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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Upward Mobility 04 14 2016

Upward Mobility 04 14 2016

If you want a better job in life, say you put shingles on roofs, then you act like you like and respect the job you have!

So if you don't know how to do that here is a tip.  Act like you are in Church all the time you are at that job!

When you see a person you smile as if you would like to shake their hand because it is like the shaking of the hand sign of peace you share at Church.

If you can't do that then not only are you not upwardly mobile but also you more likely belong in a third world country because you would be happier there!  It isn't the fault of the civilized if your father was a rat gut drunk.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And what do you do when you end up getting hired for someone who resents man as the above resents?  I have no constructive and successful advice to give you on that.  Perhaps you vote for someone who shares your belief system.  And what do you do when there is no one like that to vote for?

Do you really have valid first person knowledge from an education or are you Granny Fieldcorns constant Fugue hillbilly child that will always have a chip on its shoulders?  Waiting for trouble so that a higher ranking thug in this country will advance you?

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