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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton is Demonically Possessed 12 20 2015

Hillary Clinton is Demonically Possessed 12 20 2015

How do I know?  I was watching the Democratic debate last night.  I believe it happened sometime after when they took a bathroom break.  She had just finished up lecturing the American people on why they should believe in treason regarding the second amendment.  She turned her head slightly to the right.  And there it was; THE DEMON FACE appeared!  You have to look very carefully because a Demon Face only appears for a split second.   Review that video footage for yourself and you will see it plain as day!

To me the energy pattern looked like that of an India Indian woman?  That or a very large cretin type man who isn't too smart and commentates on football.  That is what I saw.

If I could locate video footage of that I could scan it and give you a screen shot of it.

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