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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gun Control 05 29 2013

Gun Control 05 29 2013

So you want to take peoples guns away.  I can understand if you wanted to take a mentally retarded persons gun from them, and by that I define it to be low IQ or Autism with verbal ability as the key skill.  But you can't do that until you ensure that those peoples rights are being respected.  And you can't do that because human nature is what it is.  And bad human nature has worked its way into government and political power in our society.  Sure if you had all good people in power and government everywhere then we wouldn't have to worry about defending ourselves.

What would need to happen before you took those peoples guns away would be that you saw to it that none were created in that manner anymore?  Ie: Take measures to limit pollution and chemicals that are breathed and ingested so that there are not birth defects.  You also could not have teachers that create negative expectations for children.  Etc. Etc. Etc.  All the other stuff I mention here too.

That person gets the gun until the problem that created them is addressed?  That would seem to be fair.

But you can read my War In Chicago commentary on what I believe about guns and drugs and gang members.

And if you are a citizen of the soul of another person what right do you have to have a gun: you have already chosen your king haven't you?  And nobody hunts in the kings woods?

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