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Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Joining the Army in order to form a false consensus of what it means to fullfill the role of fatherhood.

It is really searching for a father through comradery?  Attempting to validate a lesser standard of manhood?

The sense of being with adult men replacing the father that you never had?

"Because I am with other men I am the father I never had?  Our group behavior will determine how things should really be?"

And it isn't just the army it is the employment market too!  Willing a lesser standard of conduct, trade and adult responsibility through the same construct.

So in the Army pretending to be a strong man?
In the financial industry pretending to be a smart and capable man?
In the health care field pretending to be a caring father?
In the legal industry pretending to be knowledgeable of the Constitution and what impacts fairness?
In the energy sector pretending to be the provider?
In religion pretending to teach the best form of government as a belief system when indeed you are really teaching passivity to wealth.
In politics pretending to be the discerning provider?

You are the exact opposite of all of that!  You loathe people!

In the drug, alcohol and tobacco industry pretending to be the source of happiness?
I n the media industry, pretending to be a person who can work and setting a bad example of success for all men to follow.
In the publishing industry, pretending to be the source of knowledge and wisdom.

One more point on the judiciary system.  Pretending to do go by favoring the happiness of the criminal over that of their innocent victims.  You and I both know why you do this!  Because you know once the executions of criminals start it will get around to you too!

And lets say you made up all the news.  What a horrible example you set!  Here is evidence that the idle mind is the equivalent of no human mind at all?

The truth is that you loathe men who naturally are these things and their families!

You don't get anything right; because you weren't born right!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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