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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Somebody breaks into your house and attacks you 04 09 2016

Somebody breaks into your house and attacks you  04 09 2016

You shoot him dead.

The Police take your gun.

The next day his queer lover breaks into your house attacks and kills you.


The Constitution the Supreme Law of the Land that overrides every other law states they had no right to take your gun!

But because they took it does that make them an accomplice to murder because they illegally violated your rights?

I assert it does!

Not only that but they are obstructing justice by taking your gun!  Why?  Because they are defying the Constitution which is the basis of the justice system and all valid laws!

That Second Amendment Law of the Land was never meant to be violated in the above manner!  It was put it place to prevent that exact type of scenario from happening!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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The above Constitutional Amendment could be referred to as "Situation 'Lot' wins without having to flee his home!"

By the way it should be completely legal to discharge a shot gun within any city limits in the United States!  Why?

1.  The sound of a shotgun blast has a percussive shock effect on an intruder.
2.  You could point that shotgun straight up in the air and there is very little danger of taking out a plane.
3.  Again that shotgun blast being very loud is the best warning siren that your home is under siege!
4.  The Constitution say's in no uncertain terms that you have the right to!
5.  Upon hearing that blast you might not have to kill the intruder as they run like h3ll.  So in effect you saved a life.
6.  A shotgun is the best home defense weapon that there is.  And under no circumstances should a short barreled shotgun ever have been outlawed!  That Constitution is there to protect us on our homeland!  That is the best weapon to use to down intruder after intruder into your home!  You don't need to be the most accurate person there is with it!  Had that shotgun been legal organized crime might not have gained a very strong foothold in the United States after WWII.  WWII effectively put an end to the euthenization of the mentally retarded who I will assert have the criminal mind!  I assert that there is absolutely no difference!

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