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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Have Police Officers typically been promoted 04 10 2016

Have Police Officers typically been promoted  04 10 2016

Have Police Officers typically been promoted, or received raises or year end bonuses after killing or contriving a scene  to kill someone labeled schizophrenic (which is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud.)

If an honest person (none around) were to run those statistics and a pattern is found it amounts to treason!

Remember your local city is likely incorporated which means it is really a banking machine?


How many armed forces personal have been promoted, or received raises or year end bonuses after killing or contriving a scene  to kill someone labeled schizophrenic through being placed in  a Theater of War,  a Friendly Fire Theater?

What the honest American will never realize until it is too late is that there are those who are dependent minded to their Cognition!  They hear you think.  So why do they want to off you?  Because they can't turn off that hearing.  And after they are done with education years they don't want to feel true to being the mental retard they really are.

Getting hooked on any drug while in the service or being traumatized while there amounts to a similar act.

How many Corporate managers have  been promoted, or received raises or year end bonuses after picking on a United Citizen without relent until they became mentally ill?


A lot of people consider the University of Wisconsin College System to really be a bank.  I never thought of it that way because I worked my way through college and was proud of my degree.  But today the graduate ends up owing a substantial amount of debt to the college.  And owing both interest and principle on that debt does indeed make it a defacto bank.

Add in Interest Rates that amount to a level of usury and the picture starts to form a little better.

Add in Charitable organizations receiving donations from wealthy families whose retards are given jobs there, effectively the parents are donating the money to pay the kids salary, and the picture becomes clearer.  That is sometimes referred to as recycling of money 11 times over?

One more thing about the national banks that is very scary is that many of them in the United States are owned by foreign countries.

{I don't know what is going on here.  But the Bradley Harris Foundation put the Bucks Basketball Arena up in Milwaukee.  I couldn't sit in it without getting blood clots in my legs because the seats were so close together when you stood up your legs were numb.  But they funded Supreme Court Judge Rebecca Bradley who recently won in Wisconsin.  She was promoted by Walker 4 times in 9 months.  There looks like there is something wrong with her head to me.  She talks funny and her lower jaw extends under her front teeth.  I actually do wonder if her head was run over by a car tire at one point in her life or what is going on with that.  But BMO Harris bought and replaced Wisconsin's second largest Bank Marshall and Isly (sp?).  BMO is indeed Canadian owned!  The surname Harris really originates from the word "Hairy!"}


You might as well put a picture of a mental retardation causing Judean Wine Bottle right on the front of the national dollar.  The Bible tells us that Judea and Israel were separate countries until the Judean Wine Presses rolled into Israel.

A democrat working for Hilary told me that Bernie (who is Jewish) has no plan at all!  What does that mean about Bernie?  It means he will do nothing with regard to the economic inequality caused by the Corporate Bank and Wall Street while with legalized drugs they just sit back and wait until you get in a conflict with the Police and are shot to death?

That which is dependent minded to you a man or woman has a mind that fixates on yours and squirms like a toad because of it!  The Clint Eastwood movies were very good at depicting the psychotic criminal whose mind fixated like a toad on an individual.  When one of those queers fixates on you in the Army it used to be referred to as "They got a hardon for you."


So the other day a young man attempted to gain forced entry into my home at ~6 am in the morning.  The Police did not even ticket him that I am aware of.  And the dispatcher who was a woman would not even tell me her name when I asked it.  When I asked her name she hung up on me.  Women have no place in Government, business management because of that.  You learn to be able to hear the subtle verbal cues when someone is of poor character and she was!

The one Officers name was Gomez.  The other officer looked to be one who was formally of Fox Point, his name being either Conrad or Connelly per my memory.  I have seen him involved in what appears to be Shenanigans before!  What am I talking about?  Rental cars being used to stage accidents very close to where I was parked at the dentist office in Fox Point.

It used to be that a young man got a talking to by the Police and he went straight after that!  That isn't the way it is today.  No matter what you say to them they don't go straight.  In fact I assert that those who didn't respond to the talking to end up wanting to be Police Officers?  Why would you ever put someone with mental retardation on a stimulant such as Ritalin?  I ask because that is what the young man who attempted to gain entry to my home looked like; he was wired on some drug.  And I did indeed feel sorry for him.

But here is the full story.  The tapping on the glass pattern was 4 then 1.  I know because I had heard it before and went outside to look and no one was there.  This day was different.  The tapping was a lot louder.  As if someone was attempting to break the glass.  When I came down and opened the front door in my underwear the young man was at the neighbors to the south of us tapping on their door in the same manner.  I yelled at him, "What are you doing?"

"Somebody is chasing me, let me in your house!"
He then came to my front door very quickly.  As he reached for my door handle I shut the door, locked it and opened the screen from the top so that I could hear him.  I believe that sometimes they want to pretend that they can't hear you or that they speak more softly right then so that you open the door.

But the rule is to never open the door or allow them in your home!  You don't know how many more of them are in wait around the corner to come busting in too!  The reason you don't let them in your home is because it is for their own safety if someone that agitated is allowed in your home you could indeed end up getting into a scuffle with them and very easily killing them.

So I told him to sit on the bench out front of my house while I call the Police.

I call the Police and tell the female dispatcher what is going on.  "There is a man who say's he is being chased and wants in my home."  The woman on the other end of the line pretends like she doesn't know what I just said so I have to say it again.

I am holding the phone by the front door as I look at the person who says he is being chased.

A cop car arrives at Marlborough and Fairmont but then turns east instead of coming to my house.  "I say why did he just turn off?"

The young man wants in my house again and demands to come in.

I tell him to sit right there!


"Nothing is going to happen to you I am right here with you."  I am 6'2" tall about 200 pounds and could Military Machine Press about a high of 135 to 180 pounds with one arm and through punches at the rate of about 11 per second, each capable of killing a human being.

"The woman on the phone doesn't answer."

I ask the young man his name and he tells me his first name "XXXX"

I ask him his last name and he tells me "XxXxxxarthy"  It is the exact same name as the current head coach of the Green Bay Packers.

I tell the woman on the phone that and she say's that a lot of people have that same name.

Now two expensive Police SUV's arrive outside my house and a Police Officer gets out of each.  One being the Mexican named Gomez and the other who I believe to be a mouth full of crooked teeth and croaky voice Police Officer named Conrad that I had met in a Parking lot in Bayside/Fox Point when he asked me something about my car.

The Mexican comes up to the front door.

"Why aren't you asking him for identification?"
"We know him already."
"What do you mean you know him already is he a known robber"
"More like a substance abuser," he say's to me in an endearing tone.
"He lives right down the street from you."

So the Irish cop is talking to the young man as if they are gallivanting at the same bar.

I go back to bed because my feet are cold and I didn't want to catch a cold.  While I am in bed I hear them talking out front.  I peak once out the window after the talking is done and see that the young man is sitting at the bus stop.

I looked up that young man on the internet though.  And it appears he is a Whitefish Bay graduate who recently started attending MATC?  He is listed as a Facebook Friend of Andrew Weber who was a son of that beer baron neighbor who had the EMF broadcasting device mounted in the rafters of his garage that I sometimes write about.  Today he is in Colorado working for a storefront that sells marijuana!!!!

The young man who came to my door looked to be dressed like a robber.  Something about the hat.  And indeed I wonder if he wasn't a person who knocks on doors to see who is home and then perhaps tells the people who have the van to take the stuff from your house to come or not.

But this young man with the football player coach name apparently was said to be good at guitar?  What I noticed later in the day when I sat to play the guitar is that I was playing it a little better.  A little differently.  My fingers were a little more relaxed on the strings.


So what happens the next day?

I am sitting in the living room of my house and young black boys put on a show in the street out front of my house in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.  I call these shenanigans little plays because they are things that only I see and recognize as being funny.  But I will try and articulate it as best I can.

First one car arrives.  Then one black boy gets out of it and goes looks in his trunk rummaging around in there.  Then a second car arrives and parks in front of that one.

So they do this in sequence.  Each waiting what appears to be a specific amount of time, perhaps a minute and a half.  Then another gets out.  Another one inside the car waits a minute and a half and then gets out.

So there are ten black boys out behind that car.  They are rummaging through the trunk and using props.  Holding up an orange shoe and then putting it on.  Then pretending to play craps in the street like they are throwing dice.  Then one hits another in the head a bit and they roar in laughter.

The metaphor of a play that they are putting on is indeed one of the clowns getting out of the very small circus car!!!!  I recognize this.

Okay when that man who spotting the Jews in the Purple Gang in Minnesota stated that they were acting like N1ggers this is what he likely mean.

But today these black boys don't bother me.  It is as if we are part of the same humor stream.  It wasn't always that way with me.

But why are they doing it?  Because it is a form of exorcism!  How?  Every old bitty that is fixated on my mind is likely peaking out that front window and looking at those black boys and not fixating on my mind anymore!  If you hear voices learn to spot these events as helpful forms of exorcism!

Now could that first young man have indeed been chased by two carloads of 10 blacks?  That is indeed part of the satanic ops to!  To scare young white men from their souls!  It happened to me in Chicago!  Some black man running to catch the bus I was on and yelling he is going to kill me?  So I don't discredit the young white mans story too much.  But he did indeed have a Shakespearean accent!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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