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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Note about an Utne Reader article in an issue labeled December 2015

Note about an Utne Reader article in an issue labeled December 2015

1.  They gave a gut bacteria from a 385 lb man (Enterobactor Cloacae) to a mouse.  All other things being equal that mouse gained 2x the weight of the other mice.  Now you can see why I am pissed after my mother gained a lot of weight after being bitten by the neighbors dog?  I believe that one hidden form of witchcraft is when a neighbor doesn't prevent their dog from biting you or your family.

2.  They (scientists) gave a mouse with something they created like autism in them Bacteriodes Fragilis  (sp?) and it cured the mouses autism.  The undercurrent of the article was that prior generations or current generation use of antibiotic might have caused the autism by wiping out bacteria that signals genes to turn on and off.

3.  Gut microbes provide signals that regulate heat shock genes.

4.  Why some stomach surgeries don't heal.  Because a gut microbe called E. Faecalis goes to the sight of the stitching to rob it of phosphorous.  There might have been a hint that if you give a person phosphorouos that bacteria will not attack that stitching?  However you are increasing bacteria growth when you do.  It is my firm believe that E. Faecalis and H. Pylori bacteria were from human corpes and cannibalism?  How else do you get a bacteria that thrives on living/dead human tissue?  And I aslo believe some of these bacteria factors might negate the human immunity of the Rh- blood type.

5.  There are over a 1000 genes in the human liver that....

6.  The amount of microbes in the Human Body weighs about 3lbs about the same amount as the human brain.

7.  They compared to Communist American peoples and the Amish had better microbes because they worked in the barn at an earlier age.  The author got a dog for his son who has autism because of that?

8.   The author stated that we have gone after illness with antibiotics and created more?  But I believe that in the case of obesity something should be created to target that specific microbe and kill only it.  And that is one thing I would like to read some research on.  That microbe that causes weight gain.

9.  Microbes in the body spit antibiotics out at each other!!  It is their byproduct like penicillin is?  What this means is that there are a great many antibiotics that could be developed from gut bacteria.  I really don't believe any of this should be patented.  I also believe that you can't have it a nationalized government function with todays class of corrupt people among us.

10.  When a human being is born they are sterile of microbes.  My conclusion on this is different than the authors.  It really means we don't really need all those microbes in my point of view.

11. How do you know when to give a person with autism a gut microbe they are missing?  By the time that they get it the development stage is already past and the damage irreversible?

12.  I just want to add a related point from a Nov/Dec issue of Arthritis Today which revealed that people who have Rhuematoid Arthritis have an overpopulation of a specific type of gut bacteria.  Now put that together with gut bacteria spitting antibiotics at each other and you have the cures for a great many diseases.

13.  The sick who have had their gut microbes wiped out do not live as long as those who do not.

And good God!!! Are you trying to tell me that the arsenic and poisons use to stabilize a virus so that you can form a vaccine from it are good for your beneficial gut microbes or your brain development?  And I don't really like where I am going with that conclusion.  Something like only the strong survive and be vigilant against the wicked.

So you have some form of mental retardation whereby you share the mind of a human being you labeled a schizophrenic in medical fraud.  We assume you did so out of necessity because of your cognitive deficit.  What does all this research imply?  There will be a cure for you in the future so that you are more normal.  The choice will indeed be yours.  Do you want to be more normal or do you want to continue to victimize human beings?

There will be a time in the near future whereby little to no medical fraud or fraud disguised as negligence as its alibi will be tolerated.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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