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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gun Control is 04 06 2016

Gun Control is  04 06 2016

You left a steak knife on the dining room table and someone killed someone with it?  It isn't your fault!!!!

Why should it be considered to be any different with a gun?

Whether it is your kid who did the shooting or the other kid that did the shooting that kid has to be made to know he isn't going to be around anywhere!  And if he is a special education kid that is something he is never going to be able to learn.

This country is a Patriarchal Democracy!  It isn't a Matriarchal Monarchy!  We were founded by men.

Is Jewish Bernie Sanders of Patriarchal lineage?  No!  They don't know what the Patriarchal lineage is because all of the males were killed off around 300 BC during the time of Ezra.

The Constitution uses masculine pronouns concerning the Presidency, not unisex or transgendered or female pronouns!

Having a woman President means we will no longer be a Patriarchal society.

I will argue that someone who gets sent to boarding school is not of Patriarchal lineage either as Donald Trump was.

In terms of a Cuban like Cruz?  All I can say is that every day our water is becoming more like that in Mexico, "Don't drink the water."  So somehow the Hispanic is not of Patriarchal lineage either!  If they were you would not see them fleeing the countries they live in to come to the United States!  Because those countries would have patriarchal leadership!  So you don't want a Cruz or a Rubio as President.  Whose left?  Kucinich?  Managing Director of a Wall Street firm?  He wants you to believe that he didn't profit from the rigged interest rates in the mortgage crisis.  That is all Investment banks do, profit from changes in interest rates.  The secret is that you and I are paying for that money that is printed and allocated to those clowns through something called interest on our national debt!  Kucinich isn't of Patriarchal lineage either!  Could I call him of Slavic thief lineage?  Yes!  Slavic means slave.

Can you see how the country is going further to h3ll no matter who you vote for?

What am I getting at?  Who is that sh1t kid who kills someone with his fathers gun?  He is of matriarchal lineage!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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