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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why Prohibition Failed 12 31 2015

Why Prohibition Failed 12 31 2015

The normal human being get's depressed upon drinking alcohol whereas the criminal minded become depressed if they cannot have it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Gospel of Judas said Jesus was sweating blood? Come on it really means he was poisoned with a blood thinner? 12 26 2015

The Gospel of Judas said Jesus was sweating blood? Come on it really means he was poisoned with a blood thinner?  12 26 2015

Nobody sweats blood!

What is the mechanism by which rat poison kills?  It is a blood thinner!  Actually your commercially available blood thinners like Warfarin are the exact same chemical in a highly monitored low dose.

This is per the CNN Religious segment last night.

But the Gospel of Mathew is the only one that said Judas hanged himself.

Also Jesus calls Judas the 13th DEMON!  Per the Gospel of Judas.

If you have read any of my research on this before you know what Jesus told us about a Demon.  Once it loses a battle to you it wanders around and finds 6 more demons to help it.  That forms what the Bible calls the Seven Headed Hydra.

There was also a Rabbi named Mathew who could heal demonic possession.  The only way you can do that is if you or your Jewish Tribe were causing it!

What did we also learn about this from Mathew?  How is that cursing occult formed?  It is kind of little sh1t cute but here it is.  "Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is; unless the son decides to tell a friend."

The Demons believe the person they are demonizing is their father.

The Gospel of Judas also tells that the disciples of Jesus behaved like barbarous cretins.  In other words Demons.

Jesus likely served as the only human mind for all of them?  Why?  Because they were mentally retarded demons who could not form their own soul.

Also Jesus own family rejected him when he returned home with a lot of money he made! He made it from gypsie fraud healing ceremonies!  They disowned him!

"Look children don't chant to this human being anymore.  When he comes the ceremony and you stop he will believe himself to be healed."  That is really extortion.  Just as the medical fraud of Schizophrenia is today!

How did John the Baptist cure cases of demonic possession?  By dunking people in the water below their heads.

So what really happened to the thirty bars of silver given to Judas for selling out Jesus?

1.  It was a scheme to make money from the beginning.  The evil Roman leadership putting Jesus on a cross with a seat and then letting him go when the solar eclipse happened?  The really sad part is that these evil men sold out the people of Israel.  But what we already know from the Bible about them is that they could not learn for themselves!  Jesus tells how he tried to get them to come out in the courtyard so that he could teach them but they did not come.

2.  The Romans took it right back from Judas.  How is Judas going to keep from being robbed back by them?

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Think Like a MAN or turn in your BADGE 12 26 2015

Think Like a MAN or turn in your BADGE  12 26 2015

Heroin Overdoses are not Heroin Overdoses they are really Heroin Poisoning!  Meaning poisoned with heroin.

Diabetes isn't diabetes it is Soda poisoning!

Lung Cancer is not Lung Cancer it is Tobacco Poisoning.

Hepatitis is not liver disease it is Alcohol Poisoning!

Aides is not aids it is Homosexual Poisoning.  Meaning poisoned by a homosexual.

Mental Retardation is not Mental Retardation it is Alcohol Poisoning of a woman's fetus! 

He/She is not pimping he/she is ENSLAVING.

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Think like a MAN or leave that bench (and not onto any playing field.)

Rather than take it out on himself; he takes it out on someone else 12 26 2015

Friday, December 25, 2015

Benjamin Franklin 12 25 2015 Black people will like this one

Benjamin Franklin  12 25 2015  Black people will like this one

His technology founded A,T&T

Was he related to that of the same surname that directly profited from the largest slave trade organization between the North and the South.  The man who was part of the Million man march to send blacks down south.  Before the Civil War?

Was it Franklin who designed the device that they attempted to use to drive Abraham Lincoln insane and discredit him at a séance?  To project a voice from across the room using an electronic speaker device?

Did he use highly qualified black slaves to invent his technology FOR him?

Flash forward.  Does AT&T have the technology to create synthetic telepathy and drive human beings temporarily insane as well as profit from medical fraud?

Schizophrenia really equating to what amounts to a communist/monarchy form of mental slavery.

Was that technology of the telegraph really invented in order to track the whereabouts of slaves?  As in the million man march?

Hence it would legitimize banking transfers, knowing when they were received and the ability to confirm it?

So did he transition from physical slavery profiteering to mental slavery profiteering.

If this is true and I was your President I would immediately arm every black person.  However unfortunately I would have to execute all pimps and drug dealers both white and black.

I never had worse customer service and internet problems than when I used AT&T!

They also completely financed the business I went to work for after college where I first started to hear voices "First Analysis" on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower at that time.

One of the worst kids I knew...his father was an executive at AT&T


We have not seen this legal tactic used.

"We know that you know and if you don't tell us we will simply kill you!"  It could indeed be used to wipe out organized crime!  And take out its roots.


Benjamin is often thought of as a Jewish name.  Was Benjamin Jewish?

I will have to read upon Benjamin.

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The connection to Britain is there, even though a Revolutionist he spent many decades in Britain.  He also went to Ireland.  What influence did he have in Irish slavery in the U.S. and the stealing of Irish babies from Ireland?

And he did indeed own slaves!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

30,000 Cases of Sexual Assault in the Military, That is Domestic Violence??? And you CAN"T OWN A GUN 12 24 2015

30,000 Cases of Sexual Assault in the Military,  That is Domestic Violence???  And you CAN"T OWN A GUN  12 24 2015

So the obvious irony is, "If you can't own a gun what the h3LL are you doing in our Military."  (If convicted?)  (And if it qualifies for Domestic Violence like I assert it does.)

So the question becomes, "If you can't own a gun because of Domestic Violence, and therefore cannot be in our military because it would be a prerequisite, what the h3ll are you doing on our payroll?"

And do we really want to support people guilty of domestic violence with Social Security or would it be cheaper to send them somewhere else like Australia?

And the question they never ask themselves is, "What if I am deported from the United States and NO other foreign country wants me?"  Did you ever once stop to think about that?

Lets say you are found guilty of participating in a Criminal Organization and are deported and NO foreign country wants you?  It is a death sentence isn't it!  When you don't  behave in the U.S. it could indeed amount to a death sentence?  But that isn't our fault if you screw up it is yours.  And that death sentence isn't really adjudicated by the United States or the foreign country it is adjudicated by you, because you should have realized that NO other foreign country would want you.  How come you didn't realize that?

As a person who has heard voices for over 24 years I am one to say this country would be better off without the above!  (And so would the world!)

Did you think you were going to rob, pimp, drug deal and commit other crimes and still be allowed to have a gun to protect protect yourself from what?  Being prosecuted for committing those crimes?  Protect yourself so that you are allowed to continue those crimes?  What were you thinking?  You don't know how lucky you are!  I believe that you should get the death penalty already for drug dealing and pimping and even white collar crime above a certain level of money.

But in my humble opinion you are either in jail, executed or free and free to own a gun.  That protects the United States Constitution.  Why do you think we have that right?  To protect ourselves from you (the above!) 

The reason we have the Gun Control issue is because wealthy Liberal Republicans didn't want the Death Penalty!

Hey;  Merry Christmas!

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Invention Needed: A battery operated handheld sonar imaging device to be used at apocalyptic check point gates 12 24 2015

Invention Needed: A battery operated handheld sonar imaging device to be used at apocalyptic check point gates 12 24 2015

In order to determine who has a fold in the front of their brain to be excluded from further travel!

Instead of those who hear voices being excluded from plane travel on a no fly list those who have a lesser species fold in the front of their brain should be excluded.

Perhaps that would be the best way to ever prevent another war or military conflict?

It would also prevent worldwide corruption and machinations.

It is indeed rule of law by the just race of the Prophets!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Note about an Utne Reader article in an issue labeled December 2015

Note about an Utne Reader article in an issue labeled December 2015

1.  They gave a gut bacteria from a 385 lb man (Enterobactor Cloacae) to a mouse.  All other things being equal that mouse gained 2x the weight of the other mice.  Now you can see why I am pissed after my mother gained a lot of weight after being bitten by the neighbors dog?  I believe that one hidden form of witchcraft is when a neighbor doesn't prevent their dog from biting you or your family.

2.  They (scientists) gave a mouse with something they created like autism in them Bacteriodes Fragilis  (sp?) and it cured the mouses autism.  The undercurrent of the article was that prior generations or current generation use of antibiotic might have caused the autism by wiping out bacteria that signals genes to turn on and off.

3.  Gut microbes provide signals that regulate heat shock genes.

4.  Why some stomach surgeries don't heal.  Because a gut microbe called E. Faecalis goes to the sight of the stitching to rob it of phosphorous.  There might have been a hint that if you give a person phosphorouos that bacteria will not attack that stitching?  However you are increasing bacteria growth when you do.  It is my firm believe that E. Faecalis and H. Pylori bacteria were from human corpes and cannibalism?  How else do you get a bacteria that thrives on living/dead human tissue?  And I aslo believe some of these bacteria factors might negate the human immunity of the Rh- blood type.

5.  There are over a 1000 genes in the human liver that....

6.  The amount of microbes in the Human Body weighs about 3lbs about the same amount as the human brain.

7.  They compared to Communist American peoples and the Amish had better microbes because they worked in the barn at an earlier age.  The author got a dog for his son who has autism because of that?

8.   The author stated that we have gone after illness with antibiotics and created more?  But I believe that in the case of obesity something should be created to target that specific microbe and kill only it.  And that is one thing I would like to read some research on.  That microbe that causes weight gain.

9.  Microbes in the body spit antibiotics out at each other!!  It is their byproduct like penicillin is?  What this means is that there are a great many antibiotics that could be developed from gut bacteria.  I really don't believe any of this should be patented.  I also believe that you can't have it a nationalized government function with todays class of corrupt people among us.

10.  When a human being is born they are sterile of microbes.  My conclusion on this is different than the authors.  It really means we don't really need all those microbes in my point of view.

11. How do you know when to give a person with autism a gut microbe they are missing?  By the time that they get it the development stage is already past and the damage irreversible?

12.  I just want to add a related point from a Nov/Dec issue of Arthritis Today which revealed that people who have Rhuematoid Arthritis have an overpopulation of a specific type of gut bacteria.  Now put that together with gut bacteria spitting antibiotics at each other and you have the cures for a great many diseases.

13.  The sick who have had their gut microbes wiped out do not live as long as those who do not.

And good God!!! Are you trying to tell me that the arsenic and poisons use to stabilize a virus so that you can form a vaccine from it are good for your beneficial gut microbes or your brain development?  And I don't really like where I am going with that conclusion.  Something like only the strong survive and be vigilant against the wicked.

So you have some form of mental retardation whereby you share the mind of a human being you labeled a schizophrenic in medical fraud.  We assume you did so out of necessity because of your cognitive deficit.  What does all this research imply?  There will be a cure for you in the future so that you are more normal.  The choice will indeed be yours.  Do you want to be more normal or do you want to continue to victimize human beings?

There will be a time in the near future whereby little to no medical fraud or fraud disguised as negligence as its alibi will be tolerated.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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To Build a Castle so High that you don't live to enjoy it because of the thinness of the air 12 23 2015

To Build a Castle so High that you don't live to enjoy it because of the thinness of the air 12 23 2015

That one liner was inspired by a PBS show about the Herodian temple built in Israel by the Roman Emperor Herod.  And I believe I am getting all the facts straight in that prior sentence.

The people on the television show sort of questioned as to why he had a theater in his mountain castle.  It is because of the Roman law whereby a Roman could have sex with any Jewish actor male or female; as they were considered prostitutes.

But Herod built his castle so that it would be immune to earthquakes?

Did he fear the power of Jewish Gods?  Such as in a storm being created by God when Jesus was murdered?

Or did he build his castle in the dessert because he didn't want to be attacked by magog? Who would ever attack a castle in the dessert?  Seems like a hiding spot?  Seems like it isn't worth the effort?  But it is if it is the HQ of someone that enslaved your people?

As a person who hears voices it is hard for me to tell who the good and bad guys from history really were.  What I find myself constantly asking myself is, "Was that leader of that country one who believed in witchcraft and demonizing human beings with voices; of a coven?"

Does a Roman King revitalize his life by having his harem torment the souls of human beings?

I just want to put an end to that!  Whether it is the Second Holy Roman Empire or the 7th or so Hasmonian Dynasty to do it.

That is what I believe in.  Is it a practical belief?  Is that belief in human freedom really a practical belief in a world of inequality due to birth defects from alcohol and drugs?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Why I have and will always refuse to take pain pills 12 23 2015

Why I have and will always refuse to take pain pills  12 23 2015

When you don't feel the pain you hurt yourself worse because you can't feel area is being hurt more, because you don't feel the pain.  And this is in the context of joint pain.  Not going to the dentist, etc.

Plus the fact that some are toxic to the liver.

I will take an aspirin every so often to thin my blood and recommend you keep the powdered type with you.

That pain is a warning sign that you are overdoing it.  It is something you need to "listen" to.  You don't want that signal to be lessened.  It just makes the physical disability injury last longer in my opinion.

All of this is just my opinion. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I am tired of getting two numbers in the lottery and not winning because I didn't have a megaball 12 23 2015

The Evil Master Creates the Birth Defective so that he has someone to be a Hero to in Life 12 23 2015

It is an emotionally disturbing experience to shop at the local Wa*****

And I am not the only one who believes that!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No Legitimate United States Politician would allow a Credit Card Company (Bank) to charge you 29.9%

No Legitimate United States Politician would allow a Credit Card Company (Bank) to charge you 29.9%

That is not making an investment in the American People!  That is not promoting growth!  That is not promoting jobs!  That is illegal per the United States Constitution.  A United States President takes an oath to protect the United States Constitution when he is sworn into office.  Failure to protect the Constitution is supposed to result in impeachment and can amount to charges of treason!

Barrack Obama was NOT a legitimate Constitutional Law Professor!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Why Obamacare is Economic and Medical Fraud 12 22 2015

Why Obamacare is Economic and Medical Fraud  12 22 2015

As I was driving into the City of Milwaukee the other day I noticed that the population number was a around 600,000.

The lowest annual premium (yearly price) of a  health insurance policy for a non smoker who already has Medicare was around $343 a month which works out to $4116 a year.  Multiply that by the population of the City of Milwaukee around 600,000 and you get a siphon amount of $2.4696 Billion Dollars!

That is just way too much money!  It is exorbitant!  How can you label that affordable?

In the Nuremburg Trials of Nazi War Criminals one of the crimes against humanity that they were found guilty of was being a Member of a Criminal Organization.  And they were executed for that.

Okay so you are going comsi comsa that could be alright a number.  Well lets just see how big it gets when you apply it to the nation as a whole.  About 314 million of us times $4116 a year.  $1.292 Trillion Dollars!

Now they say that we have the best health care in the world?

Jason Kid is the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.  He is 42 years old and he is having hip surgery.  He is going to New York to a specialist to have it done.  Being a head coach of a basketball team is a very high paying salary job.  For the life of me I don't know why it should be, but it is.

The point is that we don't have good health care when the rich know to use a specialist in New York and not locally?  Great health care implies you would not have to travel past your city to get it!  So we are paying $1.29 Trillion for what?

So that some of us can hear the voices of He Haw Sloth in our heads and be subjected to the disability and fraudulent labeling from it?  And those He Haw Sloth are becoming very wealthy off of that $1,29 Trillion aren't they.

?The only reason Barrack Obama is President is because he was a dumb black boy who would let this happen?  Who would let the wealthy extort us like this?  Because he himself could be sold on this horrible idea?  Can't he do simple math?  Obviously not.  Its your father that teaches you math in the home isn't it!  And he didn't have one!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I was reading the Quran last night just to get an idea of who it is that He Haw Sloth say's our enemy is.  What I found out was that the Quran is more Consistent with the United States Constitution than any of the view of the political candidates for President today!  Let those Muslims who believe in the Quran in this country!  They can indeed help reestablish our Constitutional Values of Freedom.

More on the specifics of how it is consistent later.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Members of that race got all the college test answers before they took the test 12 21 2015

Members of that race got all the college test answers before they took the test 12 21 2015

I would invalidate the college degrees of every single one of those people.

And if it was true with my major, and it was,  (someone squealed on them to me back then) it was true with every major in every single college in the United States!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Jeremy Carters death was signed by the Devil 21 12 21 2015

Jeremy Carters death was signed by the Devil 21    12 21 2015

Bad things always happen around the 21st of the month.  It might have to do with a periodic cycle that satanic women have in common?  So it will be about the 4 or 5 days preceding and including the 21st.

He died on the 20th.

There is a lot of symbolism in the 21st.  It has to do with moon phases and changes of the seasons that a mentally defective criminal minded occult would be more sensitive to and therefore curse people more around those times?

But lately what I discovered is what is it really?  It is the rollback club.  The number 2 then the number 1.  They are roll back numbers when put together.  As in roll back the civilization of the world to where the ogre dominated?  And what was the ultimate rollback in the United States?  It was the 21st amendment that repealed the Prohibition of Alcohol.  Alcohol is how many grocery stores and business's make their money.  It is also the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.  The Bible has nothing good to say about it!

It is the source of the criminal mind and therefore all corruption in the world.

It gave rise to the massive insurance industry.  Health care creates great profits from it.

Every table at an Italian restaurant in New York is said to have a table 21 where the owners or mafia sit?

I have written more about the 21 Club in my blog besides the following link.

The voices come on very strong around the 21st of the month!  That is when they climax and are the strongest!

What I am learning is that only the strongest can survive the 21st of the month attacks!  You can feel it.  It is like a primordial beast tugging at your life energy!

Who else was from a "rollback" society?  There were people called Luddites in England who hated technology.  FDR's family origins came from England and France and his family wealth came from the opiate trade with China!  Opiates are usually the cause of a heart attack or weakening of the heart as Jeremy Carter had?  And he did have a history of drug abuse.  FDR also gave us the 21st amendment that repealed the Prohibition of Alcohol in the 18th.

The entirety of a secret network of the mentally retarded who are dependent minded to the minds of Prophets is supported by alcohol!  It is a gateway drug to every other drug.


One more point.  Tobacco grows faster than a weed does!  It is extremely easy to grow.  One tiny little black seed the size of a grain of pepper grows a brown grocery sack full of tobacco!  How many packs of cigarettes are there in a brown paper grocery sack?  That single seed likely cost me 10 cents when I bought some and planted it years ago.

But as I was walking through a grocery store I saw the price of Cigarettes around $7 a pack and $76 a carton?  Does a carton have 10 packs? Couldn't tell you, I don't know, never bought one.

But from 10 cents to likely three cartons worth of tobacco valued at $76 x 3= $228.00

That is so profitable that it should be outlawed just for that reason.

Should the health conscious taxpayer who wants to raise a family without any birth defective children in it have to foot that health care bill by paying an equal portion of insurance premiums?  Good God aren't we smarter and fairer than that?

We know what causes cancer.  And those major tobacco company profits fueled the investment gains of the worlds most famous billionaire investor didn't they!  That and diabetic causing soda.  I do not respect that man.  The interest on the bonds of those companies also makes money on the money of the wealthy.  That has to end.  You are never going to see it end though, because money controls everything today.  Money creates the mentally ill and then labels them.  Money cannot compete fairly with the rest of us in anything.

Would you believe that people hate me for my belief system?  It is the belief system of a man!  How come so few people have the belief system of a man?

The reason is that man, prophet, demonized crazy to schizophrenia, etc has a different brain structure.  The front of his brain does not have a fold in it.  The presence of abnormal folds in the brain is thought to cause autism.  If you look at evolutionary charts the shape of the head has a prominent role in evolution.  The rollback 21 occult has that fold in their brain!  It makes them great talkers because they are always bouncing words from one side of the fold to the other and talking in nonsense.  One key trait of mental retardation is that you can't teach one how to do something that they already know in a new way!  Does that sound like how our economy and civilization has stalled?

And what is a person who you can't teach to do something in a new way likely have a dependency to?  Drugs and alcohol!  It reinforces their mental retardation.


A little off topic.  But if you are a male and hear voices. I would recommend adding the powder from a Saw Palmetto tablet to a glass of water and drinking it.  For some reason it relaxes the prostate.  It is highly effective.  Very similar to an antipsychotic?  Does it have to do with that female who is with you becoming disturbed?  Think about the process of the conversion of testosterone to its more potent hair on your head losing dehydrosterone (Sp?)  Can you tell me that that conversion process isn't more readily facilitated when you are hearing the beast like voices of females?  When their bodily energy is superimposing itself over yours in an attempt of demonic possession of you?  I also believe that men who perform oral sex on women are highly likely to go bald.  There has to be some valid science to it with regard to hormones?

I can tell you that if you hear voices whatever makes you happy makes those who are chanting to you miserable!  So indeed if the Saw Palmetto (and I find it to have little toxicity) makes you relaxed and happy those people who are chanting to you will be miserable.  They will attempt to hide it from you!  The usual way is with a stone face void of emotions that pretends naturally not to look at you!  If you have known any predatorial animal behavior you know that is the behavior of something that is attempting to circle around you?

Yep, I know this is the most paranoid and crazy stuff that you have ever read.  But I don't really care what you think of it!  Maybe a good person reads it, understands it, and I just saved a good life.

Do you know why I write this stuff?  I write it as if it was a younger version of a person exactly like me who would greatly benefit from this insight.

What is a predatorial mind?  I once read a book by Shiela Ostrander.  It told of how a woman in Nazi Germany was walking next to a man named Wolf Messing.  She was being quiet.  When all of a sudden he turned to her and said something like, "Quit singing that song in your head."  And she was indeed singing a song in her head.  But he had no way of knowing other than the fact that his brain structure had that fold in the front of it that pieces together what a congruent brain structure is thinking?  Somehow perhaps that front void is directly imprinted by the mental energy of a person who does (and also doesn't) have the void?  It receives like a tuner/ tuning fork?

But what I have found to be the case with people like that is that they are often clueless in life with regard to planning ability.  Why?  That part of their brain loses the congruity of the thoughts do to that exterior fold?  And that is what makes them naturally dependent to the thinking of human beings?  There are definitely two mental races that walk the earth today.  Ask yourself this, which one is needed and which one isn't?  Which one can we survive without and which one if it were just that race could not survive?  Which race holds the other back out of fear and jealousy?

And here I am going to quote the Pharisees in their cursing of Jesus Christ an ancient Jew, from the Bible, "Never again let a Prophet arise from Galilee."  He had a problem with the kiosks in the Church!  He was highly critical of everything that they did.  In fact he called them dogs!

Lets see if I can draw an analogy.  The mind of a prophet is like a belly full of teets to the mind of satan?  Satan has no ability to nourish and develop his own mind.  So he crowds out the young of the prophet and prevents the prophet from having more?  Why would the Prophet ever need Satan?  And what happens when their are no more Prophets?  Then Satan no longer exists because he is species regressive?  Satan's existence is dependent upon the mind of the Prophet. But does the Prophet need Satan?  Genius doesn't come from the lessen of being taught madness!  That is just Satan justifying its own existence.  Satan really wants to prevent genius in exact analogy to English Luddites fearing technology!

And I still know that you don't like this and think it is crazy.  I really don't care.  I want good people to believe in themselves.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 12 21 2015 at:

So who else was Satan in the Bible?  Who knew where and when the Prophet Jesus would be born?  The three kings from the orient, what we think of as Asia/China/Asia minor.  And who was Paul?  He was really Saul from the Orient.  And he killed every single Jew that was a follower of Jesus Christ!  ( I believe that is what I read.)  Then he went on to be the biggest advocate of Christ after his death?  We are told that he had something like a seizure that changed his mind?  Have you ever known a criminal minded person to change to be a good person in their entire life?  I just don't believe it can happen.  And lets look at that some more.  Let's say that you have an empty gap in the exterior front of your brain called a fold.  Now lets say you use it to spry.  How can someone like that ever control their behavior for certain?  Whatever ideas or imaginations of thinking human beings that are floating around out there could pop in there and....  And what did Jesus say about those idiots?  He felt sorry for them, "They know not what they do!"

I am going to be very clear with you.  I would like to see that evil bred out of the human race.  And it can be done very peacefully!  Do you see why it should be done? Those people are irresponsible and not looking out for our human interests and human health.  They have no problem with chemical pollutions everywhere.  Another way to say "They know not what they do," is  They act unconscionably?  They have no conscience.  A conscience being an inner voice of reason and restraint from acting on impulse (animal like?) 

What acts without conscience?  That which loves to mock the thoughts of human beings in their head!  Isn't that an act without conscience?  Can't seem to help themselves.  Like the retard they can't be taught not to.

I really don't like to write this stuff.  I don't like to be this way.  I didn't want to be this way.  I went to college and studied accounting and finance.  Graduated in 1991 and went to work as an assistant equity research analyst.  And about a year into that is when I started to be demonized with voices.  The voices do indeed start up whenever I am doing anything constructive that could earn me a living.  Do you know where my human living and potential family is gone?  Right into that gap in the front of a race of unconscionable peoples heads.

Don't care if you don't believe it.  Some people know it is true.

What do the wealthy do with their children when they get kicked out 11 21 2015

What do the wealthy do with their children when they get kicked out  11 21 2015

What do the wealthy do with their children when they get kicked out first public school, then private School, then military school?  Do they make them a foreign exchange student?  That really helps spread democracy doesn't it?

Have you ever in your life heard of a child being kicked out of military school?  It seldom happens in private school either because that money is always there for the little child that money could buy.

So one has to ask how many of those bad kids end up being home schooled?  How can you say a parent is qualified to home school a child when they could not even teach that child to behave in school?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Pagan Celebration of the coming Birth of a Prophet whom you fully intend to demonize to take a living from. 12 21 2015

Pagan Celebration of the coming Birth of a Prophet whom you fully intend to demonize to take a living from.  12 21 2015

A Prophets brain structure is pure human!


Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Humanity Law 12 20 2015

A Humanity Law  12 20 2015

"The meaner they are to someone else the worse they feel about themselves."


New topic.

A Psychotic Bad Apple:

His or her family can say it (an insult) to them all day long, every day!  However when someone else say's it to them they snap!

That didn't toughen them up did it!  Instead it is more of a sign that they were born into a bad family?

So why is it they snap when someone not of their family say's it to them?  Because they wanted to believe the world outside of their family was better?  And it was indeed their final straw?

And perhaps it is just the opposite; their family never could say it to them and sheltered their believe system?  A projection of self pity?  A hope that the person would eventually emotionally mature?

Perhaps they never wanted to believe it when their family said it to them because they knew their family was bad.  However they did not believe themselves to be bad too?

Or more likely than not the person who told them was the first person in their life to give them a disciplinary talk?


New topic.

Do you know what I would find more funny than ever?  A situational comedy about how stressful it is to train or teach a mentally defective or juvenile delinquent.

I would also find it funny to see a comedy about how stressful it is to try and teach someone that graduated from grade school that was mentally defective or a juvenile delinquent how to do a job?

Why would I find that funny?  Because it is extremely stressful and no one wants to admit it!

No one wants to hone in on just what the bad attitude problem that person has is about.

It is kind of like negative energy builds up inside of you and you want to sigh but you can't?

I really don't see how it doesn't all just fall into an economic sinkhole?

Television is of no value if it doesn't portray the problems that REAL PEOPLE have!

What we get is a the viewpoint of what a spoiled person would consider utopia?

None of the real problems we have with people are seen on television.  What does that tell us?  That network of people likes to thrive and profit from the problems that they refuse to address?  Stand back a little bit and think about it; do you see how sick it is?


"The meaner they are to someone else the worse they feel about themselves."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 12 20 2015 at:

To live in a world of delusion whereby you only respect the opinion of one person whom you are not but believe yourself to be; and hence when that person rebukes you it is devastating to you?  It isn't about that person is it!  In is about a maladaptation you had in life?  To pretend to experience the world through someone else; however when that person judges you it is cavitating?

And the gestalt of this is what I believe the phrase from the Bible, "One cannot see the face of God and live.," means.

I can tell you how they cope with that mental defect.  They have to form a belief system whereby the normal human being is a constant subject of humor!  But what happens when that falls through?

I suppose I should be more hopeful for other people and have the faithful believe that at any age someone can change for the better.  And thereby never really concern myself with it too much?  For when you concern yourself with it you end up in the same unsafe place?  It is kind of like, "This is how this is done.  I have told you 5 times how to do this.  You have watched me show you five times.  I assumed that you were a man like me too.  I didn't want to see you get hurt.  However you did."

Without alcohol would the insurance business have risen to the megalithic level that it has?  NO!  But look at that prior paragraph, whose shoulders did you put that burden on?  Someone who doesn't profit from the business?  That is something that doesn't sustain itself.


Hillary Clinton is Demonically Possessed 12 20 2015

Hillary Clinton is Demonically Possessed 12 20 2015

How do I know?  I was watching the Democratic debate last night.  I believe it happened sometime after when they took a bathroom break.  She had just finished up lecturing the American people on why they should believe in treason regarding the second amendment.  She turned her head slightly to the right.  And there it was; THE DEMON FACE appeared!  You have to look very carefully because a Demon Face only appears for a split second.   Review that video footage for yourself and you will see it plain as day!

To me the energy pattern looked like that of an India Indian woman?  That or a very large cretin type man who isn't too smart and commentates on football.  That is what I saw.

If I could locate video footage of that I could scan it and give you a screen shot of it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Voice to Skull Technology allowing an ugly girl or homosexual boy pretend they are your girlfriend 12 20 2015

Voice to Skull Technology allowing an ugly girl or homosexual boy pretend they are your girlfriend 12 20 2015

That doesn't do anyone any good!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Humor Why the Irish Wear Kilts 12 19 2015

Humor Why the Irish Wear Kilts 12 19 2015

Maybe it was because they were so poor from financial fraud that when the English came to take their homes all they had to wear to go out and fight them in was their mothers dress?

The Celtics were known to strip down naked and attack their enemy! 

In fact the Irish battle cry in the Civil War was "Faugh A Ballagh"  It means clear the way.  Although the first word phonetically sounds like Fag to me.  I don't think that they had it wrong either way!  I think I would interpret that really to mean, "Get out of here faggot!"

And what did I read?  20% of the English women are Lesbians?

Who was it that said there was going to be another civil war? Michelle Obama?

It might be harder or easier to shoot you if you attack someone while you are wearing a skirt or naked?

If you are attacking a fag naked he is going to stare at you while you are coming because it is his natural way.  However if a naked man were running straight at me with a cleaved axe I would shoot him right away, so it depends on who is attacking you.  Most likely it is a queer! 

Whoa!  Can you imagine running at a queer while wearing a dress?  The queer would be hopeful, let his guard down and maybe wink at you and you could slaughter him!

Perhaps you stick your naked butt out from behind a tree or some doorway in urban warfare and slaughter the eager queer quickly in ambush!

Gee me and my men are walking around with our skirts on down the center of town, kicking up our legs and playing BAG PIPES?  That would sure draw the queers in?  Good God that is better than the Trojan Horse story!  So the music stops when they gather around and someone yells "Faugh A Ballagh"

Who would ever promote a woman to be President other than a queer?  You would actually take orders to go to war from a woman?  Are you nuts??  Doesn't it make you want to puke when you see an English Faugh on his knees saying "Oh my queen, oh my queen!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2105
Originally published on 12 19 2015 at:

Something about that German cross being the same as the Irish Cross and the German term Aless Klar?  ~ Everything alright?

PS.  How far would an average looking white boy get without being sexually accosted by a black male, deemed homosexual by their actions, if that white young man were wearing a dress and playing a musical instrument that looked like a phallic symbol?

Do you see my point?  I don't even believe either integration or segregation is the answer to that problem.

Democratic National Debate 12 19 2015

 Democratic National Debate  12 19 2015

I liked the sound of Bernie Sanders voice but then he started on gun control!  Without our Guns this country is nothing!

They talk a lot about fighting the wealthy but I don't believe it.

How can any sane person promote taking away our guns while at the same time legalizing drugs?  You got a screw lose!

Now Read this next part very carefully because there is a hidden  message in it!

Article 2 of the United States Constitution  The Executive Department

"Section 1. (1) The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America,  He shall hold his office during the term of four years, and, together with the Vice-President, chosen for the same term, be elected, as follows:"

The Vice President fulfills the role of President in an emergency hence that cannot be a woman either!

In order to amend the Constitution in any manner it has to be valid as to the intent and purpose of the Constitution.    I really don't see how allowing a woman become President, and one who violates our Right to Bear arms a right that she will be sworn in to protect if she were to take the oath of President, and if she violated it it would be an impeachable offense.  She is already committing treason!  What we are seeing today is that allowing a woman to become President is not valid as to the intent and purpose of the Constitution.
So if indeed the Constitution was amended to allow a woman to become president that amendment is not valid!

Guns are and were valid!  We would never have been free without them and we will not be free without them.

We get a lot of this bad policy from FDR who legalized alcohol and violated the Constitution.  His son procured the rights from foreign alcohol companies to sell into the United States.  So his amending the 18th with the 21st was not valid to the intent and purpose of the Constitution.  It was the establishment of white collar organized crime!  That is what FDR gave this country!  That and newt children talking to the remnants of the human race in their heads.

I am very offended that Hillary Clinton is allowed to be on that ballot and speaking for this country!

Why else don't we want a woman in there?  We don't want a Queen Victoria type again who makes little boys wear dresses!  Brain dead Americans saw she was making them do it in England and they did it here too!  We have already been through all this suffering!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Let's say that you believe the mass shootings were staged events and not real, what would the motivation be for them? 12 19 2015

Let's say that you believe the mass shootings were staged events and not real, what would the motivation be for them?  12 19 2015

It's not too hard to figure out is it!  The motivation lies in the fear that is being created!!

The fear being created being one of being shot by a gun and having to face insurmountable health care costs from it!

Hence if they are fake then they are being done so in order to sell Health Insurance policies!!!

And who is likely getting in on that new market?  I would bet that some are black owned businesses!

Sort of a coming in on the turf of the current Insurance Market and claiming some as your own?

I believe that there is a provision in the Constitution that can be used to declare a lot of this illegal!

And if you look at an insurance policy what do they always cover?  Diabetes and Cancer!  Why?  Because if they didn't cover them those two high profit industries that cause those diseases (Soda and Cigarettes) would be forced to close their doors!  But they are not because they are what is business is called cash cows.  Your lives are being Capitalized on and that in and of itself is a direct violation of your Constitutional Rights!

They also want to be able to use high technology to transfer their sickness to you!  It is like the old Native American looking at the Mentally Ill and saying that they would make great healers?  Their lives have already been used to heal people just the way the Bible tells us that Sarah took slaves to replenish her life!

What else is part of this technology?  The magnetic field that is projected from LCD televisions!  Allowing a brainwave of a sick person to be ganzfield superimposed over your own and their sickness transferred to you?

I believe that the Russian and United States Armies are really one.  If the United States had ever really intended to fight Russia or China we would never have sent our scrap metal to those countries by the boatload.  The first thing to become scarce in a war is metal.

The socialite wealthy drink and have mentally retarded children from it.  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere today.  And what does that slurred Russian language sound like?  A mal adaptation to a brain impairment.  The French language does to.  And the Chinese/Mexican in a different way does to; but perhaps less evil?

Why else the push for mandatory payment to health insurance?  If the oil industry goes away due to solar adaptation then the wealthy are going to be out of their snotty money advantage.  Hence they need something to take the place of that!  Do you know what will likely happen?  As the conditions improve so that more and more people are healthy they are going to raise the rates on those insurance policies just to keep that advantage.  They are charlatans who were run out on the rail a long time ago!

And do you know where else those insurance profits are going to end up?  Because those companies are worldwide publicly traded, foreign nations will be controlling your health?  Doesn't that make you feel a little sick to your stomach?

I will not marry a retarded women and have retarded children who talk to a human being in their heads in order to learn.  God destroyed the dinosaurs for a reason!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Character Profile of a Witch 12 19 2015

When she doesn't meet the physical or cognitive norm of a female of her age group she then wants to be a man.  Because by definition she is emotionally disturbed her parents need to give her what she wants and spoil her.

Joining the Army in order to form a false consensus of what it means to fullfill the role of fatherhood.

It is really searching for a father through comradery?  Attempting to validate a lesser standard of manhood?

The sense of being with adult men replacing the father that you never had?

"Because I am with other men I am the father I never had?  Our group behavior will determine how things should really be?"

And it isn't just the army it is the employment market too!  Willing a lesser standard of conduct, trade and adult responsibility through the same construct.

So in the Army pretending to be a strong man?
In the financial industry pretending to be a smart and capable man?
In the health care field pretending to be a caring father?
In the legal industry pretending to be knowledgeable of the Constitution and what impacts fairness?
In the energy sector pretending to be the provider?
In religion pretending to teach the best form of government as a belief system when indeed you are really teaching passivity to wealth.
In politics pretending to be the discerning provider?

You are the exact opposite of all of that!  You loathe people!

In the drug, alcohol and tobacco industry pretending to be the source of happiness?
I n the media industry, pretending to be a person who can work and setting a bad example of success for all men to follow.
In the publishing industry, pretending to be the source of knowledge and wisdom.

One more point on the judiciary system.  Pretending to do go by favoring the happiness of the criminal over that of their innocent victims.  You and I both know why you do this!  Because you know once the executions of criminals start it will get around to you too!

And lets say you made up all the news.  What a horrible example you set!  Here is evidence that the idle mind is the equivalent of no human mind at all?

The truth is that you loathe men who naturally are these things and their families!

You don't get anything right; because you weren't born right!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, December 18, 2015

Ultimate Fighting 12 18 2015

Ultimate Fighting 12 18 2015

Only a queer would get you down and give you little punches to the face like that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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This is what happens when our rights have been violated and we are told we are forbidden to say who is different!!! 12 18 2015

This is what happens when our rights have been violated and we are told we are forbidden to say who is different!!!  12 18 2015

Our First Amendment Right is one of our most important!  But even Donald Trump can't stand it!  Did you notice how he cried that Obama didn't help him when someone said something bad about him!

Putin hates that right more than anything too!  To hate the right to free speech indicates you are one of the weakest men that there is!

In reference to the following link we have indeed been forbidden to say who is mentally retarded!  ADHD!!

In this case we have been forbidden to state who is genetically different!

We should have never felt squelched!

What is going on here?  Some among are different and spoiled not to believe that they are!

What happens when you seek to prevent us from saying who is different?  Those who are not normal end up labeling the normal, controlling them and victimizing them!

The reason you can't say they are different is because they are so weak minded that they can't handle it!  It is something they cannot change so it makes it a crime for you to?  And what else happens when you can't say someone is different?  THEY SEEK TO CHANGE YOU!  And not for the better!

So what do the different then do?  They gang up on a human being and falsely cause mental illness in them!  The greatest crime in human history!

The truth is that we learn by comparison!  When you mom tells you to stay away from someone you take their word for it and you note how that person is different and it serves you well!

At some future point in that persons life someone is going to say that they are different and you have created a ticking time bomb when it happens!  A ticking time bomb!  Why?  Because that person was taught to believe that they weren't different when the reality is that they are!

And sending that bad kid off to military school, private school, or home school just delays and increases the bad impact to the rest of us! In effect allowing those of a defective belief system to aggregate creates a force that is dangerous to human freedom which is what our Government is based on!

And nor should a normal child ever be outnumbered in any of those school settings by those who are different!

Being forced to celebrate a bad persons differences is being forced to accept crime!

A bad person being allowed to find happiness through narcotics including alcohol also isn't something we should be forced to tolerate!  A bad person should not be allowed to support themselves by using a substance that allows them to escape from their personal and horrific reality!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Secret Code: 7Adr3az


Her father gave her everything and taught her that she was cute 12 18 2015

Her father gave her everything and taught her that she was cute  12 18 2015

He thought her begging for something was cute.  However we don't think of it that same way!  We think of her as being spoiled to the point of retardation.

She never learned how to be a woman on equal terms with people.

She thinks she is cute when she is acting spoiled and obnoxious however the reality is that she isn't. 

She likely has no idea why all men don't like her!

And if a man didn't like her because she was a brat she would accuse him of being a homosexual!

And what does any son that she has grow up being like?  Violently miserable like those terminal statistics in the military!

Look at the real cause of all of those suicides?  Alcohol causes mental retardation with has negligently been given the label of ADHD today!  And direct use of alcohol is listed as another cause of their deaths.  That and having to put up with a beast woman like that in the military!  No man would pay his taxes in support of that!  No man would sponsor her!

She likely gives birth to males that are genetically queer!  We aren't supposed to say that those are any different!  But they sure are aren't they! 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Secret Code: 6St3bl9g

Women in the Military 01 18 2015

Women in the Military  01 18 2015

Ever hear a black mother tell how boy's were easy to raise but girls were harder than anything?

We are losing 3 to 4 veterans from service do to suicide as compared to combat death.

What has changed in our history?

Women have been allowed in the military?

Now granted some are of very high integrity.  But I still don't believe it is the place for women like that!  The place for women like that is the school room as a teacher!

What don't guys, good men, generally get that could be an issue here?  How poorly behaved some women can be!  The military should not be a haven for women like that after high school.

Are there wiccan women serving in the military who are driving male soldiers insane and causing their suicide?  If I bet with God on that one I would win!  If I bet with anyone else on that one they would support a counterargument with false data.

What the mentally retarded women, AKA fem fatal, likes to do is flirt with many guys and hop beds with them.  What happens when a good man joins the army faithfully to support that directive of his President which he believes represents our country and the Constitution?  He might just become depressed and demoralized? 

Now back in this countries history there was a euthanasia movement that focused on women like that?  But it got shut down with WW2?  And the current model of treatment for that women is to let her catcall in the minds of real men all day long and falsely create mental illness in them?  And what does that do to the value of our dollar and our debt!  It skyrockets it!  In fact not a single nation on earth could survive the impact of that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Secret Code: 9qG3a3Ns

ADHD in Professional Careers 12 18 2015

ADHD in Professional Careers

What I noticed in my very short career is that ADHD transforms and mal adapts in Corporate management and other professions to cut off the person who is speaking!

Instead of listening  that person cuts you off (attention deficit and hyperactivity in one!)

And that happens in every single facet of Corporate Management in the United States!  We should have never allowed a framework for the ADHD to succeed in!  That isn't something that we wanted to breed!  That isn't something we wanted to have all the money!

The reason it happens is because that person can't stand it that you are more naturally human intelligent than they are!  They want to dismiss human concerns and intelligence as a weakness because it is something they aren't capable of!  It should never have been allowed to be put in a framework that is contradictory to human concerns which should really be community concerns!

So what does this beast progress to in life?  Something that wants to disrupt human thought processes!  It equates disrupting human thought processes with personal happiness! And wealth.

The only way this happens if the man of this race is encoded with a female or primitive tribal type gene?  One step back to the dinosaur age is one step too many!  At some point that damage to the human genome will become irreversible!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Secret Code: Z9j254s

Great Anxiety to the Imbecilic 12 18 2015

Great Anxiety to the Imbecilic 12 18 2015

It causes great anxiety to the imbecilic when it sees a human doing in its mind eye what it knows it itself should be able to do already!

It is part of the reason some of us hear voices!

It is also highly likely to be a hidden reason that no one ever wants to admit as to why the imbecilic commits suicide or becomes violent to those whom it curses!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Humor: How the imbecilic works 12 18 2015

Humor:  How the imbecilic works 12 18 2015

To do the exact opposite of what you were told to do, screw everything up and then claim it was because you did exactly what you were told.

And part of the problem is that it is assumed that you have the same conscience as men do when you are given orders, but any of us who ever had to work with you know it is the furthest thing from the truth.  You aren't expected to apply any constructs that don't relate to manhood in what you were told to do!  And you should not be expected to apply any constructs that don't relate to manhood when you are given an order.  You are assumed to have knowledge of human common sense.  But that can't be assumed of you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Military Humor 12 18 2015

Military Humor 12 18 2015

When I see a woman soldier come back from the middle east in uniform what do I think? "Who was she b1tching at that whole time!"

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy
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To Reduce an Elderly persons Social Security because they had one time gains from the sale of lifetime holding of U.S Treasury Bonds negates the interest paid on those bonds?

To Reduce an Elderly persons Social Security because they had one time gains from the sale of lifetime holding of U.S Treasury Bonds negates the interest paid on those bonds?

Aren't they clever?

America isn't supposed to be like that!  People like that are not supposed to be here.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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On Leadership 12 18 2015

On Leadership 12 18 2015

How many members of the military, when they are out in the field in a situation of danger will ask themselves, “What would Hillary Clinton do in a situation like this?” Or better yet, “What would Queen Elizabeth do in a situation like this?”

Shouldn't that general idea hold true with regard to leadership? The President appoints military personnel and those military personnel give you orders in a war? So you should be able to ask yourself what would Hillary do in a situation like this? But you just know better don't you! But you still vote for people like that don't you!

What would your father do in a situation like that? He would go and have a drink! What is that right there? It defeats any sense of valid leadership you ever have! A person like you can never have a valid leader because you can never trust in leadership!

A boy has two gay male parents, he asks himself what would my father do in a situation like this? He would suck on my other fathers penis or be sodomized by him? What? And yet that is the gestalt of our national news media and us being led to believe in the integrity of people like that.

There was a Police Officer whose face looked like it had Downs' Syndrome. He raped 19 black women. How wrong would you end up in life if you asked yourself what would he do in a situation

like this.

People are promoted to leadership positions like that because the devil (mentally defective among us) want you to fail! They want you to have false role models so that they can sell you on another idea. They were born sore losers and will be all their lives.

Do you see where I am going with this? The devil wants you to ask yourself what would Hillary do in a situation like this. You only have to ask that question once and it leads to personnel failure whereby the Devil sells you on the Devils true leader! The mind of a human being the devil has demonized!

It works out great for the devil because no matter what an idiot like you who has to ask yourself what would so and so do in a situation like this, no matter how you falsely answer that question for yourself you are always going to be wrong and miserable! Hence you curse the human being whose mind the devil has demonized. The devil curses that mind from the very start because it is better than his! So in effect you have joined the ranks of those who hate human beings. In effect you have joined a criminal organization. In the Nuremberg trials of Nazi War Criminals membership in a Criminal Organization was a Crime against humanity and they got the death penalty and hung to death for it! Necks broken!

So what has the devil just sold you on. A scapegoat for your life! I have to ask the question. And you want to believe you are real men and women don't you? If you need a lifetime scapegoat why were you born?

The main point here is that you shouldn't be asking yourself what so and so should do because you should be able to figure it out for yourself! But the devil doesn't want you to have that ability because you are threat to the devil when you have that ability. The devil doesn't want you to have that ability because if you do the devil cannot control you? And the devil needs to control someone else in order to be happy. Why? Because it does not have the sense of self that a happy person does.

A happy person can figure things out for themselves? Perhaps that defines leadership? So many people fake being happy! Look at Dean Martin? Despite all his success his projected sense of self happiness always came from that bottle!

How do you gauge if a person is happy and would therefore make a good leader for you? What do they do when confronted with a problem? Are they happy to be able to think about it for themselves? Or do they reach for a bag of Amphora Red and blow pipe smoke in the face of your bright eyed son who works for them?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 12 18 2015 at:

Glazing over the eye's of legitimate human beings in the nature of psychiatry and the satanic race.

Create a military conflict so that you still have the oil money to live in a Texas mansion and then when the veterans come home dissolutioned make sure that they have plenty of psychiatric medicine?

And that is how the devil thwarts you from figuring out what a poor leader he/she is. Your unhappiness is your own fault, not because you voted for him. “Look I am such a powerful authority. I have some pills for you to take to make someone like you happy! Okay? I recommend that you take them. They will make you naturally happy like me.”

Can I tell you what that persons problem was from day one? They could never ask themselves, “What would my father do in a situation like this.” You are supposed to be able to ask that question. And when you don't have a father of your own you are supposed to be able to ask someone labeled a father that question without getting sexually molested like thousands of children in Milwaukee were.

And how many cases of sexual assault are there in the military? Think of the young man or woman who thought that was an organization of strength? It doesn't hold true does it! Jar heads! And that is why we are not to have a military for more than two years per our Constitution. Our founding fathers had already put up with all of this before and had had enough!

I saw a different side to Barrack Obama on television last night. It humbled me. Why because as I saw him interact with a survival expert I realized I can't get mad at him because what he did as President was genuinely the best that he could do?

What is the advice that he tells his daughters? To always try and be useful and kind. I can't really articulate what I saw at this moment. It is kind of like getting mad at a person and then coming to realize that they have the mind of a child?

More on bad fathers! What about the Italian who teaches his sons how to put each other in a choke hold? Does it cause mental retardation? The oxygen deprivation to the brain? Causing a learning disability? What about the Divorce Lawyer who is a father who puts his sons skulls in the sleeper hold grip? What have they just done? They have sold those children on a father other than themselves. Out of futility they have sold them on that concept above. Why? Because they are projecting their weak sense of self unto those children. Why? They just one those children to look and behave like they are other children and not think for themselves? For when they think for themselves we readily determine by their actions they are not one of us? Give that child someone else to blame for all their cognitive failures other than themselves and other than you their father! Create a mental host for them out of other children. I hate mental retardation! It is an abomination of the human race!

And what about the son who see's his father smoking pot? That is how his father solves problems? His father can't handle anything!


You come to a Roman village. The son who is queer is giving a speech and serving alcohol in something called a Church, Temple or Sin of Gog. Only you don't know he is queer or that alcohol will make you a retard. Your human nature tells you to trust and listen.
Isn't that who you voted for as Governor of Wisconsin?

Whoa I just figure it out!  The military serves adult men as if they are each one another's father!  That is the role it is fulfilling in this screwed country!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Anyone who drinks alcohol does not fear God 12 16 2015

Anyone who drinks alcohol does not fear God 12 16 2015

Because man was made in the image of God.  Hence that is how God made man to be!  Alcohol does not create a man that is made in the image of God.  Hence those who do not fear God will indeed face the wrath of God.  They should have feared God and not created man not in the image of God.  For man not created in the image of God cannot survive in the long term.  Only man created in the image of God has the potential to survive and not become extinct.  For man created not in the image of God is not creation but destruction of the image of God.  Once again God represents creation.  To go in the opposite direction from that represents destruction.

God did not create man in the image of God in creation in the hopes that someday he would not become in the image of God.  More to the point; God did not create for the purpose of destruction.  God did not create in order to satisfy a will of destruction.  For God's will is creation and not destruction.

To create man not in the image of God means that you do not fear God.  It means that you do not fear creation.  It means that you do not worship the creation of God.  Do you feel that you possess the ability to create as well as God did?  You not in the image of God feel that you are equal to God?  Doesn't that really doom you to nothingness?

What do you see when you look at nature?  Do you see it as Gods creation?  Or do you feel it is your creation to modify in any way you please?  When you defy Gods creation do you believe there is no punishment for you? To defy Gods creation do you not make the world susceptible to destruction?  Creating the waste of Carbon Dioxide did you believe you were God or Gods creation.  The image of God as Man knows that you are not.  The image of God as man would not seek to defy Gods creation.  He would fear God and seek to put things back into a stable state.  What is that?  It is just the common sense every Man should have.  But that was not created in the image of God doesn't seem to have that.  Now I could provide example after example like the Carbon Dioxide was, but what is the point?  You don't believe in that. So indeed I will wait for God to show you the errors of your ways.  I mean like how God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  I mean like how God created the great flood!  God did that in those days.  But today it is a little different isn't it!  Man not created in the image of God created the conditions precedent to destroy all of us by defying God.  In  other words you defied God and destroyed yourself in the process.  Perhaps God isn't done with you?  Perhaps God will put you in eternal purgatory to serve as an example to those who would seek to defy God?  Perhaps God was putting you to the test?  Waiting for the destruction of that which seeks to destroy?  That which seeks to create need not worry because it is the spirit of creation.  That which is the spirit of destruction is destined to be segregated due to its own negative energy to a continual state of self implosion!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Our Government has never had ANY intention of going to War with China or Russia 12 16 2015

Our Government has never had ANY intention of going to War with China or Russia 12 16 2015

If it were even a remote threat they would not be allowing our scrap metal to be sent to China!

What was the United States short of in Wars?  Metal!

So what does it mean?

It means that Communism is coming here!

And what did Communism really amount to?  Divine right and rule by the wealthy.  If not Putin would not have 8 or 9 billion dollars it would be the peoples money.

So Communism was a fantasy!  Created and corrupted by one of the worst factions of the human genome?

Was it really an excuse they used in Russia to kill million Jews and loot their money?

Was it really an excuse to enslave the Chinese Population in cancer smog factories?

This is the wealthy playing with the world population like puppets isn't it!

For all the United States products being produced by foreign labor and then we have politicians telling us all to get jobs?  The wealthy are profiting from those jobs being overseas.

Can I tell you one more thing about that wealthy populous?  They don't have their own cognition!  What they hate more than anything are being in proximity to those who can work with their hands!  It makes them feel like quadriplegic Barbara E. whores.

I hear those voices.  I can feel those week useless arms attempting to superimpose mine! 

So a little sympathy for the devil!  What a hellish existence they must live!

I hear those cretin voices. 

Do you really trust people like that?  Do people like that really make you happy?  Do you fit right in with people like that?  I don't, never did and never will!

Send that scrap metal overseas because my brother has a iron ore mine?  If we sell that scrap we can create jobs in the United States?  Never mind you are poisoning the environment so conscious life want be able to live here anymore.  But none of that matters when you think you are someone else.  You bear no responsibility in life when you do?  "Momma told me I was really so and so?"

Thomas Paul Murphy

I am very suspicious of the $5 million settlement for Police Strip searches by the city of Milwaukee 12 16 2015

I am very suspicious of the $5 million settlement for Police Strip searches by the city of Milwaukee  12 16 2015

It kind of reminds me of one black person defacing a product in a store and then another asking for a discount at the register for it.

I have seen officers putting on staged scenes with women in the parking lot at Bradford Beach.

Are any of these women who were searched related to or friends or family with Milwaukee "civil servants?"

How are they going to spend that money?  Is there going to be kickbacks to someone?

I have seen some very immature behavior by men and women who wear that uniform. 

And I know how the wealthy like to grant each other favors.

One of which of late seems to be real estate and construction deals at exorbitant pricing?

And this is all conjecture, but I believe there is something to it.

I sign my name to it!

If a Milwaukee Police Officer isn't going to chase after a speeding car, what on earth does he need to wear a gun for?

And how was that precedent of not chasing after a speeding car set?  Who caused the crash irresponsible teens who couldn't drive or Police Officers who didn't know when to hit the breaks or radio ahead to another squad car?  A Police force ought to be responsible enough to radio ahead to another squad?

What are they thinking all day long?  I wish I was so and so?  How would so and so drive a car in a situation like this?  Those are imbecile thoughts!

Here is the weakest, "Momma told me that I was really so and so."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Those Antidrug Laws are there to protect YOU and so was Prohibition 12 06 2015

The People of the Voice 12 16 2015

The People of the Voice 12 16 2015

Want there to be only one way to make money.  And it has to be something they know how to do;  and it can never be anything you know how to do.

Where do they actually believe money comes from?  They believe it can only come from something they know how to do.  And they can never believe that someone knows how to do that to or better than one of them.

And that is where the value of the United State Dollar is going to!  Zero!

How does someone like that believe that they learned something?  Do they actually believe that they were born knowing it?  Can they actually point out a time in their life when someone taught them something?

Jesus knew them too!  "Yeah shall know them by their fruits."  And "They know not what they do!"

One more Biblical reference.  I kind of like Ben Carson.  But the other night on television he was coughing and sneezing.  Do you know how Jesus Christ would chastise someone like that?  "Doctor heal thyself." 

The other night on television they asked each Republican Candidate for President what the biggest problem facing the nation is.  Practically every single one of them was a War Monger!

Not one of them thought a non educated population not making a good workforce was a threat to this nation.  That tells you where their money came from; they didn't earn it.

The value of our nations money comes from an educated workforce!  It doesn't come from some punk kid making a face or acting like he saw someone do in a movie!

I have to add one more point.  Every time I hear that CNN moderator who is gay speak and ask questions I feel like homosexuality is being propagandized as normality.  I just don't find any integrity in someone who would commit sodomy with another man or oral sex with them.

And one more point about Donald Trump.  He has one of the worst personality flaws a human being can ever have.  He is aggressive while at the same time being fickle.  First he didn't like Cruz but now he does.  Is he going to run on a third party ticket?  He answers no but then said something that meant yes, then tried to wiggle out of it.  Then ended the conversation quickly.  He does that on every single issue!  He is aggressive and then fickle.  That is the sign of a disorganized human mind to me.  That is not the type of person who has a planned out vision for America.   And then said he had fun.

So illegal aliens are supposed to be being deported under current United States law but they are not.  Trump say's they are taking our jobs.  Then he becomes friends with Cruz who states they come in an act of love.  And now he says' he doesn't want to fight with Cruz.  Aggressive and then fickle.  Do you know what that leads to?  Pushing our nation into a lot more problems.  False promises.  Not delivering on what you promised.

And what about Jeb Bush?  Good God look at those eyes?  George looked like he had AHDH to me!  They have a family member that is retarded to, a woman.  Jeb's eyes indicate to me that he might have a genetic abnormality like many forms of mental retardation are.

How many Police Officers ask and answer this question about themselves accurately?  "What kind of example is my behavior setting for young people?"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Should members of the media be charged with Obstructing Justice for Obstructing Government Process 12 16 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why would an American Woman ever fear a Muslim??? 12 15 2015

Why would an American Woman ever fear a Muslim???  12 15 2015

They never wanted to marry a nice guy anyway hence the repetition of the phrase, "Nice guy's finish last."

With the Muslim's they won't have to worry about that issue whatsoever!

They drew the Muslim's right to us!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Shouldn't Strap on Sticks be Outlawed for Women 12 15 2015

Shouldn't Strap on Sticks be Outlawed for Women  12 15 2015

I don't know...she wants to have sex like she is having sex with a man, she also wants to be a parent...

somewhere in that being the reason?

"Well I'm not supposed to say but"

"Well I'm not supposed to say but"

How many people will always tell you something illegal for you to know with that preface?

How can something be illegal for you to know?  I mean really??  How can knowledge be illegal?

They might tell you something like that on an illegal insider trading tip.

At which point you are classified as an illegal knower of something?  And of course you have to tell someone else so that you are not the only illegal knower and there is safety in numbers?  For if you know something you are not supposed to know you could end up a victim because of that?   Which means you should tell someone else in order to secure your Constitutional rights?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Health Insurance Companies will charge you the same price for a Medicare Supplemental policy as a standard policy if you didn't have Medicare 12 15 2015

Health Insurance Companies will charge you the same price for a Medicare Supplemental Policy  $4,100.00 as a Full Standard Health Insurance Policy $,100.00 if you didn't have Medicare 12 15 2015

Which tells you what?  It is our Governments full intent to Bankrupt Medicare!

You can see evidence at the Doctors office too when the girl at the counter tells you that a corporation like United Health Care really is part of the same company she termed "Medicare" to be!!!!

I think Barrack Obama should face criminal charges for this!
This looks like Racketeering to me!  I believe those who are profiting from it should be deported.  I believe genetic samples should be taken from them and their lineage never allowed into the United States AGAIN!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, December 14, 2015

If there are Chinese being beaten to work for the profit of wealthy Americans they need to rise up 12 14 2015

If there are Chinese being beaten to work for the profit of wealthy Americans they need to rise up  12 14 2015

Because it does the Middle Class no good in the United States to have the wealthy here profiting from slave labor overseas.

The wealthy sponsoring the beating of Chinese is indeed the sponsoring of Worldwide Terror.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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These are the kinds of things you were supposed to be hearing in Church all of your adult life!

The Fallacy of Religion based Foregiveness 12 14 2015

The Fallacy of Religion based Forgiveness 12 14 2015

A person can absolve themselves of their guilt for wrongdoing against another person by cursing them?  That is the hidden satanic occult religious fundamental.

However they can never erase the memory of what they did wrong!

Now here it where it gets really bad for them.

They can't erase the memory of what they did wrong when it is their victims memory and they share the mind of that victim.

Hence the spoiled will indoctrinates them to have power to medicate such a person so that the person forgets.  But that person never forgets, instead they are just being drugged to death.

Nor can a Satanic person ever come to believe that they are a true human being and one of us; for the exact same reason above. 

What does it make the religious/psychiatric/government institution of medicating the minds of human beings?  The most psychotic criminal organization in world history.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Obamacare feeding the Real Estate cycle of the Financial Industry 12 12 2015

Obamacare feeding the Real Estate cycle of the Financial Industry 12 12 2015

I mean people will be evicted from their homes because that opportunity cost of the $4,000.oo health insurance fee.

He fed right into the hands of the wealthy.  But they weren't going to treat those that they didn't want to anyway, so he had to do it!

They still don't treat those that they don't want to under Obamacare.  Instead they pretend as if they did, at best!  So why give them a guarantied annuity stream of your health insurance dollars.  In fact what they like to do is make people sick!  If it weren't true you would not have tobacco and alcohol as popular as they are!  You would not have high sugar foods as popular as they are. etc. etc.  The wealth class is all about the same when I make the equivocation that "they" like to make people sick!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Three Inventions 12 12 2015

Three Inventions 12 12 2015
1. Side of table pen holder.
2. Dual sink washing machine drain hose.
3. Two part handgun safety device.  Composed of part 1.  a clip that separates the partially inserted magazine from the gun.  Part 1. is an elastic strap of silicone or other elastic material that readies the magazine to the handgun.  Pull the clip and the magazine is fully inserted and the slide can be cocked.  This allows one to keep the magazine with the gun and partially ready.  Probably only legal for those with concealed carry licenses.  Good for those who have a moral/safety objection to keeping a round in the chamber at all times but still want to be prepared.  Device could indeed be made integral to a semiautomatic/magazine fed handgun.

Instead of Barrack wanting to fine those who talk about guns he should be rewarding those who talk about gun safety.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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