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Friday, January 4, 2013

Collecting a Sloth of Bad Souls 01 04 2013

Collecting a Sloth of Bad Souls 01 04 2013

When you sit in one place for too long you collect bad souls with you.  The term for you when you do this is sloth.  It is one of the seven deadly sins.  But the more important point is that the souls that join and become one with you are ones that never learned how to be anything but sloth.

What is lacking on television?  Maturity!  Sure you might see false righteousness posing as maturity but you will not find true maturity.  It has a bad trickledown effect on our country.  You would think that there would be some relevant academic standard that people on television would have to meet in order to get on television.  But what we are finding out is that it is more of a who you know network or family business; and that too has a bad trickledown effect on our country.

So you sat in front of the television until you found out you got fat and had some kind of sickness?  Is it possible that the sickness was transmitted to you by the sloths who were on television and by no objective standard should have been allowed to influence the American Public?  We should never have to pay for television in any way nor should it ever find its way into our tax system; it is that worthless.

So if you find you are sick what should you do?  Turn of that television like it is making you babysit for the worst children you could ever imagine, get in your car and go for a ride!

If you can get away for long enough in the day and from enough of the sloth-like you will find out that you feel much healthier!!!!  You have shed the Sloth souls from you.  If you want to use the term exorcised evil spirits that is appropriate too!  Sure you might find them on your path whereever you go, but when you get home you might find you shed them for just a little while at home.

I remember when I was a boy if I was watching I Love Lucy my mother would yell from the other room, “Turn that off, I can’t stand the sound of those screeching voices.”

As an adult male I think the same thing with about every voice I hear on that television; odd sounding, lacking maturity, integrity and educated intelligence.  More to the point conniving voices!  Who needs or wants to listen to conniving voices!  Most of us like to be able to think for ourselves and not sold to by conniving voices.  Is it a store I am walking into or a barrel of monkeys?  When I turn on the television set am I indeed letting a barrel of monkeys lose into my home, and maybe a few prehistoric monitor lizards too?   Be honest- ask yourself that!


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