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Monday, April 18, 2016

What is wrong with convicting and sentencing a whole family for something their “retard” did wrong that they willfully condoned 04 18 2016

What is wrong with convicting and sentencing a whole family for something their “retard” did wrong that they willfully condoned?

A dog bites you, isn't or shouldn't “the owner” be held liable? What if that dog bite amounts to homicide?

When a person cannot make legal decisions for themselves don't they in effect have “an owner” known instead in terminology as “a guardian?”

Being “An Owner” of a enslaved person is illegal per the United States Constitution! Our brave men and women sacrificed a lot of blood to stop that; only to let it insidiously reappear in a different and cowardly undetectable form?

When the labor market has been manipulated by Corporations are they not “owners” of the rest of us?

When voices wake you up early in the morning we are in an everyone “has a chicken coup” economy already even though there is an ordinance against it!

Don't you want to attempt to ask some people, “Who is your owner?” already; when you see misbehavior?

Hearing voices is “That which should be considered “having an owner” taking “ownership” or “possession” of that which should never be owned. One of the greatest violations in human history!

It might also be thought of as “taking ownership of a human father.” So lets take a look at the patriarchal concept.

So should the real father then be convicted for letting lose, that which should by legal definition for not being able to make its own decisions, to take ownership of the normal? I say yes!

Isn't it better that we take responsibility for the for the actions of the retarded before God destroys us all because of them? (as in Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.) Did a Celtic type legion really destroy them with catapulted flaming peat?

Part two a continuation of this stream of consciousness to be tentatively tilted, “Zero Logical Progression,” Who is it that has done all these things in my name for I never knew you.”

Further along in this line of reasoning, "Why is it that the retard is confidently assured and has no fear or patriarchal punishment that would reform their behavior?"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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“You made a false representation to the rest of us that your child was normal!”

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