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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shouldn't someone on Disability at least get a living wage amounts worth? 04 16 2016

Shouldn't someone on Disability at least get a living wage amounts worth?

$15 per hour * 40 hours a week * 4 weeks per month equals= $2400.00

Per Year it is $15 per hour * 40 hours a week*52 weeks in a year= $31,200.oo

To disable you and then not give you enough money to live on is genocide!

To be disabled at a limited liability place of employment or incorporated village and not be given enough money to live on is also genocide! What a bunch of rats!

Can I tell you something? If you were paid that much those who put you on disability would become so depressed that they would not want to live! So the depressed are not only violent to themselves but also to other people! It might be the start of a World War? So doing what is right starts a World War? That is what the United States as always tried to stand for!

That snake is awful hard to track isn't it! Rather than charge tariffs on Chinese imports it borrows that money it should be getting from the tariffs in order to receive that money; putting the entire nation into Satanic debt! They are just baiting us and waiting to pull the pin on that grenade aren't they!

Rather than raise taxes on the rich it borrows money from them in order to receive that money! That indicates treason and that our Government has been infiltrated!

You can't get off disability when every time you wake up with an erection it is like that wealthy inbred family of hair lipped and howling bugle lips is metaphorically peeking under the covers to see it and sponge up your life essence into their vacancy souls!  (The gestalt of that could indeed form one of the greatest scenes in a comedy movie ever!)  Do you see how the modern cinema scribes use the harassed minds of people like me as a muse for their office block buster movies?  Jesus stated it best, "Yeah shall know them by their fruits."  He is saying they stole from you!  You know them by their fruits because they are your fruits!

Mein Kampf ~= That's “my life.”

Disability is real simple! If you don't want to pay a non genocidal wage then don't actively disable us!

Just because your cold faced mother taught you how to “see” in a fugue like queer doesn't mean that the living life of the man that you are sprying ever did anything wrong; other than being condemned for being born normal! Legalizing and promoting mental retardation causing alcohol is highly consistent with the Jewish tribe of Pharisees motivation of cursing Jesus Christ in this manner, “Never again let a Prophet arise from Galilee” It literally means don't let anyone get educated and smart!

Pay a disabled person less than half a living wage and then declare they aren't even allowed to have that because by definition someone else is paying for half of their living expenses? In terms of tyranny that is at the top of the list!

I am Irish and just like the Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, when I see a snake I want to ____ it!

Will your health insurance company ever pay you disability if you qualify for Social Security? Not likely! And first to get the money from health insurance disability you need to qualify for Social Security Disability!

What does that make health insurance for disability? A big give away to the health insurance companies! And that payment is transferred to the general pot because they end up not paying it because you are receiving social security disability!

You don't have to pay it if you stop actively disabling us? Not necessarily true when the reason you are making humans mentally ill is because you don't have a mind of your won and always will be violating inalienable human rights; so you will always have to pay, and you should!

If you can't live among us without violating our inalienable human rights then you either get the h3ll out or you pay big time!

You don't think you should ever have to pay for peeking under the covers do you; Hillbilly hair lip and howling bugle lip! The nature of the snake eyed thief is that it can't be taught “no peaking” in school!  Their whole education of a satanic minded person is cheating!  Upon graduation they are then motivated to eliminate any evidence of a false education by tempting the mind of the one who they learned everything from; and demonizing it to exhaustion, often death, with the demonic voices of the mentally retarded. (That is really an expression of self hatred isn't it!)  It is known as causing that person to hear voice, AKA schizophrenia, and it is one of the most horrific crimes the human race has ever faced!

There I said it all again. My Freedom of Speech should always protect me and my belief in myself.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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