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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I am very suspicious of the $5 million settlement for Police Strip searches by the city of Milwaukee 12 16 2015

I am very suspicious of the $5 million settlement for Police Strip searches by the city of Milwaukee  12 16 2015

It kind of reminds me of one black person defacing a product in a store and then another asking for a discount at the register for it.

I have seen officers putting on staged scenes with women in the parking lot at Bradford Beach.

Are any of these women who were searched related to or friends or family with Milwaukee "civil servants?"

How are they going to spend that money?  Is there going to be kickbacks to someone?

I have seen some very immature behavior by men and women who wear that uniform. 

And I know how the wealthy like to grant each other favors.

One of which of late seems to be real estate and construction deals at exorbitant pricing?

And this is all conjecture, but I believe there is something to it.

I sign my name to it!

If a Milwaukee Police Officer isn't going to chase after a speeding car, what on earth does he need to wear a gun for?

And how was that precedent of not chasing after a speeding car set?  Who caused the crash irresponsible teens who couldn't drive or Police Officers who didn't know when to hit the breaks or radio ahead to another squad car?  A Police force ought to be responsible enough to radio ahead to another squad?

What are they thinking all day long?  I wish I was so and so?  How would so and so drive a car in a situation like this?  Those are imbecile thoughts!

Here is the weakest, "Momma told me that I was really so and so."

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