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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Building United States Prisons in Foreign Countries for United States Criminals of that National Origin 04 27 2016

Building United States Prisons in Foreign Countries for United States Criminals of that National Origin 04 27 2016

Is that black person on a bicycle in the median of the road waiting to hijack a car coming by happy in the United States?  No!  Will he ever be happy in the United States?  No.  Was there ever a black teacher who stood up like a man and was a good father figure to these young men?  More likely than not that man and a whole lot of black woman are seeing the black kid who wants to hijack a car in their minds eye and being complacent with it?  They want to will it to happen because it is those white people who are smarter who will be victimized!  Now that last sentence there can indeed be more broadly applied, perhaps in another article as that isn't the general focus of this one.

How about a Polish religious leader who was complement with the sexual molestation of white children?

Should we put Mexican drug lords operating in the United States in United States Prisons?  No!  Again we never want that criminal stock to gain a foothold here.  Also they have committed a crime and should not just be deported; the white boy knows or used to know that when you committed a crime you go to jail so you don't do that!

Does this end the recidivism rate in the United States?  Absolutely!

Aside from the initial reason it also makes sense when it comes to telemarketing fraud conducted from foreign nations on United States Citizens!  We never want them serving time in the United States because we would never want that criminal stock to get a foothold here.  This time of crime just adds to our national debt.  For example if it is credit card fraud and the banks just write it off.  Then they end up declaring bankruptcy and socking it to the taxpayer/citizen in a .Gov bailout!

So how do you handle the drug problem?  The Foreign based United States Prison in the only way you end that freakish wired psychotic nightmare!

What about high crimes by the wealthy in foreign nations that have their arms reach into the United States?  Same great place to put them in right!  A prison in their own country.  And perhaps we can have a much higher standard of sentencing and justice for people like that in this framework.

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For some reason we are not allowed to say you aren't one of us; however you didn't cognitively develop to be of our national standard for whatever reason?  Likely you are one of the 5% with fetal alcohol syndrome with no visible signs?

Every Prison should also have a Sodomy Gallows.  Prison isn't the place for you to meet your gay husband or wife at!  And if Prison faculty are engaging in Sodomy then somehow that noose will be for them too!  That keeps the prison system CLEAN!

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