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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Promised Land 04 10 2016

The Promised Land 04 10 2016

The Promised Land?  I think maybe some of the information on who made the promise and what the promise was and why in the Bible is missing.

What is the gestalt of it?  The gestalt of it is that there is someone that they can't beat, perhaps don't want to, so they are promising them a greater land somewhere else if they just leave?

It is like what I have heard the voices say about me at several different times.

"We need him but we can't stand him."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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Were the Irish the Original Israelites that didn't eat pork or drink wine?  Did they migrate from the Middle East first to Spain and then upwards to Ireland?  Ireland being the promised land?  But then perhaps they founded the United States as a Promised land free from English retard wiccan behavior or what amounts to mentally defective Native American Witchcraft?

I will assert it is true.  And it is all factually supported.


One thing that people don't think of concerning the Jews being lost in the Dessert is exactly what happened to Jesus Christ when he was lost in the desert.  He became confused because he was tempted by demons!  So the Jews were indeed likely lost in the Desert under the direction of Moses because he was being tempted by demons too?  Tempted by demons means the exact same thing as hearing voices!  Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes if fraud.


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