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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Think Like a MAN or turn in your BADGE 12 26 2015

Think Like a MAN or turn in your BADGE  12 26 2015

Heroin Overdoses are not Heroin Overdoses they are really Heroin Poisoning!  Meaning poisoned with heroin.

Diabetes isn't diabetes it is Soda poisoning!

Lung Cancer is not Lung Cancer it is Tobacco Poisoning.

Hepatitis is not liver disease it is Alcohol Poisoning!

Aides is not aids it is Homosexual Poisoning.  Meaning poisoned by a homosexual.

Mental Retardation is not Mental Retardation it is Alcohol Poisoning of a woman's fetus! 

He/She is not pimping he/she is ENSLAVING.

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Think like a MAN or leave that bench (and not onto any playing field.)

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