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Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Guarantee that the World Can’t be Fixed 05 30 2013

You Guarantee that the World Can’t be Fixed 05 30 2013
My nephew told me of a new video game that he tried.  He said that in it there is a villain.  He might have said it was a war with China.  But the villains had special powers in that they could read minds or use a form of telekinesis to move minds?  Something like that.  So in order to win, periodically in the game you had to remove a Secure Digital card or maybe it was a representation of one on the computer screen.  In effect you had to blank out your own memory so that you could beat them!
Imagine if an occult element of our society could de psycho energize people of their choosing to temporally see through the eyes of their soul in order to be like them.  Whether they do it through witchcraft means or actual Russian based technology that can do it is another story.  They in turn would create a network in the world that had all the high paying jobs?  So you could take the learning of someone up to a point in their phase of understanding a specific problem and take that memory from them and give it to those in your occult woman based religion?  The only way that they could maintain the “having” of that memory would be if they deprived or actively denied the persons whose work it was based on from using it and remembering it for themselves.  And the most capable in the world feel happy because they have achieved a great many things and understood a great many things.  So they would have to deprive them of happiness in order to also deprive them of their “Working” memories.  After all the happiness is the product of the well thought out working memories.
Would those, let’s call them lower echelon thinkers really be able to find the solutions to the world’s problems?  First of all would they even care?  I mean the most likely response would be to deny anything above their own level of understanding and stolen memory, right?  Why?  Because that is the only area of comfort that they would have in their minds and thinking.  Anything above that and they would indeed know they were screw ups concerning it just like they knew they were screw ups when they stole the first memories?
So what would they do?  They would keep coming back to that well for more answers, wouldn't they!  They would not want to openly admit what they did so they would have to come back to that well in secret and deprive the source of their memories of new thoughts and memories.  It reads to me like a criminal telling more and more lies until he is easily proven guilty.  Or someone that never learned that two wrongs don’t make a RIGHT! (Lot of new depth and metaphor with that sentence.)
“And for how long have you done that?  For how long!”
Waukesha Wisconsin water with Radon in it.
Jackson Wisconsin water with Benzene in it.
The Milwaukee River in Menomonee Falls loaded with PCB’s.
E coli in the Wisconsin Water having  killed many.
100 different chemicals in the umbilical cord of a new born baby today.
One in 3 women will get breast cancer.
Sulfuric Acid in some well water (Iowa?) so bad it comes out of people’s breath.
Autism at an epidemic level.
People in Chicago taking Heroin at an epidemic level; you use escapism because you don’t have the ability to fairly compete right? (Olympic swimmer from Nicolet High School that smoked pot?)
The list would be too long to mention.  And do you know what they tell us?  Chemicals are good for us.
Anyhow, back to the theme of the story.  The one with the ability to recognize the problem is the only intelligent one, all the rest are wearing his merit badges aren't they.  And do you know what your hidden argument for making it this way has always been, and it is a valid one, that if it were any other way for example him being the leader he would not have the intelligent support structure to be responsible.  Do you know what, it is an admission that you are right about it isn't it!  You know that you are a follower and of low IQ in comparison to the one you demonized to be a leader.  So if he were to ask you your opinion on any matter it would end up being counterproductive wouldn't it?  Why?  Because you think backwards in relationship to that mind.  So it looks like you have things the way that they are in order to satisfy a delusion or yourself.  Rather than see that those who have their own minds are in power you would rather put your feeble communist mind to work by culling from what your fur ears hear?
This is a one step forward and a two step backward process isn't it? 
You have guaranteed that the world can’t be fixed.
If you read my writing you know that I referenced how Jesus Christ said that he could have a large army by his side if he wanted to.  But what if history or rather someday in the future it worked out or works out the other way?  What if that army had needed Jesus Christ and he was nowhere to be found.  He is all dried out and extracted from isn't he.  (Wait a minute.  What if the real way that worked out in the Bible was they told Jesus Christ “You either drink this Myrrh or we nail you to the cross to die!”  They did give him myrrh to drink at the cross but he didn't take it.  It has a narcotic effect?  What did Jesus do?  “I am not taking your medicine you mentally retarded lead wine drinking Romans!”  And that was indeed the victory that Jesus won?  Tell me what would you do if confronted with that same situation?  You are a man of great philosophy and asked to take a narcotic?  Many people in Chicago will take heroin if given to them? And it leads to their death doesn't it.  Jesus went out clean didn't he!
And who were they that couldn't stand Jesus Christ?  They were Procula and miserable hags like her!  You could even call the males that participated in it Hags too!  What other type of mind is a male that is raised that way going to have other than that of a HAG!  Come on, be honest with me- you don’t know any men that have the minds of miserable hags?  Just look at their facial expressions when they talk.  How they don’t seem to have any confidence in the context of what they are saying.  How very often they snap at others and insult them.  How they have very little patience for any concepts or ideas that are above the realm of their fixed knowledge!  (Fixed knowledge!)  Wow that is another deep concept!
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