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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Gestalt of Ted Cruz is 04 05 2016

The Gestalt of Ted Cruz is 04 05 2016

Well actually they all have this in common!  They are Jug Heads that married money that attempt to convince other Jug Heads that they aren't Jug Heads!

And what do they do when the become President?  They send the blue collar level jug heads off to War!  To get shot apart.  And what does that make the medical device and prosthetic market?  They are really a benefactor of war just as if they were a direct military contractor of weapons!

So who gets trapped up in this?  The apple pie American brave who doesn't even know what a Jug Head is!  He is young and wants to be for his country!  So he enlists!  Granted there was no economic opportunity for him in the United States because the Jug Heads of wealth manipulated it with an Unconstitutional concept called Limited Liability and the Corporate legal charter!

How would a Jug Head feel if he realized he wasn't risking his life and limb for the Constitution but for another Jug Head who doesn't really care about other Jug Heads?  If that Jug Head President cared about other Jug Heads he wouldn't be sending them in harms way!  So if that Jug Head doesn't care about other Jug Heads it really means he doesn't really care for himself either.

So just look at the Gestalt of this and ask yourself if it bothers you.  Russia attempts to put a Nuclear Missile base in Cuba.  What was that around the 1970's late 60's.  That failed because JFK stood up to them and wasn't going to let it happen.  So somehow we get a Cuban move to Canada and then to one of the most corrupt states in the nation Texas that should have lost its statehood after the Civil War.  And now he is leading in the primary in Wisconsin for the Republican candidate for President? 

Here is how dumb all of you are!  He wasn't even born in the United States so he should not even be on the ballot!

"Rafael Edward Cruz
(1970-12-22) December 22, 1970 (age 45)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada"

So in effect he is breaking the Constitution by putting himself on the ballot!

Are we to believe that there isn't one qualified person born in the United States to put on that Republican ballot?  That isn't making a great statement for this country!  You actually have respect for a political party that would pull a shenanigan on you like this?  You think someone like that has the bests interests of this country at hand?

Ted Cruz needs to recuse himself from Candidacy!

Who is pulling the strings to get him where he is?  It is in your American Face treason!

And do you know why you don't see it?  Because all the men were sent off to war!  Because your sons and daughters were hooked on drugs and killed!  Because that beast of a woman who wants to tell you how to do something the wrong way when you know how to do it the right way put all the sons and daughters of men on psychiatric medicine with her howling!  Because you are all born Jug Heads from alcohol.  That strong verbal ability means nothing without depth of substance and Ted Cruz doesn't have that but you don't see it, you don't want to see it and you don't want to hear it.  Because having to think makes your self esteem go below zero!

The sickness and fear of the Jug Heads is incomparable!


So what does it mean to be tempted by demons as Jesus was and hear voices?  That female Jug Head that is talking to you will suggest you do something a different way when in her minds eye she already see's it is going to work the way you did it!

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