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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our Government has never had ANY intention of going to War with China or Russia 12 16 2015

Our Government has never had ANY intention of going to War with China or Russia 12 16 2015

If it were even a remote threat they would not be allowing our scrap metal to be sent to China!

What was the United States short of in Wars?  Metal!

So what does it mean?

It means that Communism is coming here!

And what did Communism really amount to?  Divine right and rule by the wealthy.  If not Putin would not have 8 or 9 billion dollars it would be the peoples money.

So Communism was a fantasy!  Created and corrupted by one of the worst factions of the human genome?

Was it really an excuse they used in Russia to kill million Jews and loot their money?

Was it really an excuse to enslave the Chinese Population in cancer smog factories?

This is the wealthy playing with the world population like puppets isn't it!

For all the United States products being produced by foreign labor and then we have politicians telling us all to get jobs?  The wealthy are profiting from those jobs being overseas.

Can I tell you one more thing about that wealthy populous?  They don't have their own cognition!  What they hate more than anything are being in proximity to those who can work with their hands!  It makes them feel like quadriplegic Barbara E. whores.

I hear those voices.  I can feel those week useless arms attempting to superimpose mine! 

So a little sympathy for the devil!  What a hellish existence they must live!

I hear those cretin voices. 

Do you really trust people like that?  Do people like that really make you happy?  Do you fit right in with people like that?  I don't, never did and never will!

Send that scrap metal overseas because my brother has a iron ore mine?  If we sell that scrap we can create jobs in the United States?  Never mind you are poisoning the environment so conscious life want be able to live here anymore.  But none of that matters when you think you are someone else.  You bear no responsibility in life when you do?  "Momma told me I was really so and so?"

Thomas Paul Murphy

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