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Friday, December 18, 2015

This is what happens when our rights have been violated and we are told we are forbidden to say who is different!!! 12 18 2015

This is what happens when our rights have been violated and we are told we are forbidden to say who is different!!!  12 18 2015

Our First Amendment Right is one of our most important!  But even Donald Trump can't stand it!  Did you notice how he cried that Obama didn't help him when someone said something bad about him!

Putin hates that right more than anything too!  To hate the right to free speech indicates you are one of the weakest men that there is!

In reference to the following link we have indeed been forbidden to say who is mentally retarded!  ADHD!!

In this case we have been forbidden to state who is genetically different!

We should have never felt squelched!

What is going on here?  Some among are different and spoiled not to believe that they are!

What happens when you seek to prevent us from saying who is different?  Those who are not normal end up labeling the normal, controlling them and victimizing them!

The reason you can't say they are different is because they are so weak minded that they can't handle it!  It is something they cannot change so it makes it a crime for you to?  And what else happens when you can't say someone is different?  THEY SEEK TO CHANGE YOU!  And not for the better!

So what do the different then do?  They gang up on a human being and falsely cause mental illness in them!  The greatest crime in human history!

The truth is that we learn by comparison!  When you mom tells you to stay away from someone you take their word for it and you note how that person is different and it serves you well!

At some future point in that persons life someone is going to say that they are different and you have created a ticking time bomb when it happens!  A ticking time bomb!  Why?  Because that person was taught to believe that they weren't different when the reality is that they are!

And sending that bad kid off to military school, private school, or home school just delays and increases the bad impact to the rest of us! In effect allowing those of a defective belief system to aggregate creates a force that is dangerous to human freedom which is what our Government is based on!

And nor should a normal child ever be outnumbered in any of those school settings by those who are different!

Being forced to celebrate a bad persons differences is being forced to accept crime!

A bad person being allowed to find happiness through narcotics including alcohol also isn't something we should be forced to tolerate!  A bad person should not be allowed to support themselves by using a substance that allows them to escape from their personal and horrific reality!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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