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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Devils Defense Line against Men and how your Constitution was designed to Protect You 04 16 2016The Devils Defense Line against Men and how your Constitution was designed to Protect You 04 16 2016

The Devils Defense Line against Men and how your Constitution was designed to Protect You 04 16 2016
  1. Limited Liability. Be able to hire retards and not be responsible for your product at the same time because you yourself are a retard. The Constitution protects us from this because limited liability is Divine Right. Divine Right is the equivalent of a title of nobility. Our Constitution forbids a title of nobility from being granted by congress. So it is illegal even though it is common! If IRS code were applied to it it would be labeled a pass through entity!
  2. Violating your right to freedom of speech. You can't say anything bad about a product because it hurts the brand name. This progressed to the point where you were afraid to say something bad about a drug that kills tens of thousands a year.
  3. Taking away your second amendment right. Make you not only fear that you aren't responsible to have a gun but take one away so that your property can be illegally searched and confiscated. There is another amendment to protect you from that devils tactic!
  4. Psychiatry, dope you up until you are incoherent. When they don't like your religion, religion being a personal belief system...and what is a personal belief system? Something that helps you learn and develop in life. A normal person throws out beliefs proven untrue to them and replaces them with true ones that are further developed all through your life. That is your personal religion, your belief system, and it is quite comprehensive with regard to your personal knowledge! So when they don't like your belief in yourself they seek to harass you and then put you on drugs, to suppress your belief I yourself. The Constitution guaranties your freedom of religion!
  5. Make everything you can design with slave labor in a foreign country and sell it in the United States. We do indeed have an amendment outlawing slavery!  It basically means you won't be able to earn a living in the United States!  What also violates your ability to earn a living is limited liability in number 1 above pooling labor and excluding you for subjective reasons such as vicious envy and jealousy!  So that has to be compensated so that the individual wins!

That is in no way a comprehensive list of how the Devil has infiltrated the United States, it is just what came to me this morning as I started to think about it while writing something else.

The purpose of the Constitution is to protect your general welfare. Welfare meaning health. So when indeed someone finagles a new violation to that which they want to assert really isn't we often need to spell out an amendment prohibiting that when indeed we should have been able to rely on a qualified and competent Supreme Court to non negligently apply the Constitution! And legislating against it, as a Supreme Court opinion amounts to, is improper and treasoness application. We have yet to see anyone else but me have the bile to declare the Supreme Court has committed and fostered treason!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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And what do you think of a Priest who will insult every interpretation of the Bible other than his own?

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