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Monday, December 21, 2015

Jeremy Carters death was signed by the Devil 21 12 21 2015

Jeremy Carters death was signed by the Devil 21    12 21 2015

Bad things always happen around the 21st of the month.  It might have to do with a periodic cycle that satanic women have in common?  So it will be about the 4 or 5 days preceding and including the 21st.

He died on the 20th.

There is a lot of symbolism in the 21st.  It has to do with moon phases and changes of the seasons that a mentally defective criminal minded occult would be more sensitive to and therefore curse people more around those times?

But lately what I discovered is what is it really?  It is the rollback club.  The number 2 then the number 1.  They are roll back numbers when put together.  As in roll back the civilization of the world to where the ogre dominated?  And what was the ultimate rollback in the United States?  It was the 21st amendment that repealed the Prohibition of Alcohol.  Alcohol is how many grocery stores and business's make their money.  It is also the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.  The Bible has nothing good to say about it!

It is the source of the criminal mind and therefore all corruption in the world.

It gave rise to the massive insurance industry.  Health care creates great profits from it.

Every table at an Italian restaurant in New York is said to have a table 21 where the owners or mafia sit?

I have written more about the 21 Club in my blog besides the following link.

The voices come on very strong around the 21st of the month!  That is when they climax and are the strongest!

What I am learning is that only the strongest can survive the 21st of the month attacks!  You can feel it.  It is like a primordial beast tugging at your life energy!

Who else was from a "rollback" society?  There were people called Luddites in England who hated technology.  FDR's family origins came from England and France and his family wealth came from the opiate trade with China!  Opiates are usually the cause of a heart attack or weakening of the heart as Jeremy Carter had?  And he did have a history of drug abuse.  FDR also gave us the 21st amendment that repealed the Prohibition of Alcohol in the 18th.

The entirety of a secret network of the mentally retarded who are dependent minded to the minds of Prophets is supported by alcohol!  It is a gateway drug to every other drug.


One more point.  Tobacco grows faster than a weed does!  It is extremely easy to grow.  One tiny little black seed the size of a grain of pepper grows a brown grocery sack full of tobacco!  How many packs of cigarettes are there in a brown paper grocery sack?  That single seed likely cost me 10 cents when I bought some and planted it years ago.

But as I was walking through a grocery store I saw the price of Cigarettes around $7 a pack and $76 a carton?  Does a carton have 10 packs? Couldn't tell you, I don't know, never bought one.

But from 10 cents to likely three cartons worth of tobacco valued at $76 x 3= $228.00

That is so profitable that it should be outlawed just for that reason.

Should the health conscious taxpayer who wants to raise a family without any birth defective children in it have to foot that health care bill by paying an equal portion of insurance premiums?  Good God aren't we smarter and fairer than that?

We know what causes cancer.  And those major tobacco company profits fueled the investment gains of the worlds most famous billionaire investor didn't they!  That and diabetic causing soda.  I do not respect that man.  The interest on the bonds of those companies also makes money on the money of the wealthy.  That has to end.  You are never going to see it end though, because money controls everything today.  Money creates the mentally ill and then labels them.  Money cannot compete fairly with the rest of us in anything.

Would you believe that people hate me for my belief system?  It is the belief system of a man!  How come so few people have the belief system of a man?

The reason is that man, prophet, demonized crazy to schizophrenia, etc has a different brain structure.  The front of his brain does not have a fold in it.  The presence of abnormal folds in the brain is thought to cause autism.  If you look at evolutionary charts the shape of the head has a prominent role in evolution.  The rollback 21 occult has that fold in their brain!  It makes them great talkers because they are always bouncing words from one side of the fold to the other and talking in nonsense.  One key trait of mental retardation is that you can't teach one how to do something that they already know in a new way!  Does that sound like how our economy and civilization has stalled?

And what is a person who you can't teach to do something in a new way likely have a dependency to?  Drugs and alcohol!  It reinforces their mental retardation.


A little off topic.  But if you are a male and hear voices. I would recommend adding the powder from a Saw Palmetto tablet to a glass of water and drinking it.  For some reason it relaxes the prostate.  It is highly effective.  Very similar to an antipsychotic?  Does it have to do with that female who is with you becoming disturbed?  Think about the process of the conversion of testosterone to its more potent hair on your head losing dehydrosterone (Sp?)  Can you tell me that that conversion process isn't more readily facilitated when you are hearing the beast like voices of females?  When their bodily energy is superimposing itself over yours in an attempt of demonic possession of you?  I also believe that men who perform oral sex on women are highly likely to go bald.  There has to be some valid science to it with regard to hormones?

I can tell you that if you hear voices whatever makes you happy makes those who are chanting to you miserable!  So indeed if the Saw Palmetto (and I find it to have little toxicity) makes you relaxed and happy those people who are chanting to you will be miserable.  They will attempt to hide it from you!  The usual way is with a stone face void of emotions that pretends naturally not to look at you!  If you have known any predatorial animal behavior you know that is the behavior of something that is attempting to circle around you?

Yep, I know this is the most paranoid and crazy stuff that you have ever read.  But I don't really care what you think of it!  Maybe a good person reads it, understands it, and I just saved a good life.

Do you know why I write this stuff?  I write it as if it was a younger version of a person exactly like me who would greatly benefit from this insight.

What is a predatorial mind?  I once read a book by Shiela Ostrander.  It told of how a woman in Nazi Germany was walking next to a man named Wolf Messing.  She was being quiet.  When all of a sudden he turned to her and said something like, "Quit singing that song in your head."  And she was indeed singing a song in her head.  But he had no way of knowing other than the fact that his brain structure had that fold in the front of it that pieces together what a congruent brain structure is thinking?  Somehow perhaps that front void is directly imprinted by the mental energy of a person who does (and also doesn't) have the void?  It receives like a tuner/ tuning fork?

But what I have found to be the case with people like that is that they are often clueless in life with regard to planning ability.  Why?  That part of their brain loses the congruity of the thoughts do to that exterior fold?  And that is what makes them naturally dependent to the thinking of human beings?  There are definitely two mental races that walk the earth today.  Ask yourself this, which one is needed and which one isn't?  Which one can we survive without and which one if it were just that race could not survive?  Which race holds the other back out of fear and jealousy?

And here I am going to quote the Pharisees in their cursing of Jesus Christ an ancient Jew, from the Bible, "Never again let a Prophet arise from Galilee."  He had a problem with the kiosks in the Church!  He was highly critical of everything that they did.  In fact he called them dogs!

Lets see if I can draw an analogy.  The mind of a prophet is like a belly full of teets to the mind of satan?  Satan has no ability to nourish and develop his own mind.  So he crowds out the young of the prophet and prevents the prophet from having more?  Why would the Prophet ever need Satan?  And what happens when their are no more Prophets?  Then Satan no longer exists because he is species regressive?  Satan's existence is dependent upon the mind of the Prophet. But does the Prophet need Satan?  Genius doesn't come from the lessen of being taught madness!  That is just Satan justifying its own existence.  Satan really wants to prevent genius in exact analogy to English Luddites fearing technology!

And I still know that you don't like this and think it is crazy.  I really don't care.  I want good people to believe in themselves.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 12 21 2015 at:

So who else was Satan in the Bible?  Who knew where and when the Prophet Jesus would be born?  The three kings from the orient, what we think of as Asia/China/Asia minor.  And who was Paul?  He was really Saul from the Orient.  And he killed every single Jew that was a follower of Jesus Christ!  ( I believe that is what I read.)  Then he went on to be the biggest advocate of Christ after his death?  We are told that he had something like a seizure that changed his mind?  Have you ever known a criminal minded person to change to be a good person in their entire life?  I just don't believe it can happen.  And lets look at that some more.  Let's say that you have an empty gap in the exterior front of your brain called a fold.  Now lets say you use it to spry.  How can someone like that ever control their behavior for certain?  Whatever ideas or imaginations of thinking human beings that are floating around out there could pop in there and....  And what did Jesus say about those idiots?  He felt sorry for them, "They know not what they do!"

I am going to be very clear with you.  I would like to see that evil bred out of the human race.  And it can be done very peacefully!  Do you see why it should be done? Those people are irresponsible and not looking out for our human interests and human health.  They have no problem with chemical pollutions everywhere.  Another way to say "They know not what they do," is  They act unconscionably?  They have no conscience.  A conscience being an inner voice of reason and restraint from acting on impulse (animal like?) 

What acts without conscience?  That which loves to mock the thoughts of human beings in their head!  Isn't that an act without conscience?  Can't seem to help themselves.  Like the retard they can't be taught not to.

I really don't like to write this stuff.  I don't like to be this way.  I didn't want to be this way.  I went to college and studied accounting and finance.  Graduated in 1991 and went to work as an assistant equity research analyst.  And about a year into that is when I started to be demonized with voices.  The voices do indeed start up whenever I am doing anything constructive that could earn me a living.  Do you know where my human living and potential family is gone?  Right into that gap in the front of a race of unconscionable peoples heads.

Don't care if you don't believe it.  Some people know it is true.

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