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Friday, December 18, 2015

On Leadership 12 18 2015

On Leadership 12 18 2015

How many members of the military, when they are out in the field in a situation of danger will ask themselves, “What would Hillary Clinton do in a situation like this?” Or better yet, “What would Queen Elizabeth do in a situation like this?”

Shouldn't that general idea hold true with regard to leadership? The President appoints military personnel and those military personnel give you orders in a war? So you should be able to ask yourself what would Hillary do in a situation like this? But you just know better don't you! But you still vote for people like that don't you!

What would your father do in a situation like that? He would go and have a drink! What is that right there? It defeats any sense of valid leadership you ever have! A person like you can never have a valid leader because you can never trust in leadership!

A boy has two gay male parents, he asks himself what would my father do in a situation like this? He would suck on my other fathers penis or be sodomized by him? What? And yet that is the gestalt of our national news media and us being led to believe in the integrity of people like that.

There was a Police Officer whose face looked like it had Downs' Syndrome. He raped 19 black women. How wrong would you end up in life if you asked yourself what would he do in a situation

like this.

People are promoted to leadership positions like that because the devil (mentally defective among us) want you to fail! They want you to have false role models so that they can sell you on another idea. They were born sore losers and will be all their lives.

Do you see where I am going with this? The devil wants you to ask yourself what would Hillary do in a situation like this. You only have to ask that question once and it leads to personnel failure whereby the Devil sells you on the Devils true leader! The mind of a human being the devil has demonized!

It works out great for the devil because no matter what an idiot like you who has to ask yourself what would so and so do in a situation like this, no matter how you falsely answer that question for yourself you are always going to be wrong and miserable! Hence you curse the human being whose mind the devil has demonized. The devil curses that mind from the very start because it is better than his! So in effect you have joined the ranks of those who hate human beings. In effect you have joined a criminal organization. In the Nuremberg trials of Nazi War Criminals membership in a Criminal Organization was a Crime against humanity and they got the death penalty and hung to death for it! Necks broken!

So what has the devil just sold you on. A scapegoat for your life! I have to ask the question. And you want to believe you are real men and women don't you? If you need a lifetime scapegoat why were you born?

The main point here is that you shouldn't be asking yourself what so and so should do because you should be able to figure it out for yourself! But the devil doesn't want you to have that ability because you are threat to the devil when you have that ability. The devil doesn't want you to have that ability because if you do the devil cannot control you? And the devil needs to control someone else in order to be happy. Why? Because it does not have the sense of self that a happy person does.

A happy person can figure things out for themselves? Perhaps that defines leadership? So many people fake being happy! Look at Dean Martin? Despite all his success his projected sense of self happiness always came from that bottle!

How do you gauge if a person is happy and would therefore make a good leader for you? What do they do when confronted with a problem? Are they happy to be able to think about it for themselves? Or do they reach for a bag of Amphora Red and blow pipe smoke in the face of your bright eyed son who works for them?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 12 18 2015 at:

Glazing over the eye's of legitimate human beings in the nature of psychiatry and the satanic race.

Create a military conflict so that you still have the oil money to live in a Texas mansion and then when the veterans come home dissolutioned make sure that they have plenty of psychiatric medicine?

And that is how the devil thwarts you from figuring out what a poor leader he/she is. Your unhappiness is your own fault, not because you voted for him. “Look I am such a powerful authority. I have some pills for you to take to make someone like you happy! Okay? I recommend that you take them. They will make you naturally happy like me.”

Can I tell you what that persons problem was from day one? They could never ask themselves, “What would my father do in a situation like this.” You are supposed to be able to ask that question. And when you don't have a father of your own you are supposed to be able to ask someone labeled a father that question without getting sexually molested like thousands of children in Milwaukee were.

And how many cases of sexual assault are there in the military? Think of the young man or woman who thought that was an organization of strength? It doesn't hold true does it! Jar heads! And that is why we are not to have a military for more than two years per our Constitution. Our founding fathers had already put up with all of this before and had had enough!

I saw a different side to Barrack Obama on television last night. It humbled me. Why because as I saw him interact with a survival expert I realized I can't get mad at him because what he did as President was genuinely the best that he could do?

What is the advice that he tells his daughters? To always try and be useful and kind. I can't really articulate what I saw at this moment. It is kind of like getting mad at a person and then coming to realize that they have the mind of a child?

More on bad fathers! What about the Italian who teaches his sons how to put each other in a choke hold? Does it cause mental retardation? The oxygen deprivation to the brain? Causing a learning disability? What about the Divorce Lawyer who is a father who puts his sons skulls in the sleeper hold grip? What have they just done? They have sold those children on a father other than themselves. Out of futility they have sold them on that concept above. Why? Because they are projecting their weak sense of self unto those children. Why? They just one those children to look and behave like they are other children and not think for themselves? For when they think for themselves we readily determine by their actions they are not one of us? Give that child someone else to blame for all their cognitive failures other than themselves and other than you their father! Create a mental host for them out of other children. I hate mental retardation! It is an abomination of the human race!

And what about the son who see's his father smoking pot? That is how his father solves problems? His father can't handle anything!


You come to a Roman village. The son who is queer is giving a speech and serving alcohol in something called a Church, Temple or Sin of Gog. Only you don't know he is queer or that alcohol will make you a retard. Your human nature tells you to trust and listen.
Isn't that who you voted for as Governor of Wisconsin?

Whoa I just figure it out!  The military serves adult men as if they are each one another's father!  That is the role it is fulfilling in this screwed country!

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