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Monday, April 18, 2016

Zero Logical Progression Ability 04 18 2016

Zero Logical Progression Ability 04 18 2016

Zero Logical Progression Ability.  "Who is it that has done all of these things in my name for I never knew you."

Just because you ask the question "why" doesn't mean that someone of lesser insight should use a contrived answer or directive in action!  (lack of reason)

What is in turn implied is that responsible people who have the comprehension to think about the problem do so and come up with a valid answer based on sound and true premises and "logical progression" to answer it! 

Our leaders to day have Zero "logical progression" based comprehension!

They want to label a human being as being mentally ill or in ancient times, "A prophet" if you have that ability?

An answer that requires "logical progression" analysis isn't answered with a few bats of the Mitt Romney flapper girl eyes followed by the bells and whistles out the mouth!

When you have logical progression based analysis ability it gives the Doctoral class Judean the mental illness of unavoidable castration anxiety?  (The gestalt of that once accurately known as neurosis?)

Did the Israelites lose their patriarchal lineage due to Jezebel and the genocide of our _____ patriarchal Prophets?  There were over a million of them.  So what are the comparative time frames?

In what historical period did Jezebel rule?
In what historical time period did Ezra start?

If those two are the same it means that the Judeans lost their patriarchal lineage to Jezebel!

Note how the Pharisees mocked Jesus Christ concerning Elijah?  How they cursed him, "Never again let a Prophet arise from Galilee"  A prophet being someone with the normal capability of "Logical Progression analysis."  Who claims that their ancestry is the Pharisees?  Afraid to step up and claim your ancestors for the genocidal horror that they committed to the human race which is ongoing today?

I look at people as being two types, "Logical progression ability" versus "Emotionally disturbed reactive personality."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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Perhaps I did get this wrong.  They do indeed seem to know the exact steps to take to ruin a human beings life!

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