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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ancient Alphabetical Evidence of the Medical Fraud of Schizophrenia 04 05 2016

Ancient Alphabetical Evidence of the Medical Fraud of Schizophrenia 04 05 2016

Scientist's say that persons with Schizophrenia do not have that front gap in their brains as the general population does.

So look at the drawing as I walk you through it.

Rotate that diagram of the brain 90 degrees to the right. Now what does that resemble? What is that the abstract of? The letter Q, the 17th letter of the 26 letter alphabet! 17/26= .65384. Rounded up to the number of the beast as .66_ Essentially being 2/3. The beast being 2/3 of a man at best?

But were not ancient letters formed in Sanskrit? Meaning they were initially symbols drawn in the sand? Symbols first used to represent what they found and discovered?

Did they dissect someone's brain that was a very Queer, odd and horrible person? And the letter Q is used to symbolize what they found? The bottom mark to it indicating that gap in the brain? The letter Q might have been used to symbolize this!

Generally we know that more brain matter is better. And we know that less brain matter happens when the brain doesn't develop due to alcohol and the “resultant” gaps in the brain instead fill with cerebral spinal fluid.

So what words immediately come to mind that start with the letter Q?

Quick- As in, “Quick Abraham get rid of that one!”

Quiet- “That kid with the Q shaped brain is never Quiet!”

Quiche- “A brain essentially being the ovum expanded after being broached by the semen. Makes one also wonder if a child of love doesn't have a Q spot because their was little human species resistance of the egg to the sperm from a man she loved, indicating a marriage not based on money or rape.

Queer- Odd, and sometimes dangerously odd!

Queen- It's female!

Quotient- Implies less, remainder.

Quest- To search for, often with an end goal.

Quran- Who was Queen at the time the Quran was written? Was it a Queen Ann or “Queer Ann”=Qur Ann= Quran? Was Mohamed's mind indeed demonically possessed by Queen Ann? The English were indeed Druids and the Druids worshipped the monkey. A monkey having a brain far less than human. And that Quran was indeed written about the same time the black Moors invaded and conquered Europe for a period of 700 or so years from around 800 AD to 1400 AD per my back of the envelop memory.

But what am I saying here? Schizophrenia is medical fraud! If you have a brain without a gap in the front of it you are more normal. And who are the demonic that are tempted you just as they did Jesus Christ in the Dessert? They are those who have that missing part of the front brain as the general population does today. So where did it come from? Alcohols influence in drying the brain during development and preventing it from expanding and growing as well as inbreeding that results when no one wants to marry a drunken/retard. And they have indeed learned to maladapt to this with strong verbal ability derived from tempting the minds of human beings who are normal without that frontal lobe exterior gap; who are then labeled schizophrenia in medical fraud. The symptoms are real, horrific and disabling however the cause of them makes it medical fraud!

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