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Friday, December 18, 2015

ADHD in Professional Careers 12 18 2015

ADHD in Professional Careers

What I noticed in my very short career is that ADHD transforms and mal adapts in Corporate management and other professions to cut off the person who is speaking!

Instead of listening  that person cuts you off (attention deficit and hyperactivity in one!)

And that happens in every single facet of Corporate Management in the United States!  We should have never allowed a framework for the ADHD to succeed in!  That isn't something that we wanted to breed!  That isn't something we wanted to have all the money!

The reason it happens is because that person can't stand it that you are more naturally human intelligent than they are!  They want to dismiss human concerns and intelligence as a weakness because it is something they aren't capable of!  It should never have been allowed to be put in a framework that is contradictory to human concerns which should really be community concerns!

So what does this beast progress to in life?  Something that wants to disrupt human thought processes!  It equates disrupting human thought processes with personal happiness! And wealth.

The only way this happens if the man of this race is encoded with a female or primitive tribal type gene?  One step back to the dinosaur age is one step too many!  At some point that damage to the human genome will become irreversible!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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