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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Psychiatric Profits have Jew written all over them! 04 14 2016

Psychiatric Profits have Jew written all over them!

Rather than our “Fed Collective” raising tariffs on Chinese Imports they borrowed that money from China! As the Bible states “They know not what they do?” I think they have a really good idea of what they are doing though!

But what did they use for collateral for those loans, aside from not raising tariffs? The soul of the American gentile mind! Split that normal American mind among all the people of color who want a piece of it and call the victims incoherent schizophrenics!

It has a linchpin on it doesn't it! The “Fed Collective” wants to do the scorched earth policy and state we can't pay our debts and stick it to the honest American even further in long lasting genocidal economic depression. It is genocide because people starve to death!

Rather than raise yearly fees on U.S. Corporations they borrowed that money from China. What does it mean? That Corporate managers didn't earn their money! Anyone who has the antisocial personality of a lemon battery didn't earn their money in the United States! They didn't! As long as one of us normal human beings including children were mentally victimized by them they didn't earn their money here!

Does the individual investor make money on Wall Street. No it is manipulated by the Institutions who have limitless pockets from the Fed Collective.

And where do the Gambling profits go? Into the Jewish Federation to bring up candidate after candidate who has no idea how to manage people. Why not? Because their personalities are estranged and therefore neurotic! What is the definition of Estrangement? “Deferring from the original possessor.” Who is the original possessor? The human being whose mind was demonized by the voices of the “Fed Collective”

There is no difference between any person of color and those of the Fed Collective! They all have the exact same thing in common! “A dumb dog that is all ears!”

And Jesus Christ called the Canaanites Dogs! He also become very violent when the Jews brought wine kiosks into his temple! He beat them out of their with a staff! And what did he do to a young retarded boy? He had his ear cut off!

Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere. I will assert that there is no difference between a mentally retarded person and a criminal minded person!

When the Pharisees said, “He knows what we do!” They meant that he knew that they were inverse imprinting the mentally retarded from the minds of human beings that were demonically possessed and tempted by demons, the modern medical fraud term for it is schizophrenia. It literally is a compound word meaning split mind! Schizo meaning split. And Phrenic meaning mind.

All of those banking profits are not earned! When someone is charging you 20% interest they are not earning their money! That High School Cheerleader turned loan executive has no more comprehension of industrial technology than a dyslexic with a hair lip lisp! They never have to worry about losing their homes and becoming homeless! Just borrow more money and stick it to the rest of us!
So the Fed Collective Issues Bonds to the Banks to raise money rather than charging them higher year end tx's? Did I just teach you to see right through that? It ought to make you want to puke! It is proof that they weren't capable of earning money! If they were the Fed Collective would not have borrowed from them. The Fed Collective has no intention of paying it back! Why not? Because it would mean draining the money back from those who didn't earn it in the first place! It is never going to happen. What instead happens is that those who hoarded the money drive a country into a crisis and the rest of us get deprived of everything in economic genocide. Then they state we couldn't pay our mortgages and property taxes and collect all that! You put me in that head position and I would never let that happen! And I would do a lot of things that they would absolutely loath in order to protect the United States Constitution and the rights of the NORMAL! And if you hear voices you are indeed more NORMAL than NORMAL! Why? They are splitting your mind to learn from it like baby piglets sucking your skin out to form teets! You don't do that to a retard because you don't get any benefit from it! You do get a lot of detriment from that because once those development years are missed by learning nothing from a retards split mind there is no getting that back! Get it? They do it to the HIGHLY INTELIGENT AND NORMAL not the retards from their same tribe! Would it even be alright if they practiced that retard suckling on normal members of their own religion? No! Because it violates the rights of the normal! Who are the normal? They are the ones who formed this country by saying, “We have had enough of that!”

I don't like being anti-Semitic. However I do not like hearing voices until I catch a cold or other sickness! I have a college education. When you hear voices it rapidly degrades your intelligence just as if their was a car load of monkey's parked outside your house playing deafening rap music.

This country belongs to those who believe in the Constitution. All of the above have proven well enough that they cannot live in compatibility with the Constitution!

Copyright 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy
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