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Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Humanity Law 12 20 2015

A Humanity Law  12 20 2015

"The meaner they are to someone else the worse they feel about themselves."


New topic.

A Psychotic Bad Apple:

His or her family can say it (an insult) to them all day long, every day!  However when someone else say's it to them they snap!

That didn't toughen them up did it!  Instead it is more of a sign that they were born into a bad family?

So why is it they snap when someone not of their family say's it to them?  Because they wanted to believe the world outside of their family was better?  And it was indeed their final straw?

And perhaps it is just the opposite; their family never could say it to them and sheltered their believe system?  A projection of self pity?  A hope that the person would eventually emotionally mature?

Perhaps they never wanted to believe it when their family said it to them because they knew their family was bad.  However they did not believe themselves to be bad too?

Or more likely than not the person who told them was the first person in their life to give them a disciplinary talk?


New topic.

Do you know what I would find more funny than ever?  A situational comedy about how stressful it is to train or teach a mentally defective or juvenile delinquent.

I would also find it funny to see a comedy about how stressful it is to try and teach someone that graduated from grade school that was mentally defective or a juvenile delinquent how to do a job?

Why would I find that funny?  Because it is extremely stressful and no one wants to admit it!

No one wants to hone in on just what the bad attitude problem that person has is about.

It is kind of like negative energy builds up inside of you and you want to sigh but you can't?

I really don't see how it doesn't all just fall into an economic sinkhole?

Television is of no value if it doesn't portray the problems that REAL PEOPLE have!

What we get is a the viewpoint of what a spoiled person would consider utopia?

None of the real problems we have with people are seen on television.  What does that tell us?  That network of people likes to thrive and profit from the problems that they refuse to address?  Stand back a little bit and think about it; do you see how sick it is?


"The meaner they are to someone else the worse they feel about themselves."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 12 20 2015 at:

To live in a world of delusion whereby you only respect the opinion of one person whom you are not but believe yourself to be; and hence when that person rebukes you it is devastating to you?  It isn't about that person is it!  In is about a maladaptation you had in life?  To pretend to experience the world through someone else; however when that person judges you it is cavitating?

And the gestalt of this is what I believe the phrase from the Bible, "One cannot see the face of God and live.," means.

I can tell you how they cope with that mental defect.  They have to form a belief system whereby the normal human being is a constant subject of humor!  But what happens when that falls through?

I suppose I should be more hopeful for other people and have the faithful believe that at any age someone can change for the better.  And thereby never really concern myself with it too much?  For when you concern yourself with it you end up in the same unsafe place?  It is kind of like, "This is how this is done.  I have told you 5 times how to do this.  You have watched me show you five times.  I assumed that you were a man like me too.  I didn't want to see you get hurt.  However you did."

Without alcohol would the insurance business have risen to the megalithic level that it has?  NO!  But look at that prior paragraph, whose shoulders did you put that burden on?  Someone who doesn't profit from the business?  That is something that doesn't sustain itself.


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