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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why Obamacare is Economic and Medical Fraud 12 22 2015

Why Obamacare is Economic and Medical Fraud  12 22 2015

As I was driving into the City of Milwaukee the other day I noticed that the population number was a around 600,000.

The lowest annual premium (yearly price) of a  health insurance policy for a non smoker who already has Medicare was around $343 a month which works out to $4116 a year.  Multiply that by the population of the City of Milwaukee around 600,000 and you get a siphon amount of $2.4696 Billion Dollars!

That is just way too much money!  It is exorbitant!  How can you label that affordable?

In the Nuremburg Trials of Nazi War Criminals one of the crimes against humanity that they were found guilty of was being a Member of a Criminal Organization.  And they were executed for that.

Okay so you are going comsi comsa that could be alright a number.  Well lets just see how big it gets when you apply it to the nation as a whole.  About 314 million of us times $4116 a year.  $1.292 Trillion Dollars!

Now they say that we have the best health care in the world?

Jason Kid is the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.  He is 42 years old and he is having hip surgery.  He is going to New York to a specialist to have it done.  Being a head coach of a basketball team is a very high paying salary job.  For the life of me I don't know why it should be, but it is.

The point is that we don't have good health care when the rich know to use a specialist in New York and not locally?  Great health care implies you would not have to travel past your city to get it!  So we are paying $1.29 Trillion for what?

So that some of us can hear the voices of He Haw Sloth in our heads and be subjected to the disability and fraudulent labeling from it?  And those He Haw Sloth are becoming very wealthy off of that $1,29 Trillion aren't they.

?The only reason Barrack Obama is President is because he was a dumb black boy who would let this happen?  Who would let the wealthy extort us like this?  Because he himself could be sold on this horrible idea?  Can't he do simple math?  Obviously not.  Its your father that teaches you math in the home isn't it!  And he didn't have one!

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I was reading the Quran last night just to get an idea of who it is that He Haw Sloth say's our enemy is.  What I found out was that the Quran is more Consistent with the United States Constitution than any of the view of the political candidates for President today!  Let those Muslims who believe in the Quran in this country!  They can indeed help reestablish our Constitutional Values of Freedom.

More on the specifics of how it is consistent later.

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