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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Deep Holes in River Project 04 28 2016

Deep Holes in River Project  04 28 2016

It would seem to me that a device could be placed upstream in a county in a river and it could map out the deep holes in the river.  As it drifts downstream it could under power check out all the eddies to see if there are some deep ones.

I would like to see this done with the Milwaukee River!!!  I have never seen a highly detailed bottom contour map of the river.  If there are 10 foot holes in it I want to know about them and where they are and if there is a deep stretch then a boat ramp should be put in there and perhaps two boat ramps one upstream and one downstream on the navigable stretch with the holes in it.

And that river will not be clean per the Clean Water Act until you can pick up a hand full of soil or bottom muck and it doesn't smell horrific!  Basically it is ruined and a lost cause?  Great leadership we have had in this country; not!

It could have a GPS transmitter in it that transmits the depth at the current coordinate!  It could also have a sight video tower on it, so that it doesn't get stuck?

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