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Monday, April 11, 2016

We think of the Miller Surname as being Pure German but it isn't 04 11 2016

We think of the Miller Surname as being Pure German but it isn't  04 11 2016

From my personal experience it is Pure Jewish!

The Miller Brewery is located in Milwaukee!

What implications does that have?

Milwaukee has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation!

What about the Miller Quartet in WW2?  They didn't go in harms way?

Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere and the Miller Brewery was and is a big profiteer from that located in Milwaukee.

There is a great history of FDR ending Prohibition because the eugenics movement was taking hold and getting rid of the retards caused by alcohol then we entered WW2 and he illegally broke the 18th Amendment with the 21st.

The only way that you can have retards and have them maintain wealth is if a human mind is split for them.

FDR's Social Reform adviser was a eugenicist named Charles Van Hise and he believed that "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry."  That really means communism, as in one mind for all.  But more to the point that isn't how a Eugenicist really thinks is it!  The Eugenicist doesn't propagate mental retardation he rids the gene pool of it.  So Charles Van Hise the President of the University of Wisconsin system was likely retarded himself!  But with strong verbal ability as is the case with "Wilsons Syndrome"

After that what else did they need?  They needed a system whereby the mentally retarded could still rule business without having to be responsible for their actions; and that is when the Corporate legal charter became widespread!  Up to that point you had to show that it benefited the public to be a corporation.

But why is our Country failing?  Because third world nations with far more mentally retarded than we have in the United States are thriving by employing their mentally retarded!  But they take it a step further they don't have any Constitution that respects the rights of the individual!

Do you see how it first jeopardizes our national freedom and then any semblance of freedom throughout the entire world?  Once our nation collapses economically from it the mentally retarded  will falsely justify further taking away of your rights, things like Marshal Law etc. will come about. 

Very few people know that in Nazi Germany the women got together and started a Temperance movement to ban alcohol because they couldn't teach the mentally retarded.

Now everyone of us in the United States knows what it is like to have a mentally retarded person in their class with them!  They hate the normal children just as the devil loathed satan.  The class bully is always, always mentally retarded.  In fact that is the best diagnosis of mental retardation that there is, molesting, beating, pushing drugs to the children whose intelligence they are jealous of.  Now lets transition that concept into adulthood.  What is the best evidence of the mentally retarded being among us?  That some of us hear the voices of the mentally retarded in our heads tempting us just as the devil tempted Jesus in the desert or the Pharisees perhaps tempted Moses in the desert and that is why they were lost?

Before you blame me for the lifetime of misery you were born into why don't you write your "Manifesto" and publish it so that everyone can see your true colors?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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