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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Invention Needed: A Three Prong Split Ring/ O-Ring Opener Expander 04 30 2016

Invention Needed: A Three Prong Split Ring/ O-Ring Opener Expander 04 30 2016

It could be used to open up orings so that they can easily be placed on hollow shafts over tinsel to more readily and easily make Tinsel based Fishing lures.

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Humor 04 30 2016

Humor 04 30 2016

The gestalt of a college level Gay and Lesbian Studies Course is;

"You know, it's okay for you to be queer with me."

We even got some of that satanic indoctrination in Catholic Grade School.  They showed us a current video of two boys having sex with each other at a (Catholic?) Orphanage.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hair Turning Grey Theory 04 29 2016

Hair Turning Grey Theory 04 29 2016

Your hair turns grey because the Neuromelanin, that would otherwise give your hair pigment, is instead being bound to heavy metals?


From Wikipedia


Neuromelanin (NM) is a dark polymer pigment produced in specific populations of catecholaminergic neurons in the brain. Humans have the largest amount of NM, while it is in lesser amount in other non-human primates, and totally absent in other species.[7] However, the biological function remains unknown, although human NM has been shown to efficiently bind transition metals such as iron, as well as other potentially toxic molecules. Therefore, it may play crucial roles in apoptosis and the related Parkinson's disease.[8]"


Melanin is synthesized in your body by Tyrosine.


But this theory ties into another theory of mine very well.  We know that people who receive chemotherapy have their hair fall out.  Chemotherapy being administered radioactive metal?

The initial question that got this idea going was, "Can undetectable amounts of heavy metal cause greying of the hair?"  "What metal causes the pigment in your hair?"  Also the fact that I noticed that when I work with sanding and grinding certain metals, and it gets in the skin of my fingers, I get temporary arthritis come on very strong!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Deep Holes in River Project 04 28 2016

Deep Holes in River Project  04 28 2016

It would seem to me that a device could be placed upstream in a county in a river and it could map out the deep holes in the river.  As it drifts downstream it could under power check out all the eddies to see if there are some deep ones.

I would like to see this done with the Milwaukee River!!!  I have never seen a highly detailed bottom contour map of the river.  If there are 10 foot holes in it I want to know about them and where they are and if there is a deep stretch then a boat ramp should be put in there and perhaps two boat ramps one upstream and one downstream on the navigable stretch with the holes in it.

And that river will not be clean per the Clean Water Act until you can pick up a hand full of soil or bottom muck and it doesn't smell horrific!  Basically it is ruined and a lost cause?  Great leadership we have had in this country; not!

It could have a GPS transmitter in it that transmits the depth at the current coordinate!  It could also have a sight video tower on it, so that it doesn't get stuck?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Isn't this a misnomer? The Peoples Liberation Army didn't free the People but instead enslaved them in Communism 04 27 2016

Isn't this a misnomer?  The Peoples Liberation Army didn't free the People but instead enslaved them in Communism  04 27 2016

Perhaps I don't know my history and what was there before Communism was worse?

But if the Peoples Liberation Army is the Communist Army then why don't all the Chinese have guns?

What is worse a populous that isn't working or a populous that is polluting so greatly that they destroy all human life in that country from toxicity?

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If you knew where they were getting their ideas for product development from their would be a worldwide genocide?

The Board of Health needs to be testing open pictures of tap water at Wisconsin Restaurants and closing them if contaminents are found. 04 27 2016

The Board of Health needs to be testing open pictures of tap water at Wisconsin Restaurants and closing them if contaminants are found.  04 27 2016

The closing procedure is relatively simple every food item the place is put in the back of a small truck and removed, the doors are locked.

You can set up your restaurant in your original country of national origin; you are not of the United States standard!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Why do inner city kids want to be placed in the Suburb School (busing) program? 04 27 2016

Why do inner city kids want to be placed in the Suburb School (busing) program?  04 27 2016

It has nothing to do with a better opportunity for academic achievement does it!  It is all about advancing through that athletic program and those connections into professional sports isn't it!

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Building United States Prisons in Foreign Countries for United States Criminals of that National Origin 04 27 2016

Building United States Prisons in Foreign Countries for United States Criminals of that National Origin 04 27 2016

Is that black person on a bicycle in the median of the road waiting to hijack a car coming by happy in the United States?  No!  Will he ever be happy in the United States?  No.  Was there ever a black teacher who stood up like a man and was a good father figure to these young men?  More likely than not that man and a whole lot of black woman are seeing the black kid who wants to hijack a car in their minds eye and being complacent with it?  They want to will it to happen because it is those white people who are smarter who will be victimized!  Now that last sentence there can indeed be more broadly applied, perhaps in another article as that isn't the general focus of this one.

How about a Polish religious leader who was complement with the sexual molestation of white children?

Should we put Mexican drug lords operating in the United States in United States Prisons?  No!  Again we never want that criminal stock to gain a foothold here.  Also they have committed a crime and should not just be deported; the white boy knows or used to know that when you committed a crime you go to jail so you don't do that!

Does this end the recidivism rate in the United States?  Absolutely!

Aside from the initial reason it also makes sense when it comes to telemarketing fraud conducted from foreign nations on United States Citizens!  We never want them serving time in the United States because we would never want that criminal stock to get a foothold here.  This time of crime just adds to our national debt.  For example if it is credit card fraud and the banks just write it off.  Then they end up declaring bankruptcy and socking it to the taxpayer/citizen in a .Gov bailout!

So how do you handle the drug problem?  The Foreign based United States Prison in the only way you end that freakish wired psychotic nightmare!

What about high crimes by the wealthy in foreign nations that have their arms reach into the United States?  Same great place to put them in right!  A prison in their own country.  And perhaps we can have a much higher standard of sentencing and justice for people like that in this framework.

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For some reason we are not allowed to say you aren't one of us; however you didn't cognitively develop to be of our national standard for whatever reason?  Likely you are one of the 5% with fetal alcohol syndrome with no visible signs?

Every Prison should also have a Sodomy Gallows.  Prison isn't the place for you to meet your gay husband or wife at!  And if Prison faculty are engaging in Sodomy then somehow that noose will be for them too!  That keeps the prison system CLEAN!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Why Competitive Sports Involving Violence Should be Banned 04 25 2016

Why Competitive Sports Involving Violence Should be Banned 04 25 2016

I have never considered this before in my entire life, in fact I always believed just the opposite, but hear me out on this.

Five Percent of the Population is stated to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is a form of mental retardation. However the vast majority of them have no visible exterior signs! Meaning they have a brain deformation but you can't tell, at least not very easily, by looking at their face!

So per my reading what happens when alcohol causes the brain not to develop as it should in the womb? That part of the brain that is missing instead fills with cerebral spinal fluid.

So lets say that I want to become a Professional Boxer, and I am very fast. Is it fair to me to get in the ring with someone who has the front cavity of their brain filled with cerebral spinal fluid? They have nothing to lose! What do I have to lose? I could end up mentally retarded just like them! They don't have anything to lose because what they would have to lose they were born without.

How many white people have gotten into the ring with someone like that, taken a blow to the head and ended up with a speech defect the rest of their life? Whereas the same blow to the mentally retarded persons head wouldn't make much difference? It is like that pocket of cerebral spinal fluid in their brain makes them bread to be killing machines?

Would a boxing promoter ever inform a young white boy of average or above average inteligence that he is getting in the ring with a retard? Again there are no phsyical signs!

Now this same competitive comparison hold true for all violent sports potentially involving impact to the head, such as but not limited to martial arts and football. What about basketall? It is stated to have the most injuries of all. Do you want to be on the court with a lumbering oxy fellow who is throwing his elbows all around and his knees too? It isn't fair to men and the sons of men! But it is something the retard finds very funny isn't it! I am a pretty rough and tumble guy. But just think about what I am saying. That retard has nothing to lose! So you never see that aspect of it coming!

So World War 2 was indeed a distraction that defeated Prohibition in the United States, the Temperance movement that was gaining ground in Germany and established by teachers, and also Mousalini didn't want Italy to be growing grapes anymore did he! He wanted them to be growing something called food! He vowed to eliminate organized crime from Italy! Call me whatever you want but that is someone, for that very reason, that I respect tremendously!

Did I always think this way? No I love boxing and like to watch it, but again that isn't the point. Also I loved to drink when I was younger, but in retrospect I wish that I never did! I wish that it had been illegal and the reasons for it being illegal as per above were made very clear to everyone at a young age, it causes mental retardation! You might hear voices of the mentally retarded later in life and become disabled by them!!! There is that enough of a reason for you? I can hear the punk kid laughing already.

Who drinks alcohol when they are War? It would seem to me that you would be scared straight and praying to God every minute of it! You would not want to be impaired by alcohol. But the English had beer dropped to them during the War? They weren't going to win it without the United States on their side. How many of your fathers of that greatest Generation would have fought in WW2 if they knew that it meant their children would end up being disabled by the voices heathens as a result of it??? That is something that should have never been allowed to be legitimized in the United States!

So you take Judo in college and the instructor has you take on a black belt. He purposefully falls on your head and you end up bleeding out of your ear, likely because the canal got a little stretched? But who needs that? Who want's to watch two short men beating each other in the head with faggot like punches when they have them down? But what about the argument that kids should take martial arts to defend themselves? Chuck Norris once said that most kids take it because they have been abused already. So it really doesn't prevent something bad from happening it is just a response to it? Now you know where I am going with this, I don't like to say it. But in order to prevent that normal child from being abused by the mentally retarded you cannot allow the mentally retarded to be born or live among them.

So a mentally retarded criminal minded person attacks you. You defend yourself against them with a blow to their head and kill them. Is it the same crime as if you killed a normal person? I don't believe it is! But the point is should you as a human being ever be put in that spot? Should that burden ever be allowed to find you? I say no! As a normal human being you don't have the idea to attack and kill normal people. You respect people. You expect that everyone is normal to. But it isn't true; even though it should be!

So you see a purse of $1,000,000.oo for a boxing match and that is what you want to be because you are fast and strong. Again, is it fair for you to compete with a mentally retarded person who has part of their brain filled with cerebral spinal fluid! Even though you are both in the same weight class can you see why that isn't a fair or “equal” fight? Now lets say the mentally retarded person wants to sue because their competitive rights have been violated? A judge ought to just be able to throw that case out. “You fool, how come you aren't grateful you are alive.”

Now the mentally retarded person wins because they are not fazed by blows to the head. The mentally retarded person then starts a family with that $1,000,000.oo. What is that? Somehow that is bad eugenics isn't it! Is that what we want to promote in a country that established freedom?

So do you give people with mental retardation their own boxing ring to fight in? Some of us would end up being a little squeamish like how our mothers were when they watched boxing? I now understand that. Just step back and ask yourself, “Is that something, as a man, that I should be enjoying?”

I do indeed still like to watch boxing. But I have never thought of it this way before and thought that I should articulate it.

The final point being, look at the gestalt of that, it doesn't seem to be a legitimate industry to me. How do you label something like that? “The best of those who were born into perdition?” How does that benefit the middle class? It promotes violence and injury of the members of the middle class? Do you ever read in the paper that a rich person was victimized? Not too often. So who is left? Soft rules on crime erode the middle class. And that is bad for the standard of freedom we created here, it defies it. Why? I always believed that communism is the equivalent of Slavery in the south. You have a small percentage wealth class and the hard laboring worker. That is what happens when the middle class is eroded. How many of the upper class have the fetal alcohol syndrome without phsycial signs? It has to be the greater majority! Which means what? The middle class is the only legitimate class! The wealthy are drinkers and it causes mental retardation of their children. But how do they adapt to it? The demonize a human mind with voices and create a schizophrenic.

So please, please, lets have that modern brain mapping based inquisition. That is the way the Bible prophecy of the “Last will be first, and the first will be last,” will be fulfilled!

What about reproductive rights? China limited the birth of children for awhile. Should it be done in the United States? Do you have a right to get a woman pregnant and not be a father, then get another ditto, and another etc? At some point shouldn't the bastard maker be sterilized? I will assert that most children put up for adoption likely have fetal alcohol syndrome! A brain defect mental retardation without physical signs? Look at the conditions that lead to them being put up for adoption? The father or mother has a history of drinking and not working at a job doesn't he! So bingo it is right there! The mother picked some man up at a bar (drinking) and got pregnant! Bingo right there! The parents were abusing the children, why? Drinking or mentally retarded, bingo! Now the irony is that some of the adopted children are the best members of their family! The bad parents learn from that kid! It is like a human being is being adopted by curious and needy monkies? Isn't saying much but in ironic humor it is true! To me it seems like a form of slavery. The parents create the economic conditions whereby the good and normal can't make it in this country and have to give up their children. Nothing bothers me more than any instance of that happening! Steam coming out of flaring nostrils from me.

And again I would not write any of this stuff if I wasn't demonized, and disabled from voices. They will not allow me to profit from any of my writing ability or other skills! They turn up the heat extremely loud and deafening! So indeed they look like us but it really means these spoiled sore losers can't fairly compete with us in anything! So they should never be allowed to have a prima dona outlet such as Professional Sports and its high and glorifying payouts! ENOUGH! Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud!

When some of us are disabled by voices it means that a lot of the others are NOT earning their money and wealth! The truth is that they are dependent minded to us and can't do anything right unless we are being actively denied the use of our own human minds! There is nothing more weak, horrific and cowardly than that!

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"We don't need to read no book's, we just use that white boy's mind for our book."
But let's take a look at the ladder to success that get's today's professional boxer where he is?  They were beating people up all their life weren't they!  How is that good for our education system and our competitiveness with foreign nations?  Foreign policy starts internally doesn't it!

I don't want the mentally retarded kid to have something to look forward to in life as a career that is violent and highly lucrative!  I don't want the mentally retarded child to look forward to selling drugs for profit.  I don't want him to believe that because he is in a wealthy family that he will do well in life and prosper!  I don't want him to be in any career that involves deception of the public in any way shape or form!  I don't believe a normal human being should be subjected to competing with someone like that in the work force, because it isn't fair competition.  I don't want our national resources siphoned away for the needs of the mentally retarded created by irresponsible parents who drank at the expense of our middle class and eventually our democracy and then world freedom!  I don't want the mentally retarded kid to be able to suck on pot smoke!  ~In place of happiness from achievement that is fairly earned!  I don't want that mentally retarded child to end up in corporate management because he is mean and get control of human beings lives who played by all the rules in life!  I don't want him to be that subjective teacher that has a chip on his shoulders for those born normal!  I don't want that kid ever telling someone what they should be in life and what they should not be!  I could never be a teacher like my father.  Do you see that I have a little German temper in me?  I couldn't put up with a classroom full of bad kids or even one of them!  I couldn't be that weak willed man who stands up there and defends bad behavior because that bad kids parents are wealthy community members!  I could never be that!  I don't want that criminal minded person to ever be in the position to deny, distract and molest the thinking of a human being!  I don't think its cute.  To me you have no place in a first world nation.  Did you ever ask yourself what you are doing here?  I don't believe that England qualifies as a First World Nation.  Rather than internal(organic development) they made their money by manipulating foreign countries and War profiting!  To me that is the lowest rung on the ladder!  The United States was established to be independent of bad kids like that!  Bad changes here happened in 1932 by weak and cowardly men among us!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Humor: An Oxymoron is....04 25 2016

Humor: An Oxymoron is....04 25 2016

An oxymoron is a curly haired German?

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Humor 04 24 2016

Humor 04 24 2016

"If it wasn't for something called Automobile Insurance he would not be happy with that wife!"

You see a family down the block with a new car every less than a year and you have to ask yourself if they have a protocol of just take it straight to the New Car Dealer when you bang it up?

It also makes you wonder if that hasn't caused "bad money genetics?"  Those who can't afford the auto insurance which is mandatory might make better drivers because they are more competent?  And because they are more competent they should not be subjected to that regressive tax?  A business is in effect collecting a tax isn't it!  That should never have been allowed to have happened in the United States and I don't care how you rationalize it!

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Humor: She is usually accompanied by one or more feeble minded men 04 24 2016

Humor: She is usually accompanied by one or more feeble minded men 04 24 2016

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

How Satan Lives 04 23 2016

How Satan Lives 04 23 2016

"I can hear her thinking.  Now I do something bad to her so that I only hear her thinking about me!!!"

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Why didn't our FBI know about this???? They had to have known! 04 23 2016

Why didn't our FBI know about this????  They had to have known!  04 23 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Humor: When "You're invited" really means "You're invited to pay." 04 22 2016

Humor:  When "You're invited" really means "You're invited to pay."  04 22 2016

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Scary Movie

Artificial Applause and Audience Applause Prompts Need to be BANNED 04 21 2016

Artificial Applause and Audience Applause Prompts Need to be BANNED 04 21 2016

I am sitting in the room the television isn't in and listening to it.  After every single sentence that artificial applause starts.  It is the most annoying thing I have heard!

And you wonder why some kids get stuck to video games and become antisocial; they can't stand it either?

Why can't men and women and their comedy and works stand on their own?  In the nation of the Free do we really need to be prompted as to when to laugh?  Do you consider the audience of Americans Farm Animals?  It is sickening!

It sounds like the sucking sound of a very large vacuum hose!  It has to end!

Is the real reason so that the actor or comedian doesn't get suicidal depression when they say something that no one is entertained by or completely lacks human conscience?  Let's baby them?  Should we pray to them before we go to sleep at night too?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I would like to be issued an Identification Card that makes it illegal for anyone to ever sell alcohol or tobacco to me or any of my future lineage. 04 21 2016

I would like to be issued an Identification Card that makes it illegal for anyone to ever sell alcohol or tobacco to me or any of my future lineage. 04 21 2016

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One thing that they can't teach the Chinese is how to put a drawstring in the lower hem of every jacket 04 21 2016

One thing that they can't teach the Chinese is how to put a drawstring in the lower hem of every jacket 04 21 2016

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Us Westerners didn't know who Pete Townsend was talking about when he sang "Pictures of Lily" 04 21 2016

Us Westerners didn't know who Pete Townsend was talking about when he sang "Pictures of Lily"  04 21 2016

"Lily" is an English word for sissy boy isn't it!

See it is listed right there!  =>

He was telling us all along!  We always thought he was talking about a hot Penthouse type woman!

And then he was later caught with child pornography and is a gay boy!

I sure would have ditched that friend who was high on Pete Townsend quicker had I had known that!

And how many young boys like to consider themselves to be that rebel kid from Quadraphenia who drives off the cliffs of Dover? on a moped?  How many young folk, young men artist type students rapidly identify with that and dress like that?

Quadraphenia?  The idea of a band really being four persons in one!  Can't stand that gay British communist party influence in the United States and never could!

So you don't have your own mind?  Here is what you do you spoiled little 5417, you sit down and quietly read books until you develop your own mind you retard.  What do you think we paid for your education for?  So you could parade around everywhere like some Lily that has someone else's mind and won't give it back!

I ought to make a T Shirt with a picture of a Lily on it with the caption "No Lilly's" on it!

As much as you want to and need to believe it, I am not to be publicly owned, EVER!  My human mind isn't community property!  As much as the mentally defective covet it, my mind doesn't belong to you!  I will devote my entire life to freeing myself and other human beings from your horrific and crime against humanity felony level enslavement and genocide!  You're bad!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I listen to a radio station until they start asking for money 04 21 2016

I listen to a radio station until they start asking for money  04 21 2016

Then I always think the same thing, "I would never pay these DJ's to listen to them and the poor selection of music they are playing!  Let them go bankrupt in a free market until they put someone in their of honest humanity that I would actually like to listen to!"

Should a radio station or television station ever be allowed to be funded from wealthy individuals?  What does it allow to be propagandized when it happens?  To be honest a lot of god awful bad things and bad ideas that are both undemocratic and a violation of the rights of the normal or underlying normal.

I pick up the Newspaper and immediately think, "This person is telling and not showing" I would never pay for this spoiled and willful opinion, in fact none of the American Public should ever be subjected to this spoiled and willful opinion."

So somehow we need that to go away and come back purified!  And I believe the mandate to do it is that of protecting your rights via the Constitution and protecting the Constitution!

That person sounds like a jack ass!  I can learn nothing credible from them!  That means that they have a negative influence on my life!  Like a bad friend you cut them lose to their own devices ASAP!  (Before you need a new liver or new lung!)  Speaking of which did you ever work for an employer who blew tobacco smoke in your face?  How many years off of your life did that little 5hit take?  I believe that we should redistribute their family wealth and deport them ASAP!  That isn't fair competition in the workplace to have some midget freak blow tobacco smoke in your face!  Nor should they be allowed to do it in public or in any park, outside anywhere.  Let them smoke inside their tar wall stained house with the windows closed  until their dumb kid who doesn't have the skills to do a job sits in the garage with the engine on so symbolically he is telling you he is getting some more of his fill of it!

The Constitution mandates that our General Health is protected!  It has not been updated to include the very expensive results attained from scientific inquiry and study!  It begs the question, "How can those who were paid to do such studies ever consider themselves to be credible scientists?"  They are just takers without national moral conscience!

Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

What is the Complete interlinked history of Vaccine Development 04 18 2016

What is the Complete interlinked history of Vaccine Development  04 18 2016

1. Who has made it through history?
a. The president, management and family links of those corporations.
b. Where they are located.

2.  Who developed it?
a.  What were their unique political beliefs?

3.  History of the chemical formulations of the vaccine and their transitions?  It likely has to do with who has toxic material they have to get rid of and want to make a profit from?

4.  History of employee movement between companies and who has been the market leader of it.

5.  Have they even considered studying long term genetic pass down effects from those toxic materials being injected at a young age?  It isn't a concern for some reason is it!  Why not?  The intent being to always be able to victimize a human mind in order to split it for your benefit and the detriment of the human race and its full potential at the same time?

George Washington wanted us to have very little to do with foreign nations.  Don't a lot of these viruses and plagues originate in third world countries where the health standards are less.  What is the implication and responsible action required with regard to zero immigration policy responsibility?  Doesn't that really dumb us down as a nation when we have to take a toxic vaccine because we allow immigrants where the disease come from free entry into the United States?  It puts us on the trend to be a third world nation too!

I avoided taking those vaccines as many times as possible throughout my life!

"Never again allow a Prophet to arise from Galilee," The Jewish Pharisees cursed Jesus as they contemplated that they couldn't outright kill him because the "we the people" loved him.  What am I getting at?  What does this have to do with anything.  I am making an inference with regard to mental development.  What is in a vaccine is essentially some of the most brain toxic chemicals known to man.  They are in there to deactivate the DNA of the virus.  Does it really make sense though?  What do those highly toxic chemicals do to brain development?  Do they indeed cause a gap to form in the frontal cortex of those who take them?  Schizophrenics are stated not to have that resultant missing brain matter!  To me it reads like the Italian man who was convicted for teaching his son how to put a person in a choke hold and black them out by depriving their brain cells of life sustaining oxygen.  Italy literally means land of the bulls!  Land of the criminal minded bull heads is the hidden metaphor?  And they were indeed part of Nazi Germany!

Hitler stated that his sisters were as dumb as geese.  Where they given the vaccine I have to ask?

Can't read the rest of this as I wrote it lying down in my bed.

History of the chemical formulations of the vaccine and their transitions?  It likely has to do with who has toxic material they have to get rid of and want to make a profit from?

But what is the gestalt of it?  It creates a populous of the dependent minded mentally retarded otherwise known as Communism!  Just reference everything you think and do to the mind of someone you made mentally ill and labeled a schizophrenic in medical fraud?  Divide that persons skills among the mentally retarded?  Those who do it might naturally be born with autism from inbreeding or loss of patriarchal lineage?

Penis envy isn't their only problem there is also great reactive envy of the human mind isn't there!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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Do you know what those talking heads on financial television really accomplished with the concept of free trade with the United States?  Instead of us collecting tariffs on foreign goods manufactured with the equivalent of slave labor we received that money by those exact same nations loaning it to us!  That amounts to a Financial War against freedom!

Zero Logical Progression Ability 04 18 2016

Zero Logical Progression Ability 04 18 2016

Zero Logical Progression Ability.  "Who is it that has done all of these things in my name for I never knew you."

Just because you ask the question "why" doesn't mean that someone of lesser insight should use a contrived answer or directive in action!  (lack of reason)

What is in turn implied is that responsible people who have the comprehension to think about the problem do so and come up with a valid answer based on sound and true premises and "logical progression" to answer it! 

Our leaders to day have Zero "logical progression" based comprehension!

They want to label a human being as being mentally ill or in ancient times, "A prophet" if you have that ability?

An answer that requires "logical progression" analysis isn't answered with a few bats of the Mitt Romney flapper girl eyes followed by the bells and whistles out the mouth!

When you have logical progression based analysis ability it gives the Doctoral class Judean the mental illness of unavoidable castration anxiety?  (The gestalt of that once accurately known as neurosis?)

Did the Israelites lose their patriarchal lineage due to Jezebel and the genocide of our _____ patriarchal Prophets?  There were over a million of them.  So what are the comparative time frames?

In what historical period did Jezebel rule?
In what historical time period did Ezra start?

If those two are the same it means that the Judeans lost their patriarchal lineage to Jezebel!

Note how the Pharisees mocked Jesus Christ concerning Elijah?  How they cursed him, "Never again let a Prophet arise from Galilee"  A prophet being someone with the normal capability of "Logical Progression analysis."  Who claims that their ancestry is the Pharisees?  Afraid to step up and claim your ancestors for the genocidal horror that they committed to the human race which is ongoing today?

I look at people as being two types, "Logical progression ability" versus "Emotionally disturbed reactive personality."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Originally published on 04 18 2016 at:

Perhaps I did get this wrong.  They do indeed seem to know the exact steps to take to ruin a human beings life!

What is wrong with convicting and sentencing a whole family for something their “retard” did wrong that they willfully condoned 04 18 2016

What is wrong with convicting and sentencing a whole family for something their “retard” did wrong that they willfully condoned?

A dog bites you, isn't or shouldn't “the owner” be held liable? What if that dog bite amounts to homicide?

When a person cannot make legal decisions for themselves don't they in effect have “an owner” known instead in terminology as “a guardian?”

Being “An Owner” of a enslaved person is illegal per the United States Constitution! Our brave men and women sacrificed a lot of blood to stop that; only to let it insidiously reappear in a different and cowardly undetectable form?

When the labor market has been manipulated by Corporations are they not “owners” of the rest of us?

When voices wake you up early in the morning we are in an everyone “has a chicken coup” economy already even though there is an ordinance against it!

Don't you want to attempt to ask some people, “Who is your owner?” already; when you see misbehavior?

Hearing voices is “That which should be considered “having an owner” taking “ownership” or “possession” of that which should never be owned. One of the greatest violations in human history!

It might also be thought of as “taking ownership of a human father.” So lets take a look at the patriarchal concept.

So should the real father then be convicted for letting lose, that which should by legal definition for not being able to make its own decisions, to take ownership of the normal? I say yes!

Isn't it better that we take responsibility for the for the actions of the retarded before God destroys us all because of them? (as in Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.) Did a Celtic type legion really destroy them with catapulted flaming peat?

Part two a continuation of this stream of consciousness to be tentatively tilted, “Zero Logical Progression,” Who is it that has done all these things in my name for I never knew you.”

Further along in this line of reasoning, "Why is it that the retard is confidently assured and has no fear or patriarchal punishment that would reform their behavior?"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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“You made a false representation to the rest of us that your child was normal!”

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Constitution was Not Written to protect the rights of all people! 04 17 2016

The Constitution was Not Written to protect the rights of all people! 04 17 2016

They didn't declare their Independence and finish a bloody war to get it to turn around and state that "We want the exact type of person we declared our Independence from to do very well here and dominate us!"  It was written for that purpose but rather in comparison to what they considered people!

"We the people," is a direct inference comparison to that which is not!  The implication is that tyrants and whatever is the cause of their creation is not "We the people."

"We the people" has the comparison in it, "This is a person," and "This was not a person!"  whether you like it or not!

To understand exactly what I am referring to the reasons for Independence listed in the Declaration of Independence are a good place for you to start reading.

Now FDR's Lesbian wife willfully screwed it up a bit.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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If parents knew how many of their daughters were high on pot or second hand pot smoke when they cracked up their mothers car

If parents knew how many of their daughters were high on pot or second hand pot smoke when they cracked up their mothers car there would be a much different and pervasive attitude towards drug legalization.

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shouldn't someone on Disability at least get a living wage amounts worth? 04 16 2016

Shouldn't someone on Disability at least get a living wage amounts worth?

$15 per hour * 40 hours a week * 4 weeks per month equals= $2400.00

Per Year it is $15 per hour * 40 hours a week*52 weeks in a year= $31,200.oo

To disable you and then not give you enough money to live on is genocide!

To be disabled at a limited liability place of employment or incorporated village and not be given enough money to live on is also genocide! What a bunch of rats!

Can I tell you something? If you were paid that much those who put you on disability would become so depressed that they would not want to live! So the depressed are not only violent to themselves but also to other people! It might be the start of a World War? So doing what is right starts a World War? That is what the United States as always tried to stand for!

That snake is awful hard to track isn't it! Rather than charge tariffs on Chinese imports it borrows that money it should be getting from the tariffs in order to receive that money; putting the entire nation into Satanic debt! They are just baiting us and waiting to pull the pin on that grenade aren't they!

Rather than raise taxes on the rich it borrows money from them in order to receive that money! That indicates treason and that our Government has been infiltrated!

You can't get off disability when every time you wake up with an erection it is like that wealthy inbred family of hair lipped and howling bugle lips is metaphorically peeking under the covers to see it and sponge up your life essence into their vacancy souls!  (The gestalt of that could indeed form one of the greatest scenes in a comedy movie ever!)  Do you see how the modern cinema scribes use the harassed minds of people like me as a muse for their office block buster movies?  Jesus stated it best, "Yeah shall know them by their fruits."  He is saying they stole from you!  You know them by their fruits because they are your fruits!

Mein Kampf ~= That's “my life.”

Disability is real simple! If you don't want to pay a non genocidal wage then don't actively disable us!

Just because your cold faced mother taught you how to “see” in a fugue like queer doesn't mean that the living life of the man that you are sprying ever did anything wrong; other than being condemned for being born normal! Legalizing and promoting mental retardation causing alcohol is highly consistent with the Jewish tribe of Pharisees motivation of cursing Jesus Christ in this manner, “Never again let a Prophet arise from Galilee” It literally means don't let anyone get educated and smart!

Pay a disabled person less than half a living wage and then declare they aren't even allowed to have that because by definition someone else is paying for half of their living expenses? In terms of tyranny that is at the top of the list!

I am Irish and just like the Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, when I see a snake I want to ____ it!

Will your health insurance company ever pay you disability if you qualify for Social Security? Not likely! And first to get the money from health insurance disability you need to qualify for Social Security Disability!

What does that make health insurance for disability? A big give away to the health insurance companies! And that payment is transferred to the general pot because they end up not paying it because you are receiving social security disability!

You don't have to pay it if you stop actively disabling us? Not necessarily true when the reason you are making humans mentally ill is because you don't have a mind of your won and always will be violating inalienable human rights; so you will always have to pay, and you should!

If you can't live among us without violating our inalienable human rights then you either get the h3ll out or you pay big time!

You don't think you should ever have to pay for peeking under the covers do you; Hillbilly hair lip and howling bugle lip! The nature of the snake eyed thief is that it can't be taught “no peaking” in school!  Their whole education of a satanic minded person is cheating!  Upon graduation they are then motivated to eliminate any evidence of a false education by tempting the mind of the one who they learned everything from; and demonizing it to exhaustion, often death, with the demonic voices of the mentally retarded. (That is really an expression of self hatred isn't it!)  It is known as causing that person to hear voice, AKA schizophrenia, and it is one of the most horrific crimes the human race has ever faced!

There I said it all again. My Freedom of Speech should always protect me and my belief in myself.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Psychiatry is 04 16 2016

Psychiatry is  04 16 2016

"I'll pretend that he doesn't think he is as smart as he knows he is."

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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The Devils Defense Line against Men and how your Constitution was designed to Protect You 04 16 2016The Devils Defense Line against Men and how your Constitution was designed to Protect You 04 16 2016

The Devils Defense Line against Men and how your Constitution was designed to Protect You 04 16 2016
  1. Limited Liability. Be able to hire retards and not be responsible for your product at the same time because you yourself are a retard. The Constitution protects us from this because limited liability is Divine Right. Divine Right is the equivalent of a title of nobility. Our Constitution forbids a title of nobility from being granted by congress. So it is illegal even though it is common! If IRS code were applied to it it would be labeled a pass through entity!
  2. Violating your right to freedom of speech. You can't say anything bad about a product because it hurts the brand name. This progressed to the point where you were afraid to say something bad about a drug that kills tens of thousands a year.
  3. Taking away your second amendment right. Make you not only fear that you aren't responsible to have a gun but take one away so that your property can be illegally searched and confiscated. There is another amendment to protect you from that devils tactic!
  4. Psychiatry, dope you up until you are incoherent. When they don't like your religion, religion being a personal belief system...and what is a personal belief system? Something that helps you learn and develop in life. A normal person throws out beliefs proven untrue to them and replaces them with true ones that are further developed all through your life. That is your personal religion, your belief system, and it is quite comprehensive with regard to your personal knowledge! So when they don't like your belief in yourself they seek to harass you and then put you on drugs, to suppress your belief I yourself. The Constitution guaranties your freedom of religion!
  5. Make everything you can design with slave labor in a foreign country and sell it in the United States. We do indeed have an amendment outlawing slavery!  It basically means you won't be able to earn a living in the United States!  What also violates your ability to earn a living is limited liability in number 1 above pooling labor and excluding you for subjective reasons such as vicious envy and jealousy!  So that has to be compensated so that the individual wins!

That is in no way a comprehensive list of how the Devil has infiltrated the United States, it is just what came to me this morning as I started to think about it while writing something else.

The purpose of the Constitution is to protect your general welfare. Welfare meaning health. So when indeed someone finagles a new violation to that which they want to assert really isn't we often need to spell out an amendment prohibiting that when indeed we should have been able to rely on a qualified and competent Supreme Court to non negligently apply the Constitution! And legislating against it, as a Supreme Court opinion amounts to, is improper and treasoness application. We have yet to see anyone else but me have the bile to declare the Supreme Court has committed and fostered treason!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And what do you think of a Priest who will insult every interpretation of the Bible other than his own?

So what was the name of Jesus Jewish Tribe 04 16 2016

So what was the name of Jesus Jewish Tribe 04 16 2016

There were the Pharisees, the Seduces, the Essenes, and the "No King as God."

Was Jesus religion any of those?  No.  What differentiated Jesus Religion?  Decentralization!  Meaning you could worship any where or put up a temple anywhere!  You didn't have to migrate to what amounts to a tourist trap every year?

So if you are Catholic or Christian that is the label given to Jesus Jewish religion?  But that isn't right either when your religion doesn't conform to Jesus belief system, you can't name it after him!  Why not?  Because it isn't truthful!  It is a misrepresentation!  Just like you can't mention someone's trademark in a way that can be construed as not being consistent with it?  But what is that law really?  1.  It is a violation of your freedom of speech!
2.  After the person who created the intellectual property is long dead and gone who is to say what is consistent with their belief system!  That could become contorted.  So what that really amounts to is that you can't lessen the annuity income from someone collecting it from a dead person's works?  Who wants a spoiled brat like that shaking their pacifier at you anyway!

Paying a temple tax did indeed amount to extortion in that case.  But would it always?   No!  It depends upon the sound and true morality of the person who is levying it!

But lets examine how the Jewish belief system was different from that of the Romans?  The Romans were pure tyrants!  They were pure divine right!  (Our nation has go to war many times to put that down!)  They were the Emperor is God!

The Jewish system was the teacher Rabbi is the leader!  There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than that is there!  Accept when the teacher is a bad person, which again amounts to tyranny!

I can't find that passage where I asserted that Jesus euthanized someone.  But with regard to Luke 4:23 "Doctor heal thyself."  Jesus declared that he did something at Capernaum in order to heal the sick.  Now you are going to find my next theory horrific.  Did he have the ear cut off of the mentally defective / demon child that was demonically possessing a sickened person?  It was stated that he could drive the evil spirit out of someone because "he knew who they were!!!!"  When Jesus told his disciples to take up arms did they indeed go on a crusade consistent with the above?

Jesus tribe was never given a formal name?  But what does that tell us?  It was something that no one wanted to recognize!!!!!

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Economic Corruption 1932 04 15 2016

Economic Corruption  1932       04 15 2016

So instead of raising tariffs on foreign imports in order to receive money from foreign nations we instead borrow money from them?

Perhaps in a bank in Panama? (Given the corruption recently revealed about that the paper trail of names would be a good place to start.)  Perhaps in a Port strong arm bank or collection facility?

Same is true of our Gov's dealings with American Corporations isn't it! Instead of raising the rate on them we borrow money from them to receive that money and end up owing them. What does the gestalt of that really equate to; bankers did not earn their money. Perhaps it is laundered in fattened trucking logistics payments?

So ask yourself why it is structured like that? Is the answer because some faction of organized crime, perhaps white collar organized crime, is secretly collecting that tariff and they don't dare infringe upon that profit stream? It would have to be labeled something else, or laundered to be something else in a different way? Perhaps it is laundered in currency trading profits???? Could heroin dealing also be laundered in false currency trading profits? Where do I come up with accusations like this? FDR's family money came from the opiate (heroin) trade with China and he was also a Finance guy; so leopards don't change their spots!  And we know that the heroin has transitioned into pharmacy prescription based Fentanyl.  It should really be classified as a contraband poison due to all the deaths it has caused?  Possession of it with intent to distribute and or prior proof of distribution equaling a mandatory death sentence.  Possession of gateway drugs to it equaling a sentence of deportation without personal assets or worse.  You get to go where they don't respect personal rights just as you don't!

Look what FDR did.  He illegally legalized the substance that is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere alcohol.  Then he granted rights to those who would abuse the rights of the normal!!!  (That is the worst monster in the world that doesn't want you to realize the benefits of your own; genealogy, education, knowledge and intelligence!

Would you have Yakuza in Japan if there were no Gun Control in Japan? They catch up to you strong arm you and cut off a finger? Without Gun Control you mow them down with a .45 Auto. Which brings me to the next point, lets say that it is determined that the criminal minded all share a common genetic trait that represents itself in brain anatomy or brain chemistry; should you ever face charges for killing someone like that in defense of yourself? Don't take my advice this is just theory. But I say no.
Our Constitution should be updated in order to protect the normal from what scientific discoveries reveal genetically is what we created that Constitution to protect ourselves! That is indeed consistent with the purpose and intent of the Constitution! So that would be a legal amendment! “We discovered the genetics of what we originally declared our Independence from and it has been proven without doubt that they have infiltrated the United States and are up to the same victimization of us today as they were when we created the Constitution.”

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Now one similar construct of the above two is, instead of the United States Prosecuting and executing child molesters they give them charitable religious status?

And here is why I don't like the Democrats. Instead of Prosecuting drug dealers you want to make it not a crime and in fact have Medicare pay for their dope? That distribution ring is guilty of treason per my judgement!

But look at those three gestalts of the convoluted criminal mind.  The female hippocampus is wired differently because on average the cranium is ten percent smaller....  The reason some of us are targeted to hear voices is because of the presence of that convoluted brain structure among us; in both sex's?

Ah, enough already, nobody cares.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jesus Christ Condemned Psychiatry over 2000 years ago, "Doctor heal thyself." Luke 4:23

Jesus Christ Condemned Psychiatry over 2000 years ago, "Doctor heal thyself."  Luke 4:23

He is the basis of the Catholic and all CHRISTian Religions!

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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"Barbecue Tar" can't be good for your Stomach or your General Health 04 14 2016

"Barbecue Tar" can't be good for your Stomach or your General Health 04 14 2016

It would be real great if I wasn't the only one in the country saying this stuff.

Do we really have anyone in the United States who is tasked with Protecting the General Health of the Population as the Constitution states?  No!  And it might be considered an act of Treason that a United States President hasn't filled this responsibility!

In fact our Government has been infiltrated by those who create institutions and accomplish the exact opposite of that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Here is what it means!

So someone is driving around your neighborhood in a pharmacy like truck and dispensing Cocaine and also having sex with your villages teen daughters 04 14 2016

So someone is driving around your neighborhood in a pharmacy like truck and dispensing Cocaine and also having sex with your villages teen daughters  04 14 2016

The Irish battle cry seems to apply! "Faugh A Ballagh" the Irish Battle Cry literally means "Clear the way!"

But driving around in that pharmacy like truck and dispensing cocaine are just what the Jewish Fathers of Psychiatry Sigmund Freud and also William Reich did!

And Adolf Hitler did indeed go after them!

Okay I said how rotten you are again!  Are you going to come sue me and take my home and kill me in the process to further prove me right?  Make a martyr or worldwide criminal of those who have the courage to stand up to you?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Psychiatric Profits have Jew written all over them! 04 14 2016

Psychiatric Profits have Jew written all over them!

Rather than our “Fed Collective” raising tariffs on Chinese Imports they borrowed that money from China! As the Bible states “They know not what they do?” I think they have a really good idea of what they are doing though!

But what did they use for collateral for those loans, aside from not raising tariffs? The soul of the American gentile mind! Split that normal American mind among all the people of color who want a piece of it and call the victims incoherent schizophrenics!

It has a linchpin on it doesn't it! The “Fed Collective” wants to do the scorched earth policy and state we can't pay our debts and stick it to the honest American even further in long lasting genocidal economic depression. It is genocide because people starve to death!

Rather than raise yearly fees on U.S. Corporations they borrowed that money from China. What does it mean? That Corporate managers didn't earn their money! Anyone who has the antisocial personality of a lemon battery didn't earn their money in the United States! They didn't! As long as one of us normal human beings including children were mentally victimized by them they didn't earn their money here!

Does the individual investor make money on Wall Street. No it is manipulated by the Institutions who have limitless pockets from the Fed Collective.

And where do the Gambling profits go? Into the Jewish Federation to bring up candidate after candidate who has no idea how to manage people. Why not? Because their personalities are estranged and therefore neurotic! What is the definition of Estrangement? “Deferring from the original possessor.” Who is the original possessor? The human being whose mind was demonized by the voices of the “Fed Collective”

There is no difference between any person of color and those of the Fed Collective! They all have the exact same thing in common! “A dumb dog that is all ears!”

And Jesus Christ called the Canaanites Dogs! He also become very violent when the Jews brought wine kiosks into his temple! He beat them out of their with a staff! And what did he do to a young retarded boy? He had his ear cut off!

Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere. I will assert that there is no difference between a mentally retarded person and a criminal minded person!

When the Pharisees said, “He knows what we do!” They meant that he knew that they were inverse imprinting the mentally retarded from the minds of human beings that were demonically possessed and tempted by demons, the modern medical fraud term for it is schizophrenia. It literally is a compound word meaning split mind! Schizo meaning split. And Phrenic meaning mind.

All of those banking profits are not earned! When someone is charging you 20% interest they are not earning their money! That High School Cheerleader turned loan executive has no more comprehension of industrial technology than a dyslexic with a hair lip lisp! They never have to worry about losing their homes and becoming homeless! Just borrow more money and stick it to the rest of us!
So the Fed Collective Issues Bonds to the Banks to raise money rather than charging them higher year end tx's? Did I just teach you to see right through that? It ought to make you want to puke! It is proof that they weren't capable of earning money! If they were the Fed Collective would not have borrowed from them. The Fed Collective has no intention of paying it back! Why not? Because it would mean draining the money back from those who didn't earn it in the first place! It is never going to happen. What instead happens is that those who hoarded the money drive a country into a crisis and the rest of us get deprived of everything in economic genocide. Then they state we couldn't pay our mortgages and property taxes and collect all that! You put me in that head position and I would never let that happen! And I would do a lot of things that they would absolutely loath in order to protect the United States Constitution and the rights of the NORMAL! And if you hear voices you are indeed more NORMAL than NORMAL! Why? They are splitting your mind to learn from it like baby piglets sucking your skin out to form teets! You don't do that to a retard because you don't get any benefit from it! You do get a lot of detriment from that because once those development years are missed by learning nothing from a retards split mind there is no getting that back! Get it? They do it to the HIGHLY INTELIGENT AND NORMAL not the retards from their same tribe! Would it even be alright if they practiced that retard suckling on normal members of their own religion? No! Because it violates the rights of the normal! Who are the normal? They are the ones who formed this country by saying, “We have had enough of that!”

I don't like being anti-Semitic. However I do not like hearing voices until I catch a cold or other sickness! I have a college education. When you hear voices it rapidly degrades your intelligence just as if their was a car load of monkey's parked outside your house playing deafening rap music.

This country belongs to those who believe in the Constitution. All of the above have proven well enough that they cannot live in compatibility with the Constitution!

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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We should have never encouraged adoption in the United States 04 14 2016

We should have never encouraged adoption in the United States 04 14 2016

It has only weakened the white population both in responsible numbers and in percentage of the total population.

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wall Street used China as a Conduit to Defraud United States Citizens 04 14 2016

Wall Street used China as a Conduit to Defraud United States Citizens  04 14 2016

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

Upward Mobility 04 14 2016

Upward Mobility 04 14 2016

If you want a better job in life, say you put shingles on roofs, then you act like you like and respect the job you have!

So if you don't know how to do that here is a tip.  Act like you are in Church all the time you are at that job!

When you see a person you smile as if you would like to shake their hand because it is like the shaking of the hand sign of peace you share at Church.

If you can't do that then not only are you not upwardly mobile but also you more likely belong in a third world country because you would be happier there!  It isn't the fault of the civilized if your father was a rat gut drunk.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And what do you do when you end up getting hired for someone who resents man as the above resents?  I have no constructive and successful advice to give you on that.  Perhaps you vote for someone who shares your belief system.  And what do you do when there is no one like that to vote for?

Do you really have valid first person knowledge from an education or are you Granny Fieldcorns constant Fugue hillbilly child that will always have a chip on its shoulders?  Waiting for trouble so that a higher ranking thug in this country will advance you?

Humor that isn't 04 14 2016

Humor that isn't  04 14 2016

"How long would he live if he gives his wife a handgun for Christmas?"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The Kicking at the Legs 04 14 2016

The Kicking at the Legs 04 14 2016

Was kicking at the legs, so a person can't walk without pain used to enslave people in Communist China?

Because the legs were injured they couldn't get away and were enslaved?

Was an Opiate then used to give them and therefore later generations genetic based mental retardation?  FDR's family wealth is stated to have come from the opiate trade with China.

How many of the "orients" have a satanic mind as the three Kings of the Orient from the Bible did?  To know where a normal human (AKA a prophet) is going to be born you have to have a Satanic mind???

After they were done profiting from him they gave him a choice of either drinking a drug Myrrh (spiked with something else in it too?  Perhaps memory destroying Bella Donna?) and/or crucifixion?

Russia (Communist?) put the name Myrrh on a  Space Station and sent it out into space, for what reason?

1.  May the world be governed by Myrrh (as the Roman (Italian) Empire Governed with Drugs?)


2.  Drugs have no place on earth.  The Symbolism of the choice Jesus Christ was given being sent out into space orbit?

Russia too devalued the rights of the individual in Communism so the answer is number 1!!!!

There ought to be a very effective way that we can propagandize foreign countries to be more appealing to their immigrants here in the United States.

So there is highly radioactive Radium in Waukesha Water, (per a Milwaukee Journal Article some time ago)  How do we know that Russia didn't do that?

If you spend your lifetime practicing disabling human beings so that they can not work then you are the Devil!

The kicking of the legs and the drugs to the head.  Very symbolic isn't it, putting a single nail through a human beings ankles to signify this person will never again have freedom and mobility.  That race hasn't changed in over 2000 years!

PS. Would it be more effective to give learning disabled children Myrrh than it is a stimulant like Ritalin?  A person is born mentally retarded become of alcohol, part of the brain matter missing is naturally filled with cerebral spinal fluid,  no matter what your rational is why would you ever want someone like that to be given a stimulant?  Only if you knew that they would never be in direct conflict with you but rather other people!  So it is the two cats in one room argument.  You put the mentally retarded in the same room with the people who made the stimulant to give to them and see how it settles out over time?

You give a Roman a stimulant and he just figures out how to get everyone else hooked on it, ie mafia.

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Perhaps the greatest threat the United States has ever faced are immigrants from a foreign nation that doped its people and then sent them our way?


Humor: Ever see a fat man trying to saunter like he is James Bond? 04 14 2016

Humor:  Ever see a fat man trying to saunter like he is James Bond?  04 14 2016

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Should a man have to pay child support, etc to a woman who willfully drank while pregnant and had a mentally retarded child 04 13 2016

Should a man have to pay child support, etc to a woman who willfully drank while pregnant and had a mentally retarded child 04 13 2016

It degrades the race of men doesn't it!

Okay let's change the level of the argument.

Should a State or Government have to pay welfare to a woman like that?

Now if the state is to deny a woman like that welfare what are the appropriate options the "state" should make available to that woman?

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 04 13 2016 at:

There really is no magic place for that child to go!

1.  Send it to a classroom of the normal and the normal are held back.
2.  Leave it at home for the mother to take care of?  She has already proven she is irresponsible!
3.  Let it be home by itself?  That would be very dangerous.
4.  Put it in a cage in the home while the mother works?  That is inhumane!  And let that last issue resonate with you as a crux of an argument.
5.  Pay to have someone else take care of it?  That is complete waste of money!  Is that where you want a very large fraction of your paycheck going to?
6.  Put it in a home with others like itself?  This gets even more inhumane!  a.  Who are they going to hire to do that?  Only another low grade imbecile.  So what are the odds a lot more horrific monkey business happens when one low grade imbecile takes care of others?  b.  Hire a professional?  That would indeed try the patience of a normal human being beyond extreme!  You are not a Saint if you make that  your life time work.  Rather you are a promoter of freaks?  Just the opposite of a Saint!

Now lets say a network of the wealthy forms in our Government and diverts funds from civic projects like infrastructure to go to the needs of the above?  Should a wealthy person be able to spend money they made from a Corporate Charter business on such a child?  To be granted Corporate status you were originally presumed to have a very high level of responsibility and competence!  But it isn't true today is it!  We would not have any of the problems we do if it were true.  So if you shouldn't have been granted the right to work at a corporate chartered business it also means that you should not be able to profit above a certain amount if the above is true.  It business and this is a business economy it is called "cutting your loses" when you were wrong!

Monday, April 11, 2016

We think of the Miller Surname as being Pure German but it isn't 04 11 2016

We think of the Miller Surname as being Pure German but it isn't  04 11 2016

From my personal experience it is Pure Jewish!

The Miller Brewery is located in Milwaukee!

What implications does that have?

Milwaukee has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation!

What about the Miller Quartet in WW2?  They didn't go in harms way?

Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere and the Miller Brewery was and is a big profiteer from that located in Milwaukee.

There is a great history of FDR ending Prohibition because the eugenics movement was taking hold and getting rid of the retards caused by alcohol then we entered WW2 and he illegally broke the 18th Amendment with the 21st.

The only way that you can have retards and have them maintain wealth is if a human mind is split for them.

FDR's Social Reform adviser was a eugenicist named Charles Van Hise and he believed that "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry."  That really means communism, as in one mind for all.  But more to the point that isn't how a Eugenicist really thinks is it!  The Eugenicist doesn't propagate mental retardation he rids the gene pool of it.  So Charles Van Hise the President of the University of Wisconsin system was likely retarded himself!  But with strong verbal ability as is the case with "Wilsons Syndrome"

After that what else did they need?  They needed a system whereby the mentally retarded could still rule business without having to be responsible for their actions; and that is when the Corporate legal charter became widespread!  Up to that point you had to show that it benefited the public to be a corporation.

But why is our Country failing?  Because third world nations with far more mentally retarded than we have in the United States are thriving by employing their mentally retarded!  But they take it a step further they don't have any Constitution that respects the rights of the individual!

Do you see how it first jeopardizes our national freedom and then any semblance of freedom throughout the entire world?  Once our nation collapses economically from it the mentally retarded  will falsely justify further taking away of your rights, things like Marshal Law etc. will come about. 

Very few people know that in Nazi Germany the women got together and started a Temperance movement to ban alcohol because they couldn't teach the mentally retarded.

Now everyone of us in the United States knows what it is like to have a mentally retarded person in their class with them!  They hate the normal children just as the devil loathed satan.  The class bully is always, always mentally retarded.  In fact that is the best diagnosis of mental retardation that there is, molesting, beating, pushing drugs to the children whose intelligence they are jealous of.  Now lets transition that concept into adulthood.  What is the best evidence of the mentally retarded being among us?  That some of us hear the voices of the mentally retarded in our heads tempting us just as the devil tempted Jesus in the desert or the Pharisees perhaps tempted Moses in the desert and that is why they were lost?

Before you blame me for the lifetime of misery you were born into why don't you write your "Manifesto" and publish it so that everyone can see your true colors?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Good Banking Regulation would be that a Foreign Bank operating in the United States can only charge us One Percent Interest and never be able to collect our assets or collateral 04 10 2016

A Good Banking Regulation would be that a Foreign Bank operating in the United States can only charge us One Percent Interest and never be able to collect our assets or collateral 04 10 2016

This also means that they will have to pay us back!  There is nothing wrong with applying an ex post facto law to a foreign country?

Why should an American Citizen have to face economic hardship and poverty in order to feed the profits of a foreign bank?  To allow that to happen here is an act of treason.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Television personalities are an extremely bad influence on America?  Don't believe me?  Just see how a family member acts to everyone in your household immediately after watching television?  What is going on there is that the truthful personality of a bad person who wears a public mask very well is being imprinted on us!  Imprinting is indeed a valid psychological construct you will find in College Psychology text books.

Let me offer a little simple evidence.  You know the influence a bad kid has on yours.  Why do you believe it is any different when they are glued to a television personality who has later on been found out to do horrible things, like Bill Cosby, etc?  It carries through.  It transfers.  It is a great shame that the hiring process didn't have a more human basis in the United States.  A lot of the problems we have originate from just that!

The Promised Land 04 10 2016

The Promised Land 04 10 2016

The Promised Land?  I think maybe some of the information on who made the promise and what the promise was and why in the Bible is missing.

What is the gestalt of it?  The gestalt of it is that there is someone that they can't beat, perhaps don't want to, so they are promising them a greater land somewhere else if they just leave?

It is like what I have heard the voices say about me at several different times.

"We need him but we can't stand him."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Were the Irish the Original Israelites that didn't eat pork or drink wine?  Did they migrate from the Middle East first to Spain and then upwards to Ireland?  Ireland being the promised land?  But then perhaps they founded the United States as a Promised land free from English retard wiccan behavior or what amounts to mentally defective Native American Witchcraft?

I will assert it is true.  And it is all factually supported.


One thing that people don't think of concerning the Jews being lost in the Dessert is exactly what happened to Jesus Christ when he was lost in the desert.  He became confused because he was tempted by demons!  So the Jews were indeed likely lost in the Desert under the direction of Moses because he was being tempted by demons too?  Tempted by demons means the exact same thing as hearing voices!  Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes if fraud.


Part of surviving Schizophrenia is to know how the beast thinks when it thinks it isn't thinking 04 10 2016

Part of surviving Schizophrenia is to know how the beast thinks when it thinks it isn't thinking  04 10 2016

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Have Police Officers typically been promoted 04 10 2016

Have Police Officers typically been promoted  04 10 2016

Have Police Officers typically been promoted, or received raises or year end bonuses after killing or contriving a scene  to kill someone labeled schizophrenic (which is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud.)

If an honest person (none around) were to run those statistics and a pattern is found it amounts to treason!

Remember your local city is likely incorporated which means it is really a banking machine?


How many armed forces personal have been promoted, or received raises or year end bonuses after killing or contriving a scene  to kill someone labeled schizophrenic through being placed in  a Theater of War,  a Friendly Fire Theater?

What the honest American will never realize until it is too late is that there are those who are dependent minded to their Cognition!  They hear you think.  So why do they want to off you?  Because they can't turn off that hearing.  And after they are done with education years they don't want to feel true to being the mental retard they really are.

Getting hooked on any drug while in the service or being traumatized while there amounts to a similar act.

How many Corporate managers have  been promoted, or received raises or year end bonuses after picking on a United Citizen without relent until they became mentally ill?


A lot of people consider the University of Wisconsin College System to really be a bank.  I never thought of it that way because I worked my way through college and was proud of my degree.  But today the graduate ends up owing a substantial amount of debt to the college.  And owing both interest and principle on that debt does indeed make it a defacto bank.

Add in Interest Rates that amount to a level of usury and the picture starts to form a little better.

Add in Charitable organizations receiving donations from wealthy families whose retards are given jobs there, effectively the parents are donating the money to pay the kids salary, and the picture becomes clearer.  That is sometimes referred to as recycling of money 11 times over?

One more thing about the national banks that is very scary is that many of them in the United States are owned by foreign countries.

{I don't know what is going on here.  But the Bradley Harris Foundation put the Bucks Basketball Arena up in Milwaukee.  I couldn't sit in it without getting blood clots in my legs because the seats were so close together when you stood up your legs were numb.  But they funded Supreme Court Judge Rebecca Bradley who recently won in Wisconsin.  She was promoted by Walker 4 times in 9 months.  There looks like there is something wrong with her head to me.  She talks funny and her lower jaw extends under her front teeth.  I actually do wonder if her head was run over by a car tire at one point in her life or what is going on with that.  But BMO Harris bought and replaced Wisconsin's second largest Bank Marshall and Isly (sp?).  BMO is indeed Canadian owned!  The surname Harris really originates from the word "Hairy!"}


You might as well put a picture of a mental retardation causing Judean Wine Bottle right on the front of the national dollar.  The Bible tells us that Judea and Israel were separate countries until the Judean Wine Presses rolled into Israel.

A democrat working for Hilary told me that Bernie (who is Jewish) has no plan at all!  What does that mean about Bernie?  It means he will do nothing with regard to the economic inequality caused by the Corporate Bank and Wall Street while with legalized drugs they just sit back and wait until you get in a conflict with the Police and are shot to death?

That which is dependent minded to you a man or woman has a mind that fixates on yours and squirms like a toad because of it!  The Clint Eastwood movies were very good at depicting the psychotic criminal whose mind fixated like a toad on an individual.  When one of those queers fixates on you in the Army it used to be referred to as "They got a hardon for you."


So the other day a young man attempted to gain forced entry into my home at ~6 am in the morning.  The Police did not even ticket him that I am aware of.  And the dispatcher who was a woman would not even tell me her name when I asked it.  When I asked her name she hung up on me.  Women have no place in Government, business management because of that.  You learn to be able to hear the subtle verbal cues when someone is of poor character and she was!

The one Officers name was Gomez.  The other officer looked to be one who was formally of Fox Point, his name being either Conrad or Connelly per my memory.  I have seen him involved in what appears to be Shenanigans before!  What am I talking about?  Rental cars being used to stage accidents very close to where I was parked at the dentist office in Fox Point.

It used to be that a young man got a talking to by the Police and he went straight after that!  That isn't the way it is today.  No matter what you say to them they don't go straight.  In fact I assert that those who didn't respond to the talking to end up wanting to be Police Officers?  Why would you ever put someone with mental retardation on a stimulant such as Ritalin?  I ask because that is what the young man who attempted to gain entry to my home looked like; he was wired on some drug.  And I did indeed feel sorry for him.

But here is the full story.  The tapping on the glass pattern was 4 then 1.  I know because I had heard it before and went outside to look and no one was there.  This day was different.  The tapping was a lot louder.  As if someone was attempting to break the glass.  When I came down and opened the front door in my underwear the young man was at the neighbors to the south of us tapping on their door in the same manner.  I yelled at him, "What are you doing?"

"Somebody is chasing me, let me in your house!"
He then came to my front door very quickly.  As he reached for my door handle I shut the door, locked it and opened the screen from the top so that I could hear him.  I believe that sometimes they want to pretend that they can't hear you or that they speak more softly right then so that you open the door.

But the rule is to never open the door or allow them in your home!  You don't know how many more of them are in wait around the corner to come busting in too!  The reason you don't let them in your home is because it is for their own safety if someone that agitated is allowed in your home you could indeed end up getting into a scuffle with them and very easily killing them.

So I told him to sit on the bench out front of my house while I call the Police.

I call the Police and tell the female dispatcher what is going on.  "There is a man who say's he is being chased and wants in my home."  The woman on the other end of the line pretends like she doesn't know what I just said so I have to say it again.

I am holding the phone by the front door as I look at the person who says he is being chased.

A cop car arrives at Marlborough and Fairmont but then turns east instead of coming to my house.  "I say why did he just turn off?"

The young man wants in my house again and demands to come in.

I tell him to sit right there!


"Nothing is going to happen to you I am right here with you."  I am 6'2" tall about 200 pounds and could Military Machine Press about a high of 135 to 180 pounds with one arm and through punches at the rate of about 11 per second, each capable of killing a human being.

"The woman on the phone doesn't answer."

I ask the young man his name and he tells me his first name "XXXX"

I ask him his last name and he tells me "XxXxxxarthy"  It is the exact same name as the current head coach of the Green Bay Packers.

I tell the woman on the phone that and she say's that a lot of people have that same name.

Now two expensive Police SUV's arrive outside my house and a Police Officer gets out of each.  One being the Mexican named Gomez and the other who I believe to be a mouth full of crooked teeth and croaky voice Police Officer named Conrad that I had met in a Parking lot in Bayside/Fox Point when he asked me something about my car.

The Mexican comes up to the front door.

"Why aren't you asking him for identification?"
"We know him already."
"What do you mean you know him already is he a known robber"
"More like a substance abuser," he say's to me in an endearing tone.
"He lives right down the street from you."

So the Irish cop is talking to the young man as if they are gallivanting at the same bar.

I go back to bed because my feet are cold and I didn't want to catch a cold.  While I am in bed I hear them talking out front.  I peak once out the window after the talking is done and see that the young man is sitting at the bus stop.

I looked up that young man on the internet though.  And it appears he is a Whitefish Bay graduate who recently started attending MATC?  He is listed as a Facebook Friend of Andrew Weber who was a son of that beer baron neighbor who had the EMF broadcasting device mounted in the rafters of his garage that I sometimes write about.  Today he is in Colorado working for a storefront that sells marijuana!!!!

The young man who came to my door looked to be dressed like a robber.  Something about the hat.  And indeed I wonder if he wasn't a person who knocks on doors to see who is home and then perhaps tells the people who have the van to take the stuff from your house to come or not.

But this young man with the football player coach name apparently was said to be good at guitar?  What I noticed later in the day when I sat to play the guitar is that I was playing it a little better.  A little differently.  My fingers were a little more relaxed on the strings.


So what happens the next day?

I am sitting in the living room of my house and young black boys put on a show in the street out front of my house in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.  I call these shenanigans little plays because they are things that only I see and recognize as being funny.  But I will try and articulate it as best I can.

First one car arrives.  Then one black boy gets out of it and goes looks in his trunk rummaging around in there.  Then a second car arrives and parks in front of that one.

So they do this in sequence.  Each waiting what appears to be a specific amount of time, perhaps a minute and a half.  Then another gets out.  Another one inside the car waits a minute and a half and then gets out.

So there are ten black boys out behind that car.  They are rummaging through the trunk and using props.  Holding up an orange shoe and then putting it on.  Then pretending to play craps in the street like they are throwing dice.  Then one hits another in the head a bit and they roar in laughter.

The metaphor of a play that they are putting on is indeed one of the clowns getting out of the very small circus car!!!!  I recognize this.

Okay when that man who spotting the Jews in the Purple Gang in Minnesota stated that they were acting like N1ggers this is what he likely mean.

But today these black boys don't bother me.  It is as if we are part of the same humor stream.  It wasn't always that way with me.

But why are they doing it?  Because it is a form of exorcism!  How?  Every old bitty that is fixated on my mind is likely peaking out that front window and looking at those black boys and not fixating on my mind anymore!  If you hear voices learn to spot these events as helpful forms of exorcism!

Now could that first young man have indeed been chased by two carloads of 10 blacks?  That is indeed part of the satanic ops to!  To scare young white men from their souls!  It happened to me in Chicago!  Some black man running to catch the bus I was on and yelling he is going to kill me?  So I don't discredit the young white mans story too much.  But he did indeed have a Shakespearean accent!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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