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Monday, January 7, 2013

Nick Wilcox Where Is He 01 07 2013

Nick Wilcox Where Is He 01 07 2013
Assuming he did not skip town it means that there was contact with one or more other human beings.
1.       Was he taken by Dahmner types?
How many ritzy places don’t have video cameras monitoring those who come and go that live there?
A.      Assuming a non-confident to homicide operated them the video footage could be subpoenaed.
B.      Can doormen be interviewed as to if he passed through; and would they tell and risk losing their jobs?

2.       Did he get in a car and go with them?  If so where?
3.       Did a cab driver take him and mess him up?  If so Cab driver records should be subpoenaed and analyzed.
4.       Was he dumped in the Menominee or Kinnickinnick River as a distraction from the Milwaukee?

5.       Assuming he was killed was he put in the trunk and the car drove away?  If so where?  Analyze the locus of travel of related people in the Bar that night.  Connect the dots between;
a.       School home
b.      Bar
c.       Hometowns
d.      Other places frequented.
e.      Late night restaurants.
With regard to the dot’s identify in line with them;
a.       Fields
b.      Parks
c.       Creeks
d.      Industrial properties.
e.      Apartment complexes like J. Dahmner had.  Where there was not a manager around that late at night, an unmonitored doorway.
Ask to review footage.
Homes of those known to be involved in prior crimes, drugs or prostitution. 
Was he human trafficked?  Him being Irish the likely candidate would be rich English?  He would be the most dangerous game or prey or rape victim to them?
What do I believe a killer of him might look like?
1.       Short
2.       Wealthy
3.       English
4.       Someone involved in the financial industry- Tea Party?
Did they case the Irish Bar and wait outside for someone?
Was it an occult group of the antisocial English wealthy?  Was the European Bilderberg group behind it?
Background:  Wealthy English Bankers were known to sacrifice babies.
This occurred on the first of the year so it looks to be an occult sacrifice?
It was near Marquette University stomping grounds.  Was a religious occult involved such as Opus Dei?  Religious occults believing in astrology and the astronomy of it!  - the first of the year?  Who is involved in local astrology or astronomy?
Occult what does it mean in modern terms?  It is really a group of people that don’t have their own soul and are dependent minded on the souls of others!  It is a secret that goes back to the Garden of Eden.

With the antisocial and non-pragmatic political platform of the Republican party the entirety of the party could be considered occult.

Let’s say you were a business owner cleaning up late at night and saw him pissing in the alley and you got in a scuffle with him and accidentally killed him, how would you dispose of the body?
Would you have members of the Tavern League help you?  Is the tavern league just as dangerous as the military industrial complex was in Nazi Germany?  NO DOUBT!

To figure out where revert to a logistic analysis of item’s from number 5 above and newly relevant items consistent with that line of thought.

So who takes a human sacrifice the 1st of the year?  It is a pagan belief!  Even though many religions have human sacrifice as their founding basis it is still a Pagan belief isn’t it! So in order to understand the Pagan mind you have to think of such a person more like having a simple primate mentality and go back in history and read about the horrific actions of such people.

Have I seen one new or renamed church in Milwaukee in the past year?
Is it Greek?
Might a Pagan Greek mind feel we are responsible for the Greece financial crisis?  I mean let’s face the fact it does not take too much to figure out what the motive of a Pagan could be.  It could be something very simple and of psychotic origin and train of thought.  Greeks believed in Christianity as an excuse to demonize those they viewed to be the archetype of a Vampyr. Because that is how they thought of Jesus Christ!  It wasn’t until Christianity was reformed until this belief was not professed.  But do people really change their beliefs?  How hard is it for a person to change an evil belief?  Did the belief system really just take on the form of discrete occult?

With that regard are there businesses that just started or failed that might have pagan ideas?
Remember that the United States was the rarest form of Government ever formed and it did so in order to be free from the Religion of the King!!!

Which leads me to ask the question.  Are new public servants questioned with regard to religious beliefs?  Or is that just an irrelevant joke?

Religious discrimination might not be legal, but if a person’s religious belief is involves hurting other people then indeed those are relevant questions to legally ask in an interview.  Why?  You do not want any of your workers hurt!  You do not want them to rise to power whereby workers will be hurt by them!  You don’t want careless people working for you!  (This all sounds contrary to the illegitimate Newt Gingrich and his small government gypsy wagon again.)

And is a religion really a Pagan Business or Pagan Syndicate?  Can you prove your religion is worthy?  If I can prove it isn’t you can’t prove it is!

You ever notice how many business owners don’t know how to smile.  What is their real religion?  The capitalization of the Good and Honest American?

To promote a false belief when you comparatively do not believe in yourself?  Has this been a method of survival of an archetype that was kicked out of an ancient garden?  Milwaukee is teaming with them!

Did a cab driver of the SIKH community seek psychotic justice for the killings at the SIKH Church?  Retaliating in psychotic reverse racism?

To be fair the religion of the English King is Christianity and Protestant.  If you look up Christianity it says it is a Protestant Religion.  It is like wanting to change history again to make yourself look to be on the good side or diminish the bad actions of people like you in history so no-one gets wise to you?  India was indeed occupied by the Kings Religion and there were those that were loyal to the King and not the native India Indian!!!!  I think we are still seeing traces of Druid English Imperialism in our world today; if not a resurgence?  May our Constitution protect us and rid us of them.

We have laws in the United States and they are what made the U.S. so great; not the presence of the falsely self proclaimed. 

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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