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Saturday, April 16, 2016

So what was the name of Jesus Jewish Tribe 04 16 2016

So what was the name of Jesus Jewish Tribe 04 16 2016

There were the Pharisees, the Seduces, the Essenes, and the "No King as God."

Was Jesus religion any of those?  No.  What differentiated Jesus Religion?  Decentralization!  Meaning you could worship any where or put up a temple anywhere!  You didn't have to migrate to what amounts to a tourist trap every year?

So if you are Catholic or Christian that is the label given to Jesus Jewish religion?  But that isn't right either when your religion doesn't conform to Jesus belief system, you can't name it after him!  Why not?  Because it isn't truthful!  It is a misrepresentation!  Just like you can't mention someone's trademark in a way that can be construed as not being consistent with it?  But what is that law really?  1.  It is a violation of your freedom of speech!
2.  After the person who created the intellectual property is long dead and gone who is to say what is consistent with their belief system!  That could become contorted.  So what that really amounts to is that you can't lessen the annuity income from someone collecting it from a dead person's works?  Who wants a spoiled brat like that shaking their pacifier at you anyway!

Paying a temple tax did indeed amount to extortion in that case.  But would it always?   No!  It depends upon the sound and true morality of the person who is levying it!

But lets examine how the Jewish belief system was different from that of the Romans?  The Romans were pure tyrants!  They were pure divine right!  (Our nation has go to war many times to put that down!)  They were the Emperor is God!

The Jewish system was the teacher Rabbi is the leader!  There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than that is there!  Accept when the teacher is a bad person, which again amounts to tyranny!

I can't find that passage where I asserted that Jesus euthanized someone.  But with regard to Luke 4:23 "Doctor heal thyself."  Jesus declared that he did something at Capernaum in order to heal the sick.  Now you are going to find my next theory horrific.  Did he have the ear cut off of the mentally defective / demon child that was demonically possessing a sickened person?  It was stated that he could drive the evil spirit out of someone because "he knew who they were!!!!"  When Jesus told his disciples to take up arms did they indeed go on a crusade consistent with the above?

Jesus tribe was never given a formal name?  But what does that tell us?  It was something that no one wanted to recognize!!!!!

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