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Friday, December 25, 2015

Benjamin Franklin 12 25 2015 Black people will like this one

Benjamin Franklin  12 25 2015  Black people will like this one

His technology founded A,T&T

Was he related to that of the same surname that directly profited from the largest slave trade organization between the North and the South.  The man who was part of the Million man march to send blacks down south.  Before the Civil War?

Was it Franklin who designed the device that they attempted to use to drive Abraham Lincoln insane and discredit him at a séance?  To project a voice from across the room using an electronic speaker device?

Did he use highly qualified black slaves to invent his technology FOR him?

Flash forward.  Does AT&T have the technology to create synthetic telepathy and drive human beings temporarily insane as well as profit from medical fraud?

Schizophrenia really equating to what amounts to a communist/monarchy form of mental slavery.

Was that technology of the telegraph really invented in order to track the whereabouts of slaves?  As in the million man march?

Hence it would legitimize banking transfers, knowing when they were received and the ability to confirm it?

So did he transition from physical slavery profiteering to mental slavery profiteering.

If this is true and I was your President I would immediately arm every black person.  However unfortunately I would have to execute all pimps and drug dealers both white and black.

I never had worse customer service and internet problems than when I used AT&T!

They also completely financed the business I went to work for after college where I first started to hear voices "First Analysis" on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower at that time.

One of the worst kids I knew...his father was an executive at AT&T


We have not seen this legal tactic used.

"We know that you know and if you don't tell us we will simply kill you!"  It could indeed be used to wipe out organized crime!  And take out its roots.


Benjamin is often thought of as a Jewish name.  Was Benjamin Jewish?

I will have to read upon Benjamin.

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The connection to Britain is there, even though a Revolutionist he spent many decades in Britain.  He also went to Ireland.  What influence did he have in Irish slavery in the U.S. and the stealing of Irish babies from Ireland?

And he did indeed own slaves!

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