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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Collective Noun 01 02 2013

A Collective Noun 01 02 2013
A collective noun hides the identity of a group of people.
We have the Saints we know it is plural and that the word not the word Saint means one.
We have Satan and not the Satanic even though the word Satan is a collective noun- meaning it is more than one or plural when you would not think of it that way.  It reads like it is only singular when it is plural.
Coven is a collective noun for a house of Vampires.  A group of feeble minded satanic smoking pot in a basement together like they are watching a mystery theater without a television- might also make basement to be thought of a collective noun like Coven is.
As you study the English Language you will find many peculiarities like this.  One wonders if changes to the Dictionary were signed off on by the Monarchy so that the origin and nature was hidden and thought to only mean one?  We also know from the Bible that Satan means more than one.
When a group of Female English Wiccans get together for a séance and they play little games like the ministers cat; they are also a Coven.  It makes you wonder what exactly the Coventry is that was made with God and who made it with God; but in this instance do not think of God as being an all powerful being capable of creation- think of it instead as being someone given the title of God or Lord by a Queen type of figure.
So what is the mode that a basement of freaks seeks to bother someone?  Out of projected hatred for themselves they draw more and more people into the focus of their fixation.  That group that goes against the one is a collective noun or Satan.  The Bible tells us that those who sleep with the same woman are all of the same mind.  So what do you call those that are of the same mind?  A collective noun of Satan?  A lot of understanding with regard to the horror of the Bible relates to is about the Satanic who are all of one mind or no mind.  It comes from lack of upbringing or being raised in groups like Primates are- a perpetuation or tradition of not having a true father figure in your family.
When I think of the word Monarchy I think of a person held down with the arms spread out like Jesus on the Cross and with the legs spread out too- like a butterfly has four wings and each is pinned to the backing in the display case.  Dungeons in Europe?  Joan of Arc storming the palaces and freeing the prisoners?  England had torture in its blood from the times it was Druid Society.  The Gods of Rome were the Emperor’s and they got their by horrific action- worship, obey and believe in me or you will be tortured.
There were those who were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  They were not the first humans.  They were just labeled the first humans to highlight a point of insight for a future generation to figure out.  How do we know they were not the first humans?  Because both Cain and Able the Son of Adam and Eve had interaction with other humans.  They did not just grow out of the ground.
Do you find the image of one strong woman in the entire Bible?  If they were not strong they were therefore weak and evil?
So if you were indeed kicked out of a village like is referred to by the Jewish Religion in the dead sea scrolls what do you resort to if you make it to a living place before dying?  You would be angry and seek revenge.
The Dead Sea Scrolls also tells us children were raised much like Primates were in groups.  An Evil Master was juxtaposed against an exiled priest.  Exiled means live somewhere else.  So if you are raised by an Evil Person how do you become anything but evil?  The children were indeed taught to think of a father as something that was far away.  They longed for the father, the good that they sought it life was somewhere remote?  They were taught to be psychic or mind readers?  How can you juxtapose an evil master against an exiled priest if the Exiled priest by definition is not present?  There has to be some form of communication with the Exiled Priest?  Communication?  There were no phones back then!  In a competition between two sides there is the audience and the audience chooses one side to applaud over the other.  This implies communication to the Exiled Priest rather than from.  The exiled priest was made to hear voices?
What is a revenant?  Many legends report humanoid type crates draining fluids form people; the connotation is reproductive fluid- semen.  It reminds me of how a boy said that he lost his soul after a Catholic priest performed a sexual act on him.  The young man did not say how much pleasure he was in; he said his future life was gone! His memory was gone!  I once heard a Police officer make the comment about some man getting hacked off by a hag; so if she can’t get the memory then she tries to vampire off his penis?  I will just make reference to a quote from a Humphrey Boughart movie that was relevant to WWII, “I have a sixth sense and there are plenty of women out there who would kill for it!”
Maybe a Jew would care to clarify how this is not the same thing as Semitism?  I just would hate to leave it like that, with that connotation.
The Greeks liked to believe in Jesus Christ as if he was a Vampire because he rose from the dead.
Some forms of modern Vampirism are said to involve draining the life force of a person- it is called pranic energy.  Pranic sounds like an India Indian word to me.
Having their energy and soul drained from them is the exact complaint every schizophrenic states!  There is indeed substantial evidence from history to support the beliefs of what someone labeled Schizophrenic say’s has happened to them.
I have to make one more point here.  Israel was said to have a courtyard that could fit many, many football fields within it and the outer walls of it were lined with GOLD!  The Romans took that Gold when they invaded, (But maybe not the first invasion and that is telling.)
But the point is; Who mined all that Gold????  Was it the same people that built the pyramids?  This leads one to believe that the leaders of Egypt and the leaders of Israel were about the same!  And where were all the lost scriptures found?  They were found up in the hills, where people likely were put to work as slaves mining for Gold.  The Bible does indeed tell us that the Jews had slaves and it was okay.  Am I anti-Semitic?  No I like Jewish people.  So what is my problem, I don’t need a cadre of different people talking to me while I am trying to earn a living.
Was Israel a seaside resort town for both the wealthy Jews and Egyptians?  Resort towns don’t change much over the years- most of us can only afford to visit one once in our lives, and while we are there we wonder who runs the place and how it came to be.  All that Gold came from somewhere, have you ever seen a person who has gold all over their home palace say proudly they mined it themselves for a living.  Wake up!
Bottom line, I don’t need to here all that and I am going to keep this up until you come out of the closet!!!!!

This Wikipedia article on Vampires is one of the most insightful that I have ever read.  Tip them a few bucks when you go there like you would at a restaurant. The Slavic’s believed the soul and body are independent.  If you cannot understand why people are kidnapped and murdered the profile fits the archetype of the Vampire.  If you go to Interpol’s Website the number of Bulgarian people that have gone missing in that country seems to be at the top of the list.  The legend of the Vampire is indeed the same archetype of that of Satan from the Bible.  I have seen people on television say that they have lived thousands of lives!  Makes you wonder if that means thousands of sacrifices were made for them or by them?  I have heard many people imply that they only got on television because they had a family member or relative in it and were therefore considered to be trusted person?  You would think that television would be more like a meritocracy whereby the best talent is represented there; we know it isn’t.  You should never have to pay money for television.
Another interesting point is the use of beautiful women and sex to drain the souls of men.  This indeed ties into why Roman women would seek to use Belladonna to drug men.
If you read my articles you like to think.  One thought per consideration- how many young gunmen engaged in paintball games where the full auto feature is commonplace?  What am I getting at?  Video games are violent.  Then one gets a little older and plays paintball with projectile guns.  If you indeed pair all that with a mind that never developed its own soul and you introduce a real gun to them, how far are they going from the reality of the paint ball game to the reality of the real gun?  The only way you answer the question is by asking the question in statement, “What happened to the fathers?”

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