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Friday, December 18, 2015

Her father gave her everything and taught her that she was cute 12 18 2015

Her father gave her everything and taught her that she was cute  12 18 2015

He thought her begging for something was cute.  However we don't think of it that same way!  We think of her as being spoiled to the point of retardation.

She never learned how to be a woman on equal terms with people.

She thinks she is cute when she is acting spoiled and obnoxious however the reality is that she isn't. 

She likely has no idea why all men don't like her!

And if a man didn't like her because she was a brat she would accuse him of being a homosexual!

And what does any son that she has grow up being like?  Violently miserable like those terminal statistics in the military!

Look at the real cause of all of those suicides?  Alcohol causes mental retardation with has negligently been given the label of ADHD today!  And direct use of alcohol is listed as another cause of their deaths.  That and having to put up with a beast woman like that in the military!  No man would pay his taxes in support of that!  No man would sponsor her!

She likely gives birth to males that are genetically queer!  We aren't supposed to say that those are any different!  But they sure are aren't they! 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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