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Friday, December 18, 2015

Women in the Military 01 18 2015

Women in the Military  01 18 2015

Ever hear a black mother tell how boy's were easy to raise but girls were harder than anything?

We are losing 3 to 4 veterans from service do to suicide as compared to combat death.

What has changed in our history?

Women have been allowed in the military?

Now granted some are of very high integrity.  But I still don't believe it is the place for women like that!  The place for women like that is the school room as a teacher!

What don't guys, good men, generally get that could be an issue here?  How poorly behaved some women can be!  The military should not be a haven for women like that after high school.

Are there wiccan women serving in the military who are driving male soldiers insane and causing their suicide?  If I bet with God on that one I would win!  If I bet with anyone else on that one they would support a counterargument with false data.

What the mentally retarded women, AKA fem fatal, likes to do is flirt with many guys and hop beds with them.  What happens when a good man joins the army faithfully to support that directive of his President which he believes represents our country and the Constitution?  He might just become depressed and demoralized? 

Now back in this countries history there was a euthanasia movement that focused on women like that?  But it got shut down with WW2?  And the current model of treatment for that women is to let her catcall in the minds of real men all day long and falsely create mental illness in them?  And what does that do to the value of our dollar and our debt!  It skyrockets it!  In fact not a single nation on earth could survive the impact of that!

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