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Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Financial Crime that Precipitates a Genocidal Economic Depression 12 10 2015

A Financial Crime that Precipitates a Genocidal Economic Depression  12 10 2015

A broker selling you stock he doesn't own (short sale to you) and him thereby presumptuously spending the profit he would make when the stock goes down before it ever goes down.  Thereby he has to drop the price in order to get away with the crime of taking your money because he has already spent it!

And he facilitates it through cooking of his books as with regard to reserves?  But unless he is required to have 100% of reserves the Genocidal Economic Depression isn't prevented.

He can never have 100% reserves because he would not make any money in that business.  His money in effect comes from yours.  The Bible calls it a money changer.  The whole Roman Numeral system looks to me to be designed to facilitate money changing.  It has a shell game built right into it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS. The Short Sale allows the Banker to spend money that he didn't earn and won't.

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