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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Exact Opposite of Me 01 20 2013

The Exact Opposite of Me 01 20 2013

"I couldn't wait to drive on thin ice.

The first thing that I did after my daddy bought me a BMW and I got my drivers license was drive on thin ice!

Because I couldn't wait to drive on thin ice."

Seriously I don't get it?  People driving their cars on ice????

Another one that I don't get is scuba diving under the ice?  It just doesn't seem like a smart thing to do.  Not only that when it comes time to look for dead bodies under the ice how come we can't find a scuba diver to do it?  Because it is so dangerous right?  So why do they do it for a past time pleasure type of thing?  And one just lost his life.  If you do that you should consider that you have safety protocols more stringent than a manned mission to the moon.  No drinking of alcohol, etc. etc.  But you are all mature adults and don't need to be lectured about what responsibility to your family means and respect for your own life.

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