drugged at the graduation party.  My father was food poisoned when he graduated from Marquette.  I myself had a man in a pickup truck chase me after I graduated from business school.  At the same time I quite my part time job after college at a gas station the two men who worked there as mechanics tried to blind me by spraying asbestos brake dust in my eyes.  And then when I went to work for the Investment firm I experienced personal harassment and attrition to a degree that you could never imagine!  And I experience to this very day some 23 years later.
And what did the bravest and most patriotic Americans that entered our military experience?  26,000 cases of sexual harassment.  Why do you think they called themselves Yankees in the Revolutionary War?  If there were Yankees there had to have been Yanker’s and that had to have been the English.  Who do they always target?  Those with the human soul.  Same issue with regard to Catholic Church sexual molestations.  For those of you who don’t know anything about the Satanic that is how fur ears tunes into the channel of your thoughts and mind by listening to you cry out and curse them in pain.  That is a different race among us.  And do you know how you can tell that they are present?  Via the incidence of Schizophrenia. Every one of those persons who hears voices in their head hears them from the minds of the Satanic Community.  When did it start?  Right after WWII.  And they never belonged in the United States of America! 
Satanic English calling themselve’s Lords?
It is not an English Monarchy it is an English Mockery!!!
The Corporation is indeed the miniature mockery of the free.  And it had to have been English Corporations based in China that had the oversight to put in place that kind of poisoned manufacturing mindset.  The roots of the Chinese Manufacturing sector indeed come from British control of Hong Kong.
Merry Christmas here’s your lead toy.
Sure you don’t want anyone to believe any of this.  But ask yourself where all that devastation comes from- coincidence?  Everything bad that happens is always a coincidence of the actions of bad people?  Far too many coincidences, right?  Far too many coincidences to be a coincidence!  If you are reading this and you have a human soul are you to believe that there is no cause for the evil crimes of people?  If you find something inconceivable because it is so horrific do you just brush the idea of it out of your mind?  If you do you are the exact type of next victim they are looking for!  Far too many coincidences to be a coincidence any more.

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