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Friday, April 15, 2016

Economic Corruption 1932 04 15 2016

Economic Corruption  1932       04 15 2016

So instead of raising tariffs on foreign imports in order to receive money from foreign nations we instead borrow money from them?

Perhaps in a bank in Panama? (Given the corruption recently revealed about that the paper trail of names would be a good place to start.)  Perhaps in a Port strong arm bank or collection facility?

Same is true of our Gov's dealings with American Corporations isn't it! Instead of raising the rate on them we borrow money from them to receive that money and end up owing them. What does the gestalt of that really equate to; bankers did not earn their money. Perhaps it is laundered in fattened trucking logistics payments?

So ask yourself why it is structured like that? Is the answer because some faction of organized crime, perhaps white collar organized crime, is secretly collecting that tariff and they don't dare infringe upon that profit stream? It would have to be labeled something else, or laundered to be something else in a different way? Perhaps it is laundered in currency trading profits???? Could heroin dealing also be laundered in false currency trading profits? Where do I come up with accusations like this? FDR's family money came from the opiate (heroin) trade with China and he was also a Finance guy; so leopards don't change their spots!  And we know that the heroin has transitioned into pharmacy prescription based Fentanyl.  It should really be classified as a contraband poison due to all the deaths it has caused?  Possession of it with intent to distribute and or prior proof of distribution equaling a mandatory death sentence.  Possession of gateway drugs to it equaling a sentence of deportation without personal assets or worse.  You get to go where they don't respect personal rights just as you don't!

Look what FDR did.  He illegally legalized the substance that is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere alcohol.  Then he granted rights to those who would abuse the rights of the normal!!!  (That is the worst monster in the world that doesn't want you to realize the benefits of your own; genealogy, education, knowledge and intelligence!

Would you have Yakuza in Japan if there were no Gun Control in Japan? They catch up to you strong arm you and cut off a finger? Without Gun Control you mow them down with a .45 Auto. Which brings me to the next point, lets say that it is determined that the criminal minded all share a common genetic trait that represents itself in brain anatomy or brain chemistry; should you ever face charges for killing someone like that in defense of yourself? Don't take my advice this is just theory. But I say no.
Our Constitution should be updated in order to protect the normal from what scientific discoveries reveal genetically is what we created that Constitution to protect ourselves! That is indeed consistent with the purpose and intent of the Constitution! So that would be a legal amendment! “We discovered the genetics of what we originally declared our Independence from and it has been proven without doubt that they have infiltrated the United States and are up to the same victimization of us today as they were when we created the Constitution.”

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Now one similar construct of the above two is, instead of the United States Prosecuting and executing child molesters they give them charitable religious status?

And here is why I don't like the Democrats. Instead of Prosecuting drug dealers you want to make it not a crime and in fact have Medicare pay for their dope? That distribution ring is guilty of treason per my judgement!

But look at those three gestalts of the convoluted criminal mind.  The female hippocampus is wired differently because on average the cranium is ten percent smaller....  The reason some of us are targeted to hear voices is because of the presence of that convoluted brain structure among us; in both sex's?

Ah, enough already, nobody cares.

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