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Thursday, April 21, 2016

I listen to a radio station until they start asking for money 04 21 2016

I listen to a radio station until they start asking for money  04 21 2016

Then I always think the same thing, "I would never pay these DJ's to listen to them and the poor selection of music they are playing!  Let them go bankrupt in a free market until they put someone in their of honest humanity that I would actually like to listen to!"

Should a radio station or television station ever be allowed to be funded from wealthy individuals?  What does it allow to be propagandized when it happens?  To be honest a lot of god awful bad things and bad ideas that are both undemocratic and a violation of the rights of the normal or underlying normal.

I pick up the Newspaper and immediately think, "This person is telling and not showing" I would never pay for this spoiled and willful opinion, in fact none of the American Public should ever be subjected to this spoiled and willful opinion."

So somehow we need that to go away and come back purified!  And I believe the mandate to do it is that of protecting your rights via the Constitution and protecting the Constitution!

That person sounds like a jack ass!  I can learn nothing credible from them!  That means that they have a negative influence on my life!  Like a bad friend you cut them lose to their own devices ASAP!  (Before you need a new liver or new lung!)  Speaking of which did you ever work for an employer who blew tobacco smoke in your face?  How many years off of your life did that little 5hit take?  I believe that we should redistribute their family wealth and deport them ASAP!  That isn't fair competition in the workplace to have some midget freak blow tobacco smoke in your face!  Nor should they be allowed to do it in public or in any park, outside anywhere.  Let them smoke inside their tar wall stained house with the windows closed  until their dumb kid who doesn't have the skills to do a job sits in the garage with the engine on so symbolically he is telling you he is getting some more of his fill of it!

The Constitution mandates that our General Health is protected!  It has not been updated to include the very expensive results attained from scientific inquiry and study!  It begs the question, "How can those who were paid to do such studies ever consider themselves to be credible scientists?"  They are just takers without national moral conscience!

Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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