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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have a listen!!!!

 Have a listen I recommend track number 11 and track number 2, 4,1,9 and 1 through 19. 

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How much safer would people drive if there were no auto insurance 01 30 2013

How much safer would people drive if there were no auto insurance 01 30 2013

How much safer would people drive if there were no auto insurance?

And I am speaking of collision damage repair or replacement insurance.

How much safer would people drive in the winter if there were no auto insurance?

How much safer would people drive in wet conditions if there were no auto insurance?

How much safer would people drive after drinking if there were no auto insurance?
The insurance industry supports DWI accidents doesn't it!

The insurance industry supports irresponsible behavior doesn't it!

Be realistic if someone just bought a $40,000.00 car and knows if they wreck it that they will be out that amount of money they are going to drive a lot safer!  Not only that they are going to teach their children to drive a lot safer!

All that means less injury doesn't it?  And what is important less injury or being compensated for injuries that cause disability by a company that makes its money from lessening the responsibility quotient.

And I don't even know what responsibility quotient means, it just sounded good.

Let's see if you ever saw this in a television commercial, "I can never walk again but I got lots of money for it!"

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quote of the Day 01 29 2013

Quote of the Day 01 29 2013

"Classic works of literature that survive the test of time have one thing in common; they are extended poetry."

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CD's now available in physical form!!!! Save 10% if buy 2 or more

CD's now available in physical form!!!! Save 10% if buy 2 or more!

Thomas Paul Murphy's CD's are now available in physical form.  Save 10% if you buy two or more!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Movie Now Playing!!!!!!

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John C. Kiriakou Another Hero Sent to Prison by Barrack Obama 01 26 2013

Another Hero Sent to Prison by Barrack Obama 01 26 2013

John C. Kiriakou

John C. Kiriakou leaked the identity of a CIA officer who used the soffocation technique called water boarding and he just got sentenced to 30 months in prison for doing so.

The public does not know the name of the man that Kiriakou told on.  But I will say that I would not want someone like the man that Kiriakou blew the whistle on living in my nieghborhood, community, state or country.  Someone who does something like that should get the death penalty.  But instead he walks free and an honest American soul of justice goes to prison.

That justice does not meet the standard of integrity the United States was built on and is the exact reason that their are terrorists from foreign countries that hate and seek to attack the United States.

A Government like this is the equivalent of children who are  treehouse friends and decide what to do and not a mature democracy.

What would you say about people who claim that I go against the grain?

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Athletes in Fake Online Relationships 01 26 2013

Athletes in Fake Online Relationships 01 26 2013
  • You have to ask yourself if there isn't money involved why are they perpotrating the lie? To understand the reason you have to read the mocking God who speaks in the parable of the talents in the Bible. Now don't stop reading just because I mentioned the Bible. The Satanic have found a way to drain someone of their athletic skill set and otherwise from the soul potential of discarded semen. You have to think of your satanic person as being a basic vegetable. And they might even be stated to have a mean case of adaptive mental retardation. So if they don't have a human soul they have to get it and skill sets from somebody else. How can you learn if you can't listen? By being imprinted. After the athlete goes into depression or mental illness from the crime perpotrated against them that soul is soaked up like a sponge by young Satanic.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Quote of the Day 01 25 2013

Quote of the Day 01 25 2013

I can not remember one version of the most popular secret agent movie series where he ever had a woman that had the true soul of an Arab woman.  There is just something beautiful there, whether it is pragmatic intelligence or a strong sense of knowing wrong from right??  A strong sense of individual responsibility?
And all that coupled with beautiful dark hair and attractive facial features.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rifles and Time Length of U.S. in Wars 01 24 2013

Rifles and Time Length of U.S. in Wars 01 24 2013

WWIII  ~41-45,  ~3 years,  Standard Caliber Rifle .30"
Korea               ,   ~3 years, Standard Caliber Rifle .30"

Vietnam,  ~59-75, ~16 years,  Standard Caliber Rifle .223"
Middle East,       ,  ~21 years? , Standard Caliber Rifle  .223"

So the diameter of the Caliber bullet goes from .3 to .223 and the war lasts 5 times longer?

The Caliber is reduced to 75% of what it was and the length of war increases 500%

Of course all of those think tank experts will tell you something different.  No statistical correlation.

The AR-15 was really the successor to the AR-5.  And that rifle was commissioned as an air crew survival rifle.  If you look at the  Calibers and shape of the cartridges they are fairly close.  .223 and the .22 Hornet.

So our modern war rifle has indeed been an air crew survival rifle?  Somehow we have had negligence in our Government for how many decades?  No one ever thought to think about it?  What does that tell us about our Military?  That they have been irresponsible concerning the most basic tool and necessity of war?

This is the encyclopedia entry for the company that one the contract with the U.S. Government for the .223

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quote of the day 01 23 2013

"Satan defined:  You have a mean case of adaptive mental retardation."

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Theory on the Homosexual Political Movement 01 23 2013

I think that it has to do with poverty of the soul and replenishment of soul through the spiritual content of semen and ovum.  It falls under my “Thou shall not eat the flesh with the lifeblood still in it theory.”  And also why they went stupid in Sodom and Gomorrah through Luxuria and God had to destroy them- A human soul adulterated until it was no longer human.

There is basis in science for what God said, we know that viruses can indeed influence the human genome and cause mutations.  They can be said to be tiny bits of DNA from other animals.  So “Thou shall not eat the flesh with the life blood still in it”  is one command we should never take lightly.

In other words they are trying to protect a different reality concerning themselves!!!!  And that is why they assert this right so greatly!

I have never ingested any of that stuff.  But I can tell you that I bit the head off of a smelt once and the blood got in my mouth.  It made me sick like an iron overload type of headache.  There is a lot of substance to Gods Commandment.  And I hate to say it but I do not believe we should be eating raw fish of any kind in the United States.  The list goes on about what I think we shouldn’t be doing regarding Gods Law but it is written somewhere in a pile of papers of mine two feet high.

I also think whores gain a lot of strength when they ingest that stuff and they can have the ability to direct that natural psychoenergetic energy at people. Why?  To displace a person’s soul from them and see into the future and place odds based on it that are infallible.  The victim is labeled Schizophrenia and the whole mental health issue becomes a horror for them as well as the greatest cost to our healthcare system.  It is organized witchcraft that creates this form of mental illness.   I wrote an article called “Charging up the Whore” once but never published it.

I wrote and sang two or more songs about it, track 11 and track 17 at the link below.

I also believe that some people lose their soul and it was no fault of their own.  They were victimized.  And this might be part of the desperation here. 

And what if a pregnant mother is sucking off an odd assortment of dicks?  That child might not be born completely normal?  The outwardly appearance might be normal but cognitively their would be desperation?

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Whoa, let me be clear I have never had an experience like that and if you get fresh with me you better ask yourself is it worth dying right then?  There is no-one that cares about you in any way in this world that will miss you when you are dead and buried?  Okay I made that clear.

A Product that I just bought 01 23 2013

>>>>>Link to Product<<<<<<

Reason for purchase:  I thought that this product would help to build up and strengthen the area around my lower back where there is a bulging disc.  I will use it in conjunction with exercise to accomplish that goal.

It is good to take this product in conjunction with Vitamin C because it helps to lessen pressure inside the eyeball that I have a suspicion might increase with the use of Chicken Collagen.  As that has been a prior experience of mine.

But what that tells me is that the product is bio-available and getting into or being absorbed by body structures that are similar to it.  So therefore it might help strengthen my lower back.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quote of the day 01 22 2013

"Did you ever look at someone who looks ugly and mean and they want to beat you up because you looked at them?"

If so follow link:


I have NEVER posted links to pornography!

Here is what I am and why people can't stand me 01 22 2013

Here is what I am and why people can't stand me 01 22 2013


Barrack Obama wants a Cabin Boy 01 22 2013

Barrack Obama wants a Cabin Boy 01 22 2013

The face of the Arab and the face of the Jew look the same to me!

A $120 million dollar party for Barrack and the Homosexuals?

Does any American believe that he has any capability other than the slow dance we saw him do with his wife yesterday?

Are we to believe he worked so hard his first term and every day in the office of President that he deserved a $120 million dollar party?  That party yesterday had the nuances of Monarchy didn’t it!

England was druid central.  There is no royalty there today and there never has been!  It is and has always been a pirate nation!  British Petroleum has gas stations littering the United States and we pay $4 a gallon!  The only reason it is okay is because it should force us to adopt clean energy instead.

The war in the middle east?  Are you kidding me?  We are paying not just $4 a gallon for gas but the satanic race has figured out we sacrifice American boys to them for the oil also!  So if a rich person in America wanted a Cabin Boy from a foreign country he could just go there and they would offer him one wouldn’t they, part of whatever their gypsy culture is.

I would say that we bring all of our military home so that we can regroup and bring peace to the world but we do not have the leadership in the U.S. and nor does it exist anywhere in the world.  And with all that our military is accused of we do not want those people living next door to us.

Barrack Obama is a Skeleton boned puppet of the Satanic billionaires.  He talks about equality but he in no way, shape or from believes in it!

He referenced Martin Luther King, but Martin Luther King would be turning in his grave if he knew what Barrack Obama really was!

Martin Luther King would have never advocated that black people become their own worse enemy in order to bring freedom and greater rights to them!  Why not?  Because that is the activity that gets rights taken away from people- it’s called crime!    Contrast Martin Luther King to Barrack Obama who takes on the mannerisms of punk boxer Mohamed Ali and not Martin Luther King.  And that is his bad secret here!  Barrack is acting who to be!  It means lessens the meaning of what he professes to believe.  And why does he need to act out the beliefs?  Because he knows he cannot deliver and is on the wagon that all that is important is confidence; confidence without consideration!  The Confidence Man is a unique type of criminal many of the younger generations have never heard about.

White people are being tortured both in the middle east and the United States to further a sick headed agenda of Barrack Obama.

M/L King would be the first to say he should have never been in office and needs to go!  Barrack would have him assassinated if he were alive and spoke up against him!

Barrack does not believe in Freedom and individual rights, he believes in the Vondoon religion where a man woman god is created by emasculating and demonizing young males.  Homosexuals create the man woman Gods because they have by definition the souls of women!  All sexual molesters of males that are males are by definition in my book homosexuals!  Who else would want to do that to someone?

Barrack misquoted Thomas Jefferson too!  TJ implied self development to be a man and therefore greater than a King!  B/O implied you are equal no matter or not whether you sought to develop your own IQ!  What is this belief?  Projected self pity that leads to mediocrity!  That is a belief of tyrannical kings and monarchies and common LOW LIFES!

Barracks (socialism?) is that it is futile to educate inner city black people so you just give them money and let them decide how to rule. 

1.        You want to pot have pot.

2.       You want to fuck another male you fuck another male.

Those are ghetto and slum beliefs!!!!  Those are the beliefs of sons who never had a true father!

That is indeed a major thrust of his Move organization- the let the inner city people decide how to rule themselves.



B/O does not represent the image of what Ivy league should be any more than Penn State University does!


B/O implies he wants to be with a man in the white house!  Give him a blinky, let him suck his thumb instead and send him back to Africa; Kenya that is.


Are we to believe that drunken head Piers Morgan has self respect and class?  Send him back in the same Cabin with Barrack.

Seriously, black people if you really think B/O is good for you and us- you can have his leadership all to yourself back in Africa, Kenya that is!  You can’t stand the thought of that because you realize he is a fraud too! (If you think I am harsh on Barrack and the Democrats you have never read what I have written about Republicans!!!!!!!!)

46 million on food stamps, poor reading ability, 50 million criminals?  This is pirate nation!  That $120 million for Barracks inaugural party could have bought a lot of books for black mothers and fathers to read to their children.  It tells us something about the Black Population of this country too doesn’t it?  They feel helpless to raise their own children?

This is not a working democracy because the satanic mind has defeated the heart of America!

I would expect better from B/O but apparently he is no smarter than a high school dropout!

$120 million party for B/O?  He could never legitimately earn that amount of money in his lifetime!  That is Pirates Booty he misspent (It means stolen money.)  England is a pirate Island that falsely legitimized itself.


What B/O believes in religiously or otherwise is what sustains the cores, slums and poverty of the United States at the lowest level!

Barracks vision for Black America is to tell you that you are all gay like him!  (And watch you die of aids?  What a fucking role model!)

Maybe Oprah can weasel it out of him that he is bisexual.

Hey blacks if you dragged around the corner and about to be raped I believe that you have the right to kill in your self defense and not be found guilty.  And it will be labeled domestic violence and part of that statistic that is used to take the guns out of your hands.

And what American ever wants to look at a spoiled cry baby faced homo who looks into the camera at the American public like they were wrong about him all along and we did something terrible in terms of what we thought of him?

And here is another one of those sociables.

England sent their criminals to Australia as a penal colony once and what do they do today?  They send Piers Morgan to the United States.


And the Black and Italian daytime Nannies that sit with Barbara Walters also decided for America that it is okay for a screwed up straight man to have sex with another on what they call the Down Low.

I am sure some mothers would love to offer their young sons in bed for such American Idols.  I have even heard one Jewish man say to me that he did what he had to do to become successful in the world- he meant that he sucked an Asians dick.

That will be the next reality show the Jews say that they thought of.  The Find a Kissy Faced Cabin Boy for B.O. show.

What are we finding out about the brave young men who served in our military?  They became unwilling Cabin Boy’s to a chain of command that gave illegal orders.

My Uncle Larry was a drill sergeant and he told me you would have to whip a black man in the military to get him to do what he was told.  To be fair he used the words… PRACTICALLY have to whip…

Barrack wants no name calling?  Some PURE blooded Aryan whites in our Country I would call NIGGERS!  And a married black man who is superciliously indoctrinating policy where a married black man can have a Cabin Boy, that is a Nigger to me!

Hey black folks why don’t you lobby in your communities for B/O to come and live there after his presidency by offering your best sons as a Cabin Boy for him!

You know a Cabin Boy got better treatment on Sephardic Pirate Jew slave ship on the way to America!  Or didn’t he?  Come Martin Luther Kinger’s tell us what you BELIEVE!  Is Barrack Obama really a Martin Luther Klinger?

If you don’t want my bile don’t wake me up at 4:00 am!

Barracks answer for inner city crime, poverty and low education is, “Get me a Cabin Boy, I’m lonely in the White House now that my daughters are old?”  Makes one wonder why people marry the wives they do if they are not compatible.  I mean really we see him with her all yesterday and then what is his true belief?  I am lonely in the White House now that my daughters aren’t around.  I need a friend here with me.

Did anyone notice how pretty his youngest daughter was!  But wait I looked closely she has the same facial pattern as the Queen of England.  What is up with that?  Also if you were to review the footage of Piers Morgan you would also see that for just one second the face of the Queen of England superimposed over his!

And what is the Queens view of Homosexuality?  To answer that we have to ask ourselves a very serious question, “How did BBC television legend Jimmy Savile get away with sexually molesting so many children- over 200!”  There are no guns in England are there!  Security cameras everywhere too!  But somehow Jimmy Savile evaded all of that!  Right under the nose of the queen?  What was the IRA ever fighting for?  Same thing the literal Yankees fought for in the Revolutionary War?

Ask those over 200 English that were molested what they think of the rule of Great Britain and its Government.
Jimmy Savile is the exact nature of the British Monarchy and the dresses just like the Queen, Michelle Obama and her daughters did yesterday!

Michelle Obama you want me to believe in you, you come out wearing blue jean overhalls!
J/S? That is one lineage we need to hand over the Burial Group.

I know exactly what Barrack Obama is thinking, “If Michael Jackson got’s to have a white cabin boy’s soes does I!”
What is tyranny?  And attempt to legitimize everything you have done wrong in life!
Piers Morgan or Anderson Cooper if you really want to do the United States a favor, if you really think that you belong in the news media interview Jimmy Savile on your program.  It would end up proving to be a learning experience for you wouldn't it!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

More Inauguration Points 01 21 2013

More Inauguration Points 01 21 2013

Our rich Jewish media  (96% owned by my former research) recently showed how a boy with mongoloid looking features got a heart transplant.  It was meant to show how great our health care system is and how much kindness everyone has.

Good lord!  There are 46 million Americans on Food Stamps.

It was a Jew (Howard Stern) who said that Jews control the porn industry.  That also means that they control the child pornography industry.  I hope you are comforted by that?  Where did they get the boy's heart?

One more item.  We had the breakdown and almost complete halt of government because Barrack Obama and the Republicans could not agree on budget.  And then it is two weeks later and they are spent $120 or $200 million on an inauguration for Barrack Obama.

And they cannot even get it right what year he is as President of the United States!  I heard 44, 45 and 46!

Barrack's wife said that he doesn't care about money!  Money is a big issue in Government.  44,45,46 does Barrack Obama even know Algebra?

He is only one man the same man so it means that for his second term he is still the successive year of his first.  This is our Cabinet for the next four years?  I want to puke.  Doesn't anyone review the speeches of the others like oh who would that be?  Barrack Obama?

Once again I am not a racist.

Now here is Joe Biden saying that this country was not built on fear?  What world does this silver spoon come from?  We were scared 5417less that the British would gain control of us again.  We were scared 5417less that the South was going to spread slavery to the North.  We experience fear and we rose to courage.  What are they doing there.  Just give them clown Whig's already.

Is that clown like Italian voice I hear the one that Governs New York to maintain its state of Delusion? Got to keep that beast of a woman happy somehow right, even if it means contorting everything that the United States was founded on and we believe in.

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Barrack Just Broke the Declaration of Independence in Two

"We believe that we are all created equal," is what he said.

That is far different from the words of Thomas Jefferson's.

"All MEN are created equal."

Thomas Jefferson was using it to refute the Divine right of Kings.

Thomas Jefferson did not use the world ALL because he knew it wasn't true.  He used the word MEN why?  Because it implies that you have to develop yourself to be a man and then you are as good as all other men and the equivalent of Kings.  Thomas Jefferson believed that men were better than Kings.  I believe in Thomas Jefferson.  Had Barrack Obama been around during the Revolutionary war we would be part of England and blacks would still be being whipped as slaves, no matter whether they were men or not.
Do MEN commit horrific acts on innocent people?  No, but Kings do!  You need to learn that difference quickly.

Has Barrack just declared himself to be King of the United States?  You won't like that no matter who you are.

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat but I believe in peoples rights, freedoms and liberty more than Barrack Obama does.

There were a few other statements made today that were indicative of Tyranny.

And with regard to gays rights.  Does it come down to this?  You cannot discern who you hire as baby sitter?  You have to hire one from an Insurance sponsored company like health care is.  And indeed your 17 old son who was never gay ....  Does anyone understand me??

I am not a homophobic either.  I like all people.  I have had better conversations with homosexuals than a lot of other people combined.  I am just pointing out a reality.  Those who abuse others tend to seek positions whereby their identity can remain hidden and their abuse free from scrutiny.  But that is what Barrack Obama believes in whether he knows what he did or not.

And who was that Italian from New York that spoke today? His voice sounded like an evil clown to me.  And I wanted to make a point regarding Como of New York; he said no one hunts with a AR-15.  He is dead wrong, that is the lightest gun there is.  It has enough charge in the cartridge to brain a deer.  And honest to good one more point regarding the AR-15 they want to or did ban, A SIKH was hit seven times in the head with bullets from one and he is starting to do fine today- he did not die!!!  And this is what we gave our military?  Is the only way you kill someone with that to stick it in your mouth like in that Richard Gere movie?  Lets see Barracks Muslim brethren in the middle east gather round'yee poor American soldier and he offs himself and it is called suicide.  Or how about the gay chain of command torments the Good Apple Pie American to have sex with them and they kill themselves with the AR-15 about the only way it does.  That is the danger of having an army in times of peace.

There is a different race among us and it is neither explicitly black nor white nor tan nor red nor gay; it has the soul sucking mind of Satan.

And who is speaking now?  John Boehner.  Let me be clear about this, a ten year old could open a beer bottle cap and serve it to bar customers.  That is a cash cow business that feeds on and creates human misery.  And now he is talking about making products, what better beer bottle openers?  Better cigarette production lines.

You ever hear the phrase, "I told you so?"  Remember it when you read my writing.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Aurora Health Care 01 21 2013

Aurora Health Care
Aurora means- the Roman Goddess of the Dawn
So I am only talking about health care by the Goddess of the Dawn.  Any misinterpretation from my use of English words is coincidental.
Why would a healthcare company take this name?
For those of you who do not remember, Italy was part of the Axis forces in WWII.  Essentially they were on the side of Nazi Germany in WWII.   Marconi was a fascist or Italian Nazi if you will and he reverse engineered the magnetic wave technology that killed Neils Boore.  He also reverse engineered the particle wave weapon that Nikolas Tesla in the United States invented and produced.  Marconi indeed bragged to the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church or Italian Catholic Church if you will, that he could harness the power of the God’s with it!
Psychotronics, psycho energetic, non-lethal weapons, Active Denial systems, Russian Lida’s, Israeli Lida’s are all names given to Marconi based weapons technology.    As early as 1991 Colonel John Alexander of the United States Department of Defense has created synthetic telepathy.  That essentially means the ability to talk to talk to people in their heads until they are driven out of their minds and put on medicine.
Rome Never had true Gods or Goddesses.  What they had were political leaders who were either worshiped or they tortured what might be termed dissenters from worship of them?  It doesn’t get any worse than that or this.
The Roman Emperor Caligula tied men upside down and bit off their testicles while they were alive.  They fed people to lions.  They tied them to posts in their backyards and set them on fire.  They skinned raw animal hides and tied them and had wild dogs then chase them.   If that isn’t the Satan Jesus Christ, a Jew, was talking about I don’t know who could be.
In other words this was an evil empire of the psychotic.  By definition all of those activities listed above are less than human behavior that can receive the death penalty anywhere in the world.
The U.S. tried to go against alcohol with the amendment to the Constitution (18th?) that created Prohibition.    The U.S. the once greatest country in the world that led by example tried desperately to end this horror, but both the Italian Mafia, Nazi Germany and the Roman Catholic Church provided a distraction whereby Prohibition did not last in the United States.
What did we find out?  We are led to believe that banning alcohol created criminals.  It is not true; the criminals were always with us.
Do you ever go to be feeling great and wake up in the AM (It means morning) feeling terrible?  Do you hear or feel that pyschotronic or psycho-energetic weapons were used on you?
Do you see that people who have a lifetime of abuse on their bodies mysteriously find themselves able to play tennis like spring chickens?
Who would name their health care organization after the horrific archetype of a woman on par with Mengala?
Here is what the device I saw in the rafters of the neighbors garage on 1101 E.  Fairmont Avenue in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin looks like.  See image at start of article.  The end of this thing had what looked to be some kind of glass lense.  It looked to be able to pivot like a Helicopter Gun turret.  It almost reminded of an evil pigs snout that gets someone down and gnaws them to death.  If you saw this instrument of horror for yourself you would want to puke.  

The house was owned by Steven James Weber at the time I saw it.    He was a Lawyer and heir to a brewery, his wife drank wine during the day and got Pancreatitis and almost died.  And after I saw, the device,  a group of Italian looking contractors came to the house and drywalled the garage so that it is hidden in the loft.  Indeed the neighbor who lived their before Steven James Weber, Tim Broherman (sp?),a Banker,  went to the effort of straightening out the roof of the garage so that it could continue to support something heavy up there.  His wife was Italian and they ended up getting a divorce.  The roof of the single car garage had sagged about a foot in the middle over the years.  Other neighbors who lived there before were Italian Victor Delorenzo of the Violent fems, his wife was Jewish.  A mister Buckholtz who was a history professor at Marquette University, his wife was Jewish.  And a man with the last name of Ryan who was a college professor. 
This technology can be used to create mass shooters and gunmen out of the trusting innocent and na├»ve.  It can drain the lives of the healthy and health conscience as they are being sacrificed.
It can make people fall down when they are getting up in the morning or even down the stairs to their death or in need of hip surgery.  They would never suspect what was done to them and become more business for our modern health care companies.
Have you fallen?  Barbara Walther’s just fell was it used on her I ask?
So what do we do to those involved in this crime against humanity?  There is nothing that we can do.  But if we could; do we evict every Italian American back to Italy?
Do we evict every black that participated back to Africa?
Do we evict every Germany involved to Germany?
Do we evict every Hispanic involved to Mexico?
Do we evict every Jew involved to Israel?
Do we evict every Irish person involved back to Ireland?
Do we evict every Englishman to England?
Do we evict every India Indian back to India?
I believe that would be fair and humane treatment.  However before we do it we would be wise if we took samples of their DNA so that they could never come back here.
We could never prosecute and imprison them all in the United States.  But it would not be fair to those other countries would it! 
So what do we have to do when we forgive these people for one of the most horrific crimes ever committed- far worse than Nazi Germany!!!!
They get an Indelible D on their forehead!
Did Aurora Health Care arise at the same time that the Italian Community center was established in Milwaukee?
We do not create criminal jobs for criminal networks in the United States of America.
I can tell you stories of good Italian men who were so afraid to go to a hospital that they could no longer speak!
I am not a racist.  I am revealing to you the worst form of racism in the history of the world- that of those who do not have a human soul against those who do.  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.   They only people who would perpetrate it are those who did not have their own soul.  And that is on par with the Blood money political religion of ancient Rome (now Italy).
I am like my father, he was like his father, and his father was like his father and so on back in our genealogy.  Who are you like- an evil Chimpanzee?  What is my point?  Evil people do not change they just hide their identity as being evil.
It is likely that they were never human!  Who else would do that!
You can joke all you want and be on the bad side of those who do this to human beings but when it happens to you it won’t be very funny and it will be far too late for you to do anything about it!  You will be cashed in by the death industry.  The Burial Group was indeed the first limited liability corporation created in Rome.  If the Moors concurred Europe and they were black guess where they ended up?
You know I don’t know that I really care what one criminal does to the other!   When it happens it has lessened a insurmountable burden on our criminal justice system that has been subverted to weakness.  What was the Italian Fascist or Roman Catholic Mafia Church plan with regard to the United States?  To push drugs so much into the United States that our criminal justice system could not handle it and the end result was pandemonium and the death of a great nation.
So you start to feel sick and think that what I wrote regarding the cause might be right?  You want to say something?  It will be too late you won’t be able to!
And you know what?  The filth who you were in league with will laugh while they are killing you!
Is there a horror far worse than Nazi Germany in the United States today?  You better believe it.
You won’t be put on a death train, you’ll be incapacitated  or harmed in some way by the blood money industry.
I know what the Cherry Cheeks white boy who wants to be a Police Officer has to say about this already, “Are you sure that couldn’t have been something else you saw in those rafters?”
Listen I have taken apart and fixed vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, stoves, dish washers, close washers, all manner of machine tools, automobile engines, lawn mowers, snow blowers, air compressors, outboard fishing motors, I have made personal computers from scratch, I have fixed radios and televisions.  Do you get it?  I am not an idiot with regard to the nature of my accusation!  I don’t believe in pink elephants.  I worked at a company called First Analysis, it was located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago when I worked there.  I passed the CPA exam which was one quarter Law.
And I am not a racist, I like all good people. ALL!
You had it good in this country but you blew it!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 01 21 2013 at: