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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rifles and Time Length of U.S. in Wars 01 24 2013

Rifles and Time Length of U.S. in Wars 01 24 2013

WWIII  ~41-45,  ~3 years,  Standard Caliber Rifle .30"
Korea               ,   ~3 years, Standard Caliber Rifle .30"

Vietnam,  ~59-75, ~16 years,  Standard Caliber Rifle .223"
Middle East,       ,  ~21 years? , Standard Caliber Rifle  .223"

So the diameter of the Caliber bullet goes from .3 to .223 and the war lasts 5 times longer?

The Caliber is reduced to 75% of what it was and the length of war increases 500%

Of course all of those think tank experts will tell you something different.  No statistical correlation.

The AR-15 was really the successor to the AR-5.  And that rifle was commissioned as an air crew survival rifle.  If you look at the  Calibers and shape of the cartridges they are fairly close.  .223 and the .22 Hornet.

So our modern war rifle has indeed been an air crew survival rifle?  Somehow we have had negligence in our Government for how many decades?  No one ever thought to think about it?  What does that tell us about our Military?  That they have been irresponsible concerning the most basic tool and necessity of war?

This is the encyclopedia entry for the company that one the contract with the U.S. Government for the .223

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