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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Let's say that you believe the mass shootings were staged events and not real, what would the motivation be for them? 12 19 2015

Let's say that you believe the mass shootings were staged events and not real, what would the motivation be for them?  12 19 2015

It's not too hard to figure out is it!  The motivation lies in the fear that is being created!!

The fear being created being one of being shot by a gun and having to face insurmountable health care costs from it!

Hence if they are fake then they are being done so in order to sell Health Insurance policies!!!

And who is likely getting in on that new market?  I would bet that some are black owned businesses!

Sort of a coming in on the turf of the current Insurance Market and claiming some as your own?

I believe that there is a provision in the Constitution that can be used to declare a lot of this illegal!

And if you look at an insurance policy what do they always cover?  Diabetes and Cancer!  Why?  Because if they didn't cover them those two high profit industries that cause those diseases (Soda and Cigarettes) would be forced to close their doors!  But they are not because they are what is business is called cash cows.  Your lives are being Capitalized on and that in and of itself is a direct violation of your Constitutional Rights!

They also want to be able to use high technology to transfer their sickness to you!  It is like the old Native American looking at the Mentally Ill and saying that they would make great healers?  Their lives have already been used to heal people just the way the Bible tells us that Sarah took slaves to replenish her life!

What else is part of this technology?  The magnetic field that is projected from LCD televisions!  Allowing a brainwave of a sick person to be ganzfield superimposed over your own and their sickness transferred to you?

I believe that the Russian and United States Armies are really one.  If the United States had ever really intended to fight Russia or China we would never have sent our scrap metal to those countries by the boatload.  The first thing to become scarce in a war is metal.

The socialite wealthy drink and have mentally retarded children from it.  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere today.  And what does that slurred Russian language sound like?  A mal adaptation to a brain impairment.  The French language does to.  And the Chinese/Mexican in a different way does to; but perhaps less evil?

Why else the push for mandatory payment to health insurance?  If the oil industry goes away due to solar adaptation then the wealthy are going to be out of their snotty money advantage.  Hence they need something to take the place of that!  Do you know what will likely happen?  As the conditions improve so that more and more people are healthy they are going to raise the rates on those insurance policies just to keep that advantage.  They are charlatans who were run out on the rail a long time ago!

And do you know where else those insurance profits are going to end up?  Because those companies are worldwide publicly traded, foreign nations will be controlling your health?  Doesn't that make you feel a little sick to your stomach?

I will not marry a retarded women and have retarded children who talk to a human being in their heads in order to learn.  God destroyed the dinosaurs for a reason!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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