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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

No Problem 12 02 2015

No Problem 12 02 2015

I am so d@mned tired of hearing customer service people use that term.

Instead they could say, "I'll have that for you right away."

Or something to that effect.

Do you know what "No problem" is like?  It is like  "If you push me too far ...I am letting you know right now?"

Who trained these people?  A fat guy named "Art?"

"Can I have some more water?"

And then after she has to be polite and say it like that she goes out the back door to have a cigarette and put on her spoiled watery eye makeup?

Let's try this a little more!

I say, "Thank you."
You say, "You're welcome!"

A key trait of mental retardation is that a person cannot learn to do something in a different way than how they first learned it.  It is like "stooge robots" ruin American economy!

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