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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Without a Church in your nieghborhood would there be any mental illness? 12 02 2015

Without a Church in your nieghborhood would there be any mental illness?  12 02 2015

The reasons being:

1. That priests voice doesn't sound quite right to me; normal.
2.  So and so had an alcohol problem and wasn't supposed to have a drop.  But the priest held it high above his head and it was part of Communion.  What does that word mean any how?  We all have something in common we hate real men and their families?  It is like a pagan pact word isn't We all killed someone called Jesus Christ and we have that it common!  How dark and weak a people that is.
3.  Can we even begin to diagnose what a nuns psychological problem is?  A lot of them have the look at the crazy horse at the ride one for money farm that won't let you get on its back.
4.  They are a proponent of fatherless children.  Is that not antifamily?
5.  What man takes a vow never to marry a woman?  We are supposed to be obedient to such a man, as if every action of his is directed by God?
6.  How many children were sexually victimized in those private church schools?  Doesn't cause any trauma at all.  Just like those serving in a oil for money war don't have any trauma.  They don't have any problems whatsoever!  Never mind the high homeless rate of veterans and the rate of suicide is 3 times the rate of mortality in combat.
7.  Alcohol served at mass and promoted by the Church is the leading cause of the birth defect  of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  I would argue that not only are the mentally retarded the most ill of anyone but they are also the source of created mental illnesses that we would not have without them.
8.  How many of those priests and nuns smoke Cigarettes?  Are you trying to tell me that God told them to do that?  What kind of example is that for young people and all community members?

What does this add up to?  It is a mask for the heathenized mean genetic freaks of the Roman Empire!  Because that is a foreign country it makes it an insurrection into the United States!  All of the above items are not the way of Jesus Christ!  They are what he abhorred or would abhorred if he had known!  He wasn't an all knowing God!  If he was he would have known that alcohol caused mental retardation.  But he did the best he could with the knowledge and observations he had.  He called them Satan?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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So you see an ugly or dumb man has married an above average woman; how did he get her?  By doing something extremely un man like!  Performing oral sex on her! Isn't that a lot like licking a baby boy's penis?  Let me tell you one more thing about the latent homosexual.  He might have been a hidden homosexual as a boy.  And he might marry a woman and live like he isn't one.  But the odds of him getting a divorce are pretty high!  Someone could do the world a big favor and genotype that!  Would that save a lot of mental illness too?  Yes!

And he isn't going to want to be doing that for her for her entire life.  So what he has created is an emotional ticking bomb when he stops?  When he stops the commonality of the marriage has ended hasn't it!

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